Printable Maintenance log for 2006 Nissan Altima S

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Oil Change5205609/14/2009Included in 1 year free maintenance. Would have cost $39.28.
Oil Change5775101/22/2010Included in 1 year free maintenance.
State Inspection6116004/10/2010 
Oil Change6191704/24/2010Kwik Kar
Change Air Filter6191704/24/2010O'Reilly's Auto
Oil Change6510206/26/2010Kwik Kar
Change Front Brake Pads6900009/18/2010O'Reilly's Auto Parts - Best Brakes SC815A
Oil Change7056510/09/2010Kwik Kar
New Tires7757401/30/2011Includes 1 year alignment
Oil Change7615202/08/2011Champion Xpress Lube
Change Wiper Blades7800002/18/2011 
Oil Change8099603/18/2011Spent an extra $5 for DIY oil change accessories.
Change Spark Plugs8398205/01/2011Had to buy one extra because I stripped the threads on one of them.
Change Air Filter8398205/01/2011Spectre High Performance reusable/washable filter
Rotate Tires8473505/13/2011NTB under warranty
Four Wheel Alignment8473505/13/2011NTB - Covered under 1 year warranty.
Oil Change8473505/26/2011NTB
Change Accessory Belts8473505/26/2011NTB
Change Wiper Blades8500005/26/2011Wal-Mart
State Inspection8520005/26/2011Kwik Kar
Replace battery8750007/06/2011Wal-Mart
Oil Change8790007/23/2011Ten Minute Oil Change
Change brake fluid 8790007/23/2011Ten Minute oil change
Change power steering fluid8790007/23/201110 minute oil change
Change rear brake pads9200010/08/2011O'Reilly - Brake Best MKD905
Oil Change9200010/08/2011Autozone - includes Gunk flush and Lucas oil stabilizer.
Clean Fuel Injection9474111/11/2011Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Transmission Fluid9474111/11/2011Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Upper Front Motor Mount9481911/12/2011Clay Cooley Nissan - portion was covered under warranty. Total was $321.71.
Replace Left Drive Axle9550011/19/2011Clay Cooley Nissan - Covered under warranty with $50 deductible.
Rotate Tires9734001/13/2012NTB
Four Wheel Alignment9734001/13/2012NTB
Oil Change9734001/13/2012NTB
Oil Change9730001/28/2012NTB
Four Wheel Alignment9730001/28/2012NTB
Rotate Tires9730001/28/2012NTB
Oil Change10363905/25/2012Autozone with oil gunk.
State Inspection10411406/11/2012@ Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change10767009/08/2012NTB
Rotate Tires10767009/08/2012NTB
Change Wiper Blades11071111/10/2012Wal-Mart
Oil Change11342101/05/2013Clay Cooley Nissan
Rotate Tires11344001/05/2013NTB
Balance Tires11344001/05/2013NTB
Oil Change11848804/06/2013Clay Cooley Nissan
Oil Change12244506/15/2013Freedom Dodge
State Inspection007/13/2013Kwik Kar
Oil Change12833510/12/2013Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change13296301/31/2014Clay Cooley Nissan
Change Wiper Blades13700004/06/2014Wal-Mart Rain-X blades.
Crankshaft sensor13736004/15/2014Clay Cooley Nissan
Oil Change13736004/15/2014Clay Cooley Nissan
New Tires13784504/26/2014Discount Tire
Change Air Filter14110506/23/2014Cleaned Spectre filter
Change Spark Plugs14110506/23/2014Autozone - Autolite plugs with $8.00 rebate
Change Front Rotors14110506/23/2014Max Brakes - included front pads
Change Front Brake Pads14110506/23/2014Max Brakes - included front rotors.
Change rear brake pads14167807/10/2014Max Brakes included rear rotors
Change Rear Rotors14167807/10/2014Max Brakes included rear brakes
Oil Change14422909/06/2014Clay Cooley Nissan
Rotate Tires14424809/06/2014Discount Tire
Balance Tires14424809/06/2014Discount Tire
Replace battery14603810/12/2014 
State Inspection14621810/15/2014Champion Xpress
Oil Change14876911/24/2014Freedom Dodge
Balance Tires15084401/10/2015Discount Tire
Replace Front Struts15087901/10/2015Lopez Auto
Replace Rear shocks15087901/10/2015Lopez Auto
Rotate Tires15088401/10/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change15395003/07/2015O'Reilly
Change Front Brake Pads15395003/07/2015Auto Zone - Duralast Gold DBC815
Change rear brake pads15395003/07/2015Auto Zone - Duralast Gold DGC905
Rotate Tires15772705/23/2015Discount Tire
Change Wiper Blades15772905/23/2015Wal-Mart - RainX conventional 26'' & 17"
Balance Tires15772905/23/2015Discount Tire
New Tires15772905/23/2015Discount Tire - replaced front tires. 6 month same as cash.
Oil Change15795805/31/2015Penzoil Max Synthetic 5W30
Change Accessory Belts15915407/10/2015Texas Custom Trucks - Lancaster, TX
Four Wheel Alignment15915407/10/2015Texas Custom Trucks - Alignment plus Front Camber bolts and Rear Arms. Won't need these replaced in the future.
Added Coolant16187509/17/201550/50 Anti-Freeze - Wal-Mart
Replace Intake Manifold16193509/18/2015Bronco Muffler - Dallas. 2 year / 25,000 mile warranty.
Oil Change16197909/18/2015Champion Xpress Lube
Change cabin filter16200009/27/2015AutoZone
Replace alternator16230709/27/2015AutoZone $200 gift cards.
Change Air Filter16230709/27/2015Cleaned Spectre filter.
