Printable Maintenance log for 2008 Mercury Mariner

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State Inspection1009/19/2007Lazare | Invoice #:352508 | NYS Inspection
Diagnosis1009/19/2007Lazare | Invoice #:352508 | New Car PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)
Oil Change622502/22/2008Lazare | Invoice #:357112 | Lazare | Oil and filter Change.
Rotate Tires622502/22/2008Lazare | Invoice #:357112 | Lazare | Tire rotation
TSB1280308/18/2008Lazare | Invoice #:362560 | Diagnose Transaxle. Applied TSB 09-9-4. Replaced Transaxle Oil Cooler. FilledATF.
Diagnosis1295508/25/2008Lazare | Invoice #:362760 | Diag Engine. Trans Assistance.
Oil Change1670811/19/2008Lazare | Invoice #:365173 | Works Fuel Saver (Oil Change, and checkup)
State Inspection1670811/19/2008Lazare | Invoice #:365173 | NYS inspection
Oil Change2412404/19/2009Lazare | Invoice #:369086 | Ford Reports : Oil and filter change
Rotate Tires2414204/21/2009Lazare | Invoice #:369086 | Ford Reports : Tire Rotation
Dealer Repair3242309/21/2009Lazare | Invoice #:373442 | Body Motors
Oil Change3242309/21/2009Lazare | Invoice #:373442 | Oil and Filter
Dealer Repair3242309/21/2009Lazare | Invoice #:373442 | Multi point Inspection
Change Air Filter3242309/21/2009Lazare | Invoice #:373442 | Air Cleaner
Vehicle Purchase3570903/23/2010Lazare | ASales Invoice #:24543 | Purchased Vehicle Stock#U5281 Vehicle Miles 35712
Diagnosis3571003/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377329 | Used car PDI
State Inspection3571103/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377329 | NYS Inspection
Oil Change3571203/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377329 | Oil Filter
Rotate Tires3571303/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377329 | Rotate Tires
Dealer Repair3571403/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377329 | Keyless entry code discovery
Replace Brakes3571503/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377329 | Brake Rotors
Replace other parts3571503/23/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377345 | Floor Mats
Oil Change3571503/26/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377419 | too much oil in crank case. Service dept scribes in dipsticl where oil should be with 6.0 quarts
Diagnosis3571503/26/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377419 | Drivers Windows Diagnose Noise | Service claims to have lubricated track
Diagnosis3781804/19/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377878| Again Diagnose Drivers window squeel | Service claims to have lubricated side running channel
Diagnosis3783604/20/2010Lazare | Invoice #:377899 | Vehicle failed to start, Towed. Recode keys.
TSB3901005/06/2010Lazare | Invoice #:378229 | Fixed squealing driver windows TSB 07-11-06 | Installed drivers driver side out sealing strip as directed per John Vanarnam | Part 9L8Z-781453-BA
Transmission Repair4099706/07/2010Oneonta Ford | Invoice #:24023 | Replace Servo and associated parts XT-5 QMV 10qrts Mercon ATF | 5L8Z-7H188-B Piston and Rod | F4RZ-7D027-A Cover | 5L8Z-7D034-B Band Assembly | F7RZ-7G331-AA Gasket | 3L8Z-7A248-AA Seal | F3RZ-7B353-A Gasket |
Change Transmission Fluid4099706/07/2010 
Dealer Repair4241107/15/2010Lazare | Invoice #:F0CS379611 Repair window sqeak. | Replace window running channels | Parts 8L8Z-7821547-B |8L8Z-7821546-B
Oil Change4298307/22/2010Metro Ford | Invoice #:615968 Oil Change, conventional oil
Replace Glass4788309/29/2010Safelite | Work Order#: 01857_701486 | Covered By Insurance. Windshield
Oil Change5053211/02/2010Monore | Invoice 109044| oil change and lube 5w20 Valvoline Durablend
New Tires5068011/02/2010Adirondack Tire Centers | Snow tires. 235/70 R16 106BW Avalanche X-Treme - AVX-2376 Tech: Norm Millinton
Rotate Tires5068011/02/2010New Tires
Replace Wipers5069011/04/20102x RainX Front only. | Purchased but not installed 1x Trico- eXact fit Rear
Vehicle Registration5400004/01/2011NYS DMV Registration
State Inspection5550004/02/2011Adirondack Tire Centres | NYS Inspection
Oil Change5641404/22/2011Fully Synthetic K&N filter 6 Quarts
Body Shop Repair5674904/25/2011Metro Ford | Service Order #:F0CS631931 | Estimate Of work
TSB5674904/26/2011Metro Ford | Service Order #:F0CS631950 | Idler Pulley replaced. found TSB 09-21-2 | Part#: 9L8Z-8678-B
Replace other parts5674904/26/2011Metro Ford | Service Order #:F0CS631950 | Differential Cover Part#: 7e5z-4033-a
Change Cabin Air filter5766005/19/2011Cabin air filter. No original.
