Printable Maintenance log for 2001 Audi A4

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Timing Belt Change6017002/25/2007 
Battery Replacement6355907/09/2007Bosch
Oil Change7616105/24/2008Rotella 5W40 + Filter
Spark Plug Replacement7616105/24/2008NGK BKR6E 0.8mm gap
Rotate Tires8055911/10/2008New Tires on re-finished 17" rims
Misc8150002/20/2009Emmision hoses replaced + intake manifold gasket + 1 ignition module
Spark Plug Replacement8150502/21/2009 
Oil Change8322503/08/2009Rotella 5W40 + Filter
Rotate Tires8595006/28/2009Passenger side front outer CV boot needs replacement
Drivers Side Window Regulator Replacement8855008/22/2009 
Oil Change8958012/06/2009Sucked out & Refilled 2-3 quarts from sump (Rotella 5W40) only
Misc8958012/06/2009Replaced 3 coil-packs (Cylinders 1,3,4)
Spark Plug Replacement9026212/29/2009Autolite 3923's. Also pressure checked intake system-OK & replaced original coil packs
Sea Foam9150501/31/2010Intake manifold + 1/2 can in gas tank
Transmission Fluid Change9179502/07/2010Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF (~6.25 quarts), new filter, replaced pan with un-dented one.
Battery Replacement9300003/29/2010Warranty replacement
Oil Change9434704/18/2010Oil & Filter Change (Rotella 5W40)
Change Fuel Filter9567005/29/2010 
Spark Plug Replacement9570007/27/2010Autolite APP 3923 Double Platinum Installed original coil packs (4) to troubleshoot misfires
Misc9640008/15/2010Replaced 3 coil packs - all bad per vag-com
Oil Change10034601/10/2011Rotella 5W40 + Large Oil Filter
Recall10379305/17/2011Factory recall for Coil Pack replacement (28F2). All coil packs replaced (06A-905-115-D). Invoice # AUCS150572
Brake Fluid Change10491507/08/2011Dot 4
Brake Pad Change10491507/08/2011Front (Beck/Arnley 0881608D) and Back pad (Autospecialty 2522802) change (Rock
Oil Change10629908/06/2011Chevron Synthetic 5W40 + filter
Change Air Filter10982010/28/2011RM European: 4876074_PRO_A9AD3D54
Misc10982010/28/2011Cabin Air Filter replacement RM European: 5047113_NOR_374F3ED7
Rotate Tires10982010/28/2011 
Replace Coolant10982010/28/2011G12 50/50
Oil Change11328402/03/2012New filter, sump plug & Rotella 5W-40 Synthetic
Misc11569703/31/2012Replaced Engine Speed Sensor: P/N: 071-957-147 VW of SC OBD2 error P0322
Rotate Tires11550006/17/2012Front tires looking low on tread - will need new ones before winter
Brake Pad Change11849407/20/2012Rear - new pads (Centric: 30002280 @ $13.33) and rotors (Centric: 12133047 @ $14.06 each) from RockAuto
Misc11972508/31/2012Passenger side front axle replacement
Oil Change12290801/03/2013Rotella 5W-40
Misc12500003/29/2013MAF Clean
Rotate Tires12500003/29/2013 
Replace Coolant12644905/26/2013During timing belt change
Timing Belt Change12644905/26/2013Inc. Timing Belt, tensioner, pulley, water pump, thermostat, accessory belts, valve cover gasket & new expansion tank
Oil Change13033209/16/2013Rotella 5W40 Synthetic (4 quarts) + Mann filter
Rotate Tires13100012/02/2013New Tires: Bridgestone Potenza S-04 PP 225/45R17 91Y @ Firestone, 510 Water Street, SC
Misc001/04/2014Replaced Check Valves (#3- EVAP, & #9) Replaced some vacuum hoses
Misc13600006/06/2014N75 Solenoid to fix surging under load + hoses Valve cover gasket
Sea Foam13750007/06/2014Seafoam intake manifold
Oil Change13792507/19/2014AC Delco 5W40 Synthetic + Filter
Battery Replacement010/11/2014Warranty Replacement (Pep boys)
Alignment010/11/2014Lifetime Alignment - Firestone
Misc010/11/2014Front suspension control arm replacement; tie rod ends (inner + outer); Anti-roll bar links; drivers side half shaft
Rotate Tires13946012/21/2014 
Change Air Filter14026603/01/2015+ cabin air filter + MAF clean
Misc14220006/20/2015Replacement Gauge Cluster LCD Gerry (650)333-6000
