Printable Maintenance log for 2004 Honda GL 1800 Flare Red

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Change Oil and Filter101004/26/2004 
Change Oil and Filter395105/14/2004 
Replace Front and Rear Tires780007/22/2004 
Change Oil and Filter780007/22/2004 
Change Oil and Filter1412208/23/2004 
Replace Front and Rear Tires1702609/27/2004 
Change Oil and Filter1702609/27/2004 
Change Clutch Fluid2020004/04/2005 
Change Brake Fluid2020004/04/2005 
Replace Spark Plugs2020004/04/2005 
Change/Clean Air Filter2020004/04/2005 
Change Oil and Filter2020004/04/2005 
Change Oil and Filter2327305/04/2005 
Replace Front and Rear Tires2564206/28/2005 
Change Oil and Filter2564206/28/2005 
Change Oil and Filter2825306/28/2005 
Change Oil and Filter3144108/15/2005 
Change Oil and Filter3500009/06/2005 
Replace Front and Rear Tires3556109/27/2005 
Replace LF Brake Pads3950003/20/2006 
Change Clutch Fluid3950003/20/2006 
Change Brake Fluid3950003/20/2006 
Change Oil and Filter3950003/20/2006 
Change Oil and Filter4226005/09/2006 
Replace Spark Plugs4499507/07/2006 
Change Oil and Filter4499507/07/2006 
Replace Front and Rear Tires4499507/07/2006 
Change/Clean Air Filter4499507/07/2006 
Change Oil and Filter4870008/02/2006 
Change Oil and Filter5358308/21/2006 
Change Oil and Filter5700009/25/2006 
Replace Rear Brake Pads5700009/25/2006 
Replace RF Brake Pads5700009/25/2006 
Change Oil and Filter5932403/14/2007 
Change Brake Fluid5932403/14/2007 
Change Clutch Fluid5932403/14/2007 
Change Oil and Filter6055003/14/2007 
Change Oil and Filter6231904/12/2007 
Change Oil and Filter6565607/09/2007 
Change Oil and Filter6963307/09/2007 
Change Oil and Filter7420208/20/2007 
Change Oil and Filter7750210/02/2007 
Change Oil and Filter7981803/12/2008 
Change/Clean Air Filter7981803/12/2008 
Change Brake Fluid7981803/12/2008 
Change Oil and Filter8335406/02/2008 
Replace LF Brake Pads8335406/02/2008 
Replace Front and Rear Tires8335406/02/2008 
Change Oil and Filter8694507/03/2008 
Change Oil and Filter8968309/17/2008 
Replace Steering Head Bearings9233811/20/2008 
Replace Fork Seals and Bushings9233811/20/2008 
Change Oil and Filter9236303/11/2009 
Change Brake Fluid9236303/11/2009 
Change Clutch Fluid9236303/11/2009 
Replace Front and Rear Tires9409305/05/2009 
Change Rear End Fluid9409305/05/2009 
Change Oil and Filter9540706/04/2009 
Change Oil and Filter9858106/26/2009 
Install Centermatic Balancers9858106/26/2009 
Change Oil and Filter10150008/25/2009 
Replace Front and Rear Tires10300009/08/2009 
Replace Rear Brake Rotor10680011/23/2009 
Replaced Rear Brake Caliper10680011/23/2009 
Replace Rear Tire10680011/23/2009 
Replace Rear Brake Pads10680011/23/2009 
Replace Rear End Assy10680011/23/2009 
Change Oil and Filter10713003/31/2010 
Change Brake Fluid10713003/31/2010 
Change Clutch Fluid10713003/31/2010 
Change Oil and Filter11040005/12/2010 
Replace RF Brake Pads11040005/12/2010 
Change Oil and Filter11422007/01/2010 
Replace Front Tire11422007/01/2010 
Replace LF Brake Pads11422007/01/2010 
Change Rear End Fluid11422007/01/2010 
Replace Front Tire11430007/05/2010 
Replace Rear Tire10500007/07/2010 
Change Oil and Filter11615209/07/2010 
Replace Right Lowbeam11615209/07/2010 
Change Oil and Filter11938509/08/2010 
Change/Clean Air Filter12000009/09/2010 
Repair Coolant Leak12160011/03/2010 
Change Clutch Fluid12160011/03/2010 
Change Rear End Fluid12202803/17/2011 
Change Brake Fluid12202803/17/2011 
Change Oil and Filter12202803/17/2011 
Change Oil and Filter12467508/05/2011 
Change Oil and Filter12724408/29/2011 
Replace Front Tire12724408/29/2011 
Change Brake Fluid12837902/22/2012 
Change Clutch Fluid12837902/22/2012 
Change Oil and Filter12837902/22/2012 
Change Rear End Fluid12837902/22/2012 
Replace Rear Tire12837902/22/2012 
Replace Spark Plugs12837902/22/2012 
Change Oil and Filter13149406/07/2012 
Change Oil and Filter13420008/20/2012 
Change Brake Fluid13760002/18/2013 
Change Clutch Fluid13760002/18/2013 
Change Rear End Fluid13760002/18/2013 
Change Oil and Filter13770004/01/2013 
Replace Front Tire13807004/15/2013 
Replace Front Wheel Bearings13807004/15/2013 
Change Oil and Filter13965006/18/2013 
Change Oil and Filter14245707/12/2013 
Change Oil and Filter14500008/26/2013 
Replace Rear Tire13420009/23/2013 
Change Brake Fluid14756203/21/2014 
Change Clutch Fluid14756203/21/2014 
Change Coolant 5yr14756203/21/2014 
Change Rear End Fluid14756203/21/2014 
Change Oil and Filter14756203/21/2014 
Replace LF Brake Pads14980005/15/2014 
Replace RF Brake Pads14980005/15/2014 
Replace Right Fork Seals and Bushings14980005/15/2014 
Replace Front Brake Rotors14980005/15/2014 
Replace Front Tire14980005/15/2014 
Change Oil and Filter15357907/25/2014 
Change Brake Fluid15900003/15/2015 
Change Clutch Fluid15900003/15/2015 
Change Rear End Fluid15900003/15/2015 
Change Oil and Filter15900003/15/2015 
Change Oil and Filter16113505/27/2015 
Replace Rear Brake Pads16113505/27/2015 
Replace Front Tire16113505/27/2015 
Change Oil and Filter16762006/30/2015 
Change Oil and Filter17140009/13/2015 
Change Brake Fluid17340002/26/2016 
Change Clutch Fluid17340002/26/2016 
Change Oil and Filter17340002/26/2016 
Change/Clean Air Filter17340002/26/2016 
Radio Upgrade17340002/26/2016 
Repair 4-Way Switch17340002/26/2016 
Replace Front Tire17340002/26/2016 
Replace Rear Tire17340002/26/2016 
Replace Steering Head Bearings17340002/26/2016 
Change Rear End Fluid17340002/26/2016 
Replace Battery17340002/26/2016 
Replace Front Speakers17340002/26/2016 
Change Oil and Filter17670005/26/2016 
Change Clutch Fluid18240003/26/2017 
Change Oil and Filter18240003/26/2017 
Replace Front Tire18240003/26/2017 
Change Rear End Fluid18240003/26/2017 
Change Brake Fluid18240003/26/2017 
Change Oil and Filter18600006/19/2017 
Replace LF Brake Pads18600006/19/2017 
Replace Right Lowbeam18600006/19/2017 
Replace Left Lowbeam18600006/19/2017