Printable Maintenance log for 2009 Dodge Journey SXT

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Oil Change1129408/19/2009Special included tire rotation @ Freedom Dodge Duncanville.
Rotate Tires1129408/19/2009Included with oil change on 8/19/2009.
Oil Change1520711/25/2009 
Oil Change1941803/20/2010Included special MOA similar to gunk removal.
Change Front Brake Pads2100005/08/2010Bought Semi-Metallic Pads with 90 limited warranty.
Oil Change2206706/04/2010Kwik Kar
Replace Windshield1125508/10/2010Replace cracked windshield.
Replace Storage Latches2600008/13/2010Bought 2 latches for storage compartments.
Oil Change2616908/21/2010Kwik Kar
Change Rear Brake Pads2700009/04/2010 
State Inspection2729309/11/2010 
Oil Change3078311/24/2010Kwik Kar
Change Front Brake Pads3200012/31/2010OKC
Change Front Rotors3200012/31/2010Includes 2 rotors, brake cleaner, brake grease.
Change Wiper Blades3200012/31/2010Rear hatch blade
Replace Rear Brake Lights3200012/31/2010 
Oil Change3400001/28/2011CMBC, bought oil and filter @ AutoZone
Change Wiper Blades3450002/12/2011Bought @ AutoZone
Oil Change3643304/10/2011Includes oil drain pan
Rotate Tires3738005/07/2011Firestone - including in the price for mounting.
Alignment 3738005/07/2011Firestone
New Tires3738005/07/2011Tires from tire rack and mounted at Firestone.
Coolant Reservoir3818205/30/2011Was covered under warranty - $113.43. Included pressure test.
Raditator Flush3818205/30/20111 gallon mopar coolant flush - Dallas Dodge
Alignment 3818205/30/20114-wheel alignment @ Dallas Dodge
Replace Transmission Fluid3818205/30/2011Covered under warranty with steering gear replacement.
Replace Rack and Pinion3818205/30/2011Covered under warranty
Replace Steering Gear Assembly3818205/30/2011Covered under warranty.
Front Door Wiring Harnesses3818205/30/2011Recall and fixed @ no charge.
Balanced Tires3927207/01/2011Balanced all 4 tires because Firestone didn't balance it correctly back on 5/7/11 and other failed attempts.
Oil Change3994207/23/2011Champion Xpress Lube
Clean Fuel Injection 3994207/23/2011Champion Xpress Lube
Change Air Filter3994207/23/2011Auto Zone - SA9054
Change Cabin Filter3994207/23/2011AutoZone - CAF1845P
Change Wiper Blades3994207/23/2011AutoZone
Change Front Brake Pads3994207/23/2011AutoZone - MKD1327 bad pads
State Inspection4380710/09/2011Kwik Kar
Oil Change4380710/09/2011Kwik Kar - won't be back
Oil Change4882301/28/2012Dallas Dodge
Rotate Tires4882301/28/2012Dallas Dodge
Change Front Brake Pads5163904/14/2012Dallas Dodge
Change Rear Brake Pads5170004/15/2012AutoZone - Ceramic Pads. DGC1326
Rotate Tires5418005/26/2012Dallas Dodge included with oil change.
Oil Change5418005/26/2012Dallas Dodge included tire rotation.
Oil Change5418005/26/2012Dallas Dodge
Oil Change5733408/04/2012Included tire rotation and multipoint inspection.
Rotate Tires5733408/04/2012Included in oil change @ Freedom Dodge in Duncanville.
Change Cabin Filter5996009/08/2012Auto Zone: STP-CAF1845P
Alignment 5996009/08/2012 
Change Wiper Blades5996009/08/2012Auto Zone: 24 and 19 front, 12 blade only for back.