Change Air Filter5766005/19/2011Clean iac no clean maf new ir filter
Dealer Repair5882206/06/2011Adirondack Tire | Order 021243 | Flat Repair
Oil Change6380008/28/2011Mobile 1 5w30 full synthetic
TSB6355609/05/2011Wiprt - Missing workorder
Dealer Repair6560110/04/2011Metro Ford | Invoice F0CS641632 | Front washer hose
Dealer Repair6560110/04/2011Metro Ford | Invoice F0CS641632 | Rear Seat Latch repair
Oil Change7214002/20/2012Full synthetic. Motorcraft filter
Diagnosis8352501/27/2013Pump tires to 40 PSI from 30 PSI.
Oil Change8400002/01/2013look for records
State Inspection007/01/2013NYS Inspection
Vehicle Registration007/01/2013NYS DMV Registration Renewal
Oil Change9300008/01/2013ook for records
Replace Fuel Filter9433009/15/2013Painted bracket too.
Replace other parts9433009/15/2013clean battery terminals.
Dealer Repair9980612/18/2013Latham Ford: | Invoice #: FOCS197094 | Replace Front Washer fluid jet under warranty. my record 99581 fords 99811 | Part 8L8Z-17603-AA | Service Adviser: Fred Jacobs 227.
Diagnosis9981012/18/2013Latham Ford: | Invoice #: FOCS197094 | TPMS Sensor Fail. Fault of Tire shop. | Owner states tire sensor light is on. Check car found TIRE SENSOR WIRED back together, told owner . said was going to take back to who did it . |my record 99581 fords 99811| Service Adviser: Fred Jacobs 227.
Dealer Repair9981112/18/2013Latham Ford: | Invoice #: FOCS197094 | Replace Blower Motor Resistor | Under Warranty $100 Dedutable. | PartNumber 3F2Z-18591-AA | |myrecord 99,581 99,811 | Service Adviser: Fred Jacobs 227.
Replace other parts10000012/19/2013Replaced Rear Wiper Blade | Conditioned All three with 303 Protectant |rear blade Purchased 2010-Nov-4
Replace other parts1011001/24/2014Latham Ford: | Invoice #: FOCS197777 | Replaced ABS Tone ring,ABS Fuse under warranty| Part Number AL8Z-2C182-A, 7T4Z-14526-E|
Rotate Tires10110001/24/2014Latham Ford: | Invoice #: FOCS197777 | Install Leigh's tires, Mount and balance.
Replace Brakes10145701/24/2014Front pads only. Advance auto. Wearever Gold.
Replace other parts003/20/2014Gold battery. Advanced auto. 3 year warranty
Oil Change10433005/03/2014Motorcraft 820S, Full Synthetic
Chassis Parts10500006/07/2014Lower Control Arms (Balljoints and Bushings) Auto zone
Chassis Parts10500006/08/2014Inner Tie Rod End, outer Tie Rod End Advance Auto 29688347
Alignment10500506/08/20144 Wheel Alignment @ Mavis Tire
State Inspection10501006/08/2014NYS Inspection
Chassis Lube10676107/04/2014Lube outer tie rod ends
TSB10676107/04/2014Steering shaft joint
Rotate Tires10676107/04/2014Rotate front to back
Oil Change11760001/04/2015FL-820s 5w-20 full synthetic super tech
Chassis Parts11760001/04/2015Replace driver outer tie rod. Torn boot.
Chassis Parts11760001/04/2015Replace passenger side tone ring and axle nut . Can't find Receipt , Latham Ford?
Bulb Replacement12205805/04/2015Front headlamp. Pass moved to driver. New installed on pass side.
Change Air Filter12205805/04/2015fram ca8997
General Note005/06/2015StrongArm 4370 Driverside Liftgate strut. Amazon ORDER # 105-3970948-5223428
Replace Engine Parts12400006/28/2015Replace water pump, belt. Belt from Advance auto, pump from Napa , done by devo
Change Coolant12400006/28/2015Some coolant was replaced during water pump replacement. No flush performed.
State Inspection12528407/03/2015Nys inspection
Replace Brakes13158011/08/2015Brandi replaced.
Oil Change13235411/08/2015Full synthetic. Only 2 qt in crank case.
Rotate Tires13235411/22/2015Rotate tires after oil change. Nov 11
Replace spark plugs13755004/09/2016Needs air cleaner
Vehicle Registration007/13/2016 
Oil Change14300009/02/2016Only two qt in crank case. Replace with mix*5w20 and 5w30. Dw 4651 filter
State Inspection14305209/07/2016Nys inspection. Broadway service.
Modification14305209/07/2016Broadway (exhaust) service replaced flex pipe. 518 372 6150.