Replace Starter16230710/01/2015Nickles Auto Repair - DeSoto
Change Drive Belt16230710/01/2015Nickles Auto Repair - DeSoto
Replace A/C Compressor16230710/01/2015Nickles Auto Repair - DeSoto
Complete A/C Recharge16230710/01/2015Nickles Auto Repair - DeSoto
New Tires16399810/31/2015Discount Tire
Balance Tires16399810/31/2015Discount Tire
Rotate Tires16399810/31/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change16564111/27/2015Champion Xpress Lube - DeSoto
Clean Fuel Injection16564111/27/2015Champion Xpress Lube - DeSoto
Oil Change17043602/28/2016Pennzoil High Mileage 5W-30 with Lucas Oil Stabilizer.
Rotate Tires17048303/01/2016Discount Tire
Balance Tires17048303/01/2016Discount Tire
New Tires17048303/01/2016Discount Tire - Replaced bad tire on passenger rear with hole. Paid for road hazard for new tire.
Change Spark Plugs17444405/16/2016Auto zone - APP5325 Autolite Double Platnium
State Inspection17471705/20/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Spark Plug Coils17306505/25/2016Auto zone CP042
Added Coolant17503305/25/2016Prestone 50/50
Oil Change17503305/25/2016Full Synthetic Penzoil 5W30 -O'Reilly
Right Front Sway Link Kit17510005/31/2016O'Reilly - K90352 work done at Lopez Auto
Left Front Sway Link Kit17510005/31/2016O'Reilly - K90353 work done at Lopez Auto
Change Front Brake Pads17600006/25/2016Under warranty. See previous AutoZone purchase on 07Mar2016.
Change rear brake pads17600006/25/2016Under warranty. See AutoZone purchase on 07Mar2016.
Replace Ignition Coils17610007/01/2016Parts Galaxy - Amazon. Lifetime warranty for set of 4.
Replace Right Front Strut17620007/09/ - Only put on one strut and need to replace w/ warranty.
New Tires17948209/22/2016Discount Tire - P215/60R16
Balance Tires17948209/22/2016Discount Tire
Rotate Tires17948209/22/2016Discount Tire
Oil Change18020210/04/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Change power steering fluid18020210/04/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Engine Oil System Cleaner18020210/04/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Change Wiper Blades18166111/12/2016Wal-Mart
Change cabin filter18166111/12/2016Wal-Mart: FRAM CF10140
Change Air Filter18170811/15/2016Cleaned Spectre filter
Added Fuel Injector Cleaner18170811/15/2016O'Reilly's - Chevron Techron
Radiator Flush18203612/01/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Change brake fluid 18203612/01/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Fixed Tire18214112/06/2016Fixed the passenger front tire. It had a hole in the tire. It is the 3rd patch in a few weeks. Next hole we get a new tire.
Oil Change18357203/18/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Added Transmission Conditioner18357203/18/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Inspection18537505/23/2017Champion Express Lube
New Tires18559405/26/2017Discount Tire - Traded in 2 tires and got 4 new 90,000 mile tires.
Rotate Tires18559405/26/2017Discount Tire
Balance Tires18559405/26/2017Discount Tire
Replace Right Front Sway Bar18591506/01/2017Guaranteed Tire
Replace Left Front Sway Bar18591506/01/2017Guaranteed Tire
Replace Front Struts18591506/01/2017Guaranteed Tire
Replace Theromstat18708606/21/2017O'Reilly's - Thermostats cost $19.99 had a $10 discount card.
Replace Top Radiator Hose18708606/21/2017O'Reilly's
Change Radiator Fluid18708606/21/2017Bought coolant from Wal-Mart.
Oil Change18724606/24/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Transmission Fluid18724606/24/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Oil Change19167109/13/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Valve Cover & Gasket19170609/13/2017Nickles Auto Works
Replace Ignition Coil #319170609/13/2017Nickles Auto Works
Replace alternator19265910/21/2017AutoZone warranty exchange.
Replace battery19265910/21/2017Wal-Mart warranty exchange.
Change Spark Plugs19265910/21/2017Autozone - Vpower NGK
Change Front Brake Pads19265910/21/2017AutoZone - Warranty exchange
Change rear brake pads19265910/21/2017AutoZone - Warranty exchange
Replace Cam Sensor19296010/31/2017Nickles Auto Works - Includes 7.50 for cleaner.
Replace Theromstat19296010/31/2017Nickles Auto - Includes Water Control Valve, gaskets, coolant & shop supplies.
Replace Exhaust Manifold Gasket19296010/31/2017Nickles Auto
Replace Secondary Catalytic Converter19299811/01/2017Big Brother Muffler & Radiator - 2 year warranty.
Replace Intake Manifold19304111/02/2017Big Brother Muffler & Radiator - Includes Direct Fit Catalytic Converter.
Rotate Tires19347211/20/2017Discount Tire
Balance Tires19347211/20/2017Discount Tire
Change Air Filter19347511/20/2017Cleaned K&G Filter
Replace Ignition Coils19349611/21/2017AutoZone - Lifetime limited warranty. Replaced coils 1, 2 & 4.
Clean Fuel Injection19351811/28/2017Champion Xpress Lube
Check Engine Light19310012/21/2017Nickles Auto Works - head gasket issues.
Change Wiper Blades002/24/2018Wal-Mart: Rain-X 26'' and 17''.
Change cabin filter002/24/2018Wal-Mart
Oil Change19591905/29/2018Ten Minute Oil Change
State Inspection19591905/29/201810 Minute Oil Change
Four Wheel Alignment19591905/29/2018Ten Minute Oil Change - need alignment screws replaced.
Replace Camshaft Sensor 19913812/04/2018DMasters - Robert