Change Air Filter5996009/08/2012Auto Zone: STP SA4048
Oil Change6170710/13/2012Freedom Dodge
State Inspection6272211/10/2012Done @ Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change6503201/05/2013Freedom Dodge
Replace Rear Struts6508701/11/2013Freedom Dodge - under warranty
Oil Change6987004/06/2013Freedom Dodge
Oil Change7320706/15/2013Freedom Dodge
Left rear door latch7347506/29/2013Freedom Dodge
WIN module7347506/29/2013Freedom Dodge
New Tires7609109/18/2013Discount Tire
Oil Change7801410/12/2013Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Battery7830010/26/2013Wal-Mart MAXX-86
Power Steering Flush8238301/11/2014 
Oil Change8238301/11/2014Freedom Dodge
Rotate Tires8238901/11/2014Includes rebalancing @ Discount Tire
Change Air Filter8239201/11/2014SA4048 STP @Auto Zone
Change Cabin Filter8239201/11/2014STP CAF1845P @Auto Zone
Raditator Flush8240301/11/2014Freedom Dodge
Power Steering Flush8240301/11/2014Freedom Dodge
Brake Fluid Flush8240301/11/2014Freedom Dodge
State Inspection8240301/11/2014Freedom Dodge
Oil Change8529304/19/2014Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change8988907/03/2014Freedom Dodge
Rotate Tires8989507/03/2014Discount Tire - included reblancing.
Change Wiper Blades8989507/03/2014Front driver 24'', front passenger 19'', rear 12'' @ AutoZone.
Change Rear Tag Lights8989507/03/2014AutoZone
Change Rear Brake Pads8992108/04/2014Autozone - Lifetime warranty DG1326
Powertrain Inspection9280308/13/20145yr Limited Lifetime Warranty @ Freedom Dodge
Oil Change9356009/06/2014Freedom Dodge
Raditator Flush9365009/12/2014Freedom Dodge
Replace Heater Tube Assembly9365009/12/2014Freedom Dodge - Included in deductible.
Replace Right Frame Mount9365009/12/2014Freedom Dodge - Deductible
Replace Radio9486010/04/2014Freedom Dodge - under warranty
Change Rear Tag Lights9488110/04/2014Changed right rear brake light with last bulb bought at O'Reilly.
Rotate Tires9643711/25/2014Discount Tire
Oil Change9900002/21/2015Freedom Dodge
State Inspection9900502/21/2015Champion Xpress Lube
Rotate Tires10383405/22/2015Discount Tire
Balanced Tires10383405/22/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change10384805/23/2015Freedom Dodge
Alignment 10384805/23/2015Freedom Dodge
Change Front Brake Pads10574407/08/2015AutoZone - DG1327C Duralast Gold
Change Wiper Blades10577707/11/2015Wal-Mart - RainX 24'', 19'' and 12"A
Change Air Filter10577707/11/2015AutoZone - FRAM CA10516
Change Cabin Filter10577707/11/2015AutoZone - STP CAF1845P
Change Rear Rotors10598107/18/2015AutoZone
Change Front Rotors10600607/18/2015AutoZone
Oil Change10948809/19/2015Freedom Dodge
A/C Service11111810/10/2015ATI - DeSoto
WIN module11114910/16/2015Freedom Dodge - Recall
Replaced Backup Camera11114910/16/2015Freedom Dodge - warranty.
Replaced A/C Compressor11114910/16/2015Freedom Dodge - deductible under warranty.
Replaced High Side Value11114910/16/2015Freedom Dodge - warranty. High side value w/ line.
Rotate Tires11178810/31/2015Discount Tire
Balanced Tires11178810/31/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change11248111/27/2015Freedom Dodge
Replace Heater Core11255212/14/2015Freedom Dodge - warranty
Replace Air Distribution Housing11255212/14/2015Freedom Dodge - warranty.
Oil Change11553603/15/2016Freedom Dodge
Power Steering Flush11795005/21/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change11795005/21/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Change Air Filter11806505/25/2016Auto Zone free with $20 rewards.
Change Cabin Filter11806505/25/2016Auto zone discount with rewards.
New Tires11838506/01/2016Discount Tire - Pirelli P245/50 R19
Rotate Tires11838506/01/2016Discount Tire - Free rotation with new tires.