New Tires14352009/16/2016New snow tires from John leconte. Installed at pats in Liverpool
Rotate Tires14352009/16/2016With install
Change Air Filter14387509/21/2016Ac Delco a2041c
Replace Wipers14390009/21/2016Bosch icon 20oe
General Note14399009/22/2016Coolant flush chemical added
General Note14399009/22/2016End of run with fresh flush chemical.
Change Coolant14405009/25/2016Mixed with radiator flush chemical. Change coolant. Zerex G05 and distilled water
Diagnosis14405009/25/2016Clean oil pan and surrounding areas. There is an oil leak on passenger side. Removed serpentine belt to clean around.
General Note002/02/2017Replaced driver mirror. Ebay part used. Item 222348136235
Rotate Tires15400005/29/2017 
Oil Change15480006/12/2017Supertech 5w20 with driveworks filter.
Change Transmission Fluid15480006/12/2017Drain and fill with 3.75 QTs. Fluid was on hand.
Diagnosis006/14/2017Removed rack rails. No body damage underneath. Cleaned body and underneath rails and re installed. Re installed cross rails.
Change Air Filter15503006/18/2017CA 8997 | Amazon Order # 112-5251069-0877018
Change Cabin Air filter15503006/18/2017Fram cf10548 | Amazon Order # 112-5251069-0877018
Replace Fuel Filter15503006/18/2017Fuel filter. Motorcraft FG-872 | Amazon Order # 113-2273612-0103434
Diagnosis006/21/2017Thump noise at any speed
Body Shop Repair15514506/26/2017Moog 518515/20441819 76.67 + 80 installed by Dino advance order 79903085
General Note007/01/2017Tone ring. Advance auto. Counter order. Can't find Receipt
Replace Brakes15595007/03/2017Front Brake Pads.| Advance Auto Order Number: 81310611| Part No GNAD1047 | Restock brake job chemicals. Miles Assumed
Chassis Lube15599907/04/2017Passenger side outer tierod boot looks torn.
Replace Glass15570007/10/2017Replace roof glass panel
General Note007/29/2017Rear liftglass weatherstrip. Amazon not on this day
Modification009/22/2017Replace driver door harness. Adds mirror heat circuit. Re pin connector from original harness.
State Inspection16103510/03/2017Passed Mavis ture. North Greenbush invoice, 727359
Bulb Replacement003/01/2018Front headlamp. New installed on Driver side.
Bulb Replacement16727103/16/20184157 driver side turn /stop bulb. Rear
Recall Performed16740203/21/2018Metro Ford| Invoice F0CS816869 | 14S05 Recall | Part CL8Z-3F818-A | Steering Sensor | QTY2 -W712250-S437|
Diagnosis003/29/2018Driverside | LCA has bad bj. Snapring fell out of bearing. Inner tie rod clicks in and out, is also inconsistently stiff. Swaybar links feel loose Concern: Swqeek when steering, and bouncing suspension.
Chassis Parts16812004/11/2018Driver Wheel Bearing Failed: Replaced under 3Yr Warranty. Advance Auto Parts order 79903085
Oil Change16812004/14/2018Oil Change. Full Synth 5w30 Mortorcarft 820s filter
Chassis Lube16812004/15/2018Greased Front: outer Tie rods, Stabilizer Bar Links.
Check Brakes16812004/15/2018Re-greased the front brake slide pins and brake tabs. checked Runout
Chassis Parts16812004/15/2018New Rear:Shocks,passenger coil spring,Passenger upper control arm
Chassis Parts16812004/15/2018Front: loaded struts, Inner tie rod ends, Stabilizer bar links | Lifetime warranty replacement. Front: outer tie rod end, control arms
Alignment16812604/16/2018Alignment @ Mavis
Rotate Tires17000006/15/2018New Rear tires mavis. Mileage guessed
Vehicle Registration006/18/2018 
Replace Rear Brakes17436008/28/2018Replace rear drum shoes and springs.
Replace Fuel Filter17692010/16/2018Napa proselect 23296. Invoice 928917
Change Air Filter17692010/16/2018Fram ca8997. Amazon order
Change Cabin Air filter17692010/16/2018Potauto map
Oil Change17692010/16/2018Motorcraft filter and st 5w20 synthetic oil
Bulb Replacement17705310/20/20183rd brake light. Two new bulbs close to wiper jet. Sylvania 2825
Replace Brakes17706010/20/2018Two orsers
Chassis Lube17706010/21/2018Clean and lube Zerk fittings on L/F outer Tie rod, L/R Stabilizer links
Rotate Tires17777111/20/2018MY self
Electrical repair17804011/23/2018New Motorcraft battery from Metro Ford. Invoice 809622. BXT-40-R. old battery was 96r. 36month Full warranty. 74 Month prorated