State Inspection11838906/02/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Map Light Housing12014207/22/2016Freedom Dodge - Not covered by warranty.
Oil Change12139808/13/2016Oil change and Sure Seal Oil Drain Plug.
Change Wiper Blades12500011/11/2016Wal-Mart
Oil Change12502511/12/2016Freedom Dodge 5W30
Rotate Tires12503211/12/2016Discount Tire
Replace ORC module12728801/06/2017Recall to replace the Occupant Restraint Control (ORC) module. Worked done at Waxahachie Autoplex. Service Advisor Phillip Shastid.
Replace Front Struts Suspension12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Covered under warranty.
Replace Front Strut Mounts12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Under warranty.
Replace Front Strut Bearing12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Under warranty.
Replace Front Lower Control Arms12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Under warranty.
Replace Front Stabilizer Bar Bushing12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Under warranty.
Replace Stabilizer Bar Link12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Under warranty.
Replace Rear Media Monitor12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Under warranty.
Cleaned Rear Camera12812701/25/2017Freedom Dodge - Found that the camera was dirty and no charge for cleaning it.
Oil Change12815301/26/2017Freedom Dodge
Replace Evaporator13130003/30/2017Freedom Dodge - Covered under warranty.
Replace PCV Value13130003/30/2017Freedom Dodge - Covered under warranty.
Replace Dash Seal13130003/30/2017Freedom Dodge - Covered under warranty.
State Inspection13425505/25/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change13465406/23/2017Freedom Dodge
Rotate Tires13466106/23/2017Discount Tire
Change Air Filter13471006/24/2017O'Reilly's - WIX 49016
Change Cabin Filter13471006/24/2017O'Reilly's - Micrograde 3712
Oil Change13979010/10/2017Freedom Dodge
Replace EGR valve13988110/17/2017Freedom Dodge
Replace EGR gasket13988110/17/2017Freedom Dodge
Replaced Backup Camera13988110/17/2017Freedom Dodge
Replace Backup Camera Wiring13988110/17/2017Freedom Dodge
Balanced Tires14151811/21/2017Discount Tire
Rotate Tires14151811/21/2017Discount Tire
New Tires14151811/21/2017Discount Tire - 235/55 R19
Oil Change14337901/10/2018Waxahachie Dodge - Matched Freedom Dodge coupon.
Replace Alternator14337901/10/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Raditator Flush14375501/26/2018Waxahachie Dodge - Flush and pressure test.
Coolant Reservoir14375501/26/2018Waxahachie Dodge - Covered under warranty.
Change Wiper Blades14495102/24/2018O'Reilly: Bosch 19, 24 & 12. Instant $2 rebate and $15 gift card.
Oil Change14855405/29/2018Freedom Dodge 10W30
State Inspection14855405/29/2018Freedom Dodge
Rotate Tires14856105/29/2018Discount Tire
Change Cabin Filter14859605/30/2018O'Reilly
Change Air Filter14859605/30/2018O'Reilly
Replace Radiator14956307/14/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Change Coolant14956307/14/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Change Rear Rotors14981208/01/2018Advance Auto Parts
Change Front Brake Pads14981208/01/2018AutoZone - DG1327C
Change Rear Brake Pads14981208/01/2018Autozone - DG1326
Change Front Rotors14981208/01/2018Advance Auto Parts
Replace Heater Core Hose15202409/01/2018Return hose - Waxahachie Dodge
Oil Change15202409/01/20185 Includes leak dye - Waxahachie Dodge
Replace Oil Pan15254210/01/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Replace Oil Pan Gasket15254210/01/2018Waxahachie Dodge - warranty
Oil Change15254210/01/2018Waxahachie Dodge - warranty.
Replace Blower Motor15272510/13/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Replaced Rear Motor Mounts15272510/13/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Replace Bottom Right Frame Motor Mount 15272510/13/2018Waxahachie Dodge
Replace front windshield nozzles15500012/16/2018Dallas Dodge
Replace Antenna15500012/16/2018Dallas Dodge
Replace front windshield hose 15500012/16/2018Dallas Dodge