Rotate Tires14452510/24/2015 
Misc14452510/24/2015Wiper Blades
Oil Change14584701/01/2016Delco 5W40 Synthetic
Misc14652001/31/2016N75 Boost Control Valve (06A906283EA) replaced; Oil Filler Cap replaced
Battery Replacement14751605/01/2016Bosch H6-760B Warranty replacement. 36 months free replacement, 96 months prorated warranty Pep Boys
Misc14779305/22/2016Replaced Coolant Temperature sensor (Bilstein 027816325109) + O-Ring and clip. (OBD2 errors P1296)
Misc14950009/06/2016Hazard/Indicator relay - OEM from Stevens Creek Audi
Misc011/06/2016Water in cab cleanup/dry - transmission control unit dried out and re-installed. (Battery area drain clogged)
Transmission Fluid Change011/25/2016FCP Euro Trans Fluid Change Kit: KIT-A4TRANSKIT) w/fluid
Spark Plug Replacement15070011/27/2016NGK BKR7E-11 (5791); MAF Clean; N75 vacuum line replacement (1)
Oil Change15150201/14/2017Rotella Synthetic 5W50 + filter
Misc15150201/14/2017Rear transaxle fluid replacement: Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W90
Brake Fluid Change15150201/21/2017Pentosin DOT4
Rotate Tires15150201/21/2017 
Transmission Fluid Change15150201/21/2017Pentosin Synthetic ATF + filter
Change Fuel Filter15229502/12/2017Mahle KL36 (AutohausAZ 441 201 5110) + copper o-rings
Misc15315806/05/2017Cabin Filter
Spark Plug Replacement006/08/2017Bosch FR7LDC+ Yttrium (7402) $11.16 + Fuel Pressure Regulator (Bosch 078133534C) $35.39 FCP Euro (Lifetime guarantee and replacement) - 6/8/17
Misc15525401/31/2018Rear Drivers side door window track replacement
Rotate Tires15888804/21/2018 
Misc16188006/17/2018Replaced drivers seat bottom. New Wiper blades. Fuel Injector Cleaner (Tank)
Replace Coolant16225906/24/2018Fuel Injector Clean (O-Rings AC Delco 217-3365), Coolant Temp Sensor (OEM 059919501A) $6.05 & Retainer $0.29, Intake Manifold Gasket (VW Audi 058129717D) $7.69, Fuel Pressure Regulator (Bosch 078133534C) $30.89, Thermostat (Mahle Behr 050121113C) $10.09, Vacuum hoses, Oil Pressure Switch (Meyle 06A919081J $3.89, Oil Filler Gasket (CRP 06A103483D $1.78, Spark Plugs (NGK BKR7E) FCP $5.96, Oil Dipstick Boot (06B103663G Amazon) $6.00, Vacuum check valves (2x058905291K Amazon, 1x058905161B, 1x) $20.00,
Oil Change16230006/24/2018Inc: Filter (Oil & Cabin - Meyle 8A0819439A $8.95, Air - Mann 058133843 $9.95), Oil Sensor (Ebay) $25
Rotate Tires16256607/08/2018 
Suspension16256607/08/2018Front Shocks (Meyle 121505) (FCP Euro) $135.99 Front Shocks (Bilstein B4 8D9513029C) (FCP Euro) $120.32 Front Lower Control Arms (Delphi 4D0407151Px2) (FCP) $72.99 Tie Rod Ends, Front shock bump stops (Andy's Auto $32.70) Vacuum Hose/Elbow (Andy's Auto $10.00) Vacuum Hose (Amazon - ContiTech 06B133783BC Coolant Hose $6.00)
Misc16294707/15/2018O2 Sensor (Walker 250-25004 - Amazon) $90.00; MAF Clean; Engine Clean; Air Filter (C26168 - FCP)
Misc16318307/22/2018Crankcase Vent Valve (Uro 06A 129 101D - Amazon)
Misc16433808/12/2018Vacuum Hoses (Amazon: Elbow 058133785B, Check Valve Assembly 058133784AF, Breather Hose Dorman 46071) $43.00
Misc16590008/16/2018Turbo (Ebay) $104.12, Boost Sensor (Bosch 0281002177) $51.89, LOOYUAN Overrun Cut-Off Diverter Valve (Amazon) - $13.00, Oil temp and level sensor
Oil Change16590009/16/2018Rotella T6
Replace Coolant16590009/16/2018 
Rotate Tires16619009/22/2018Swapped wheels&Tires w/ 215/55R16's from Craigslist
Replace Coolant16623009/25/2018Coolant Leak repair @ European Car Repair, LLC, Sunnyvale Heater hose replacement (8D0 819 371H-01) - flange to Heater block. Diagnostic for vacuum leak (crankcase vent hose) Diagnostic for Codes
Misc16660009/29/2018Replaced new oil temp/level sensor with original due to oil leak & not registering temp during engine running
Misc010/18/2018Remote battery replacement CR1620 (2)
Misc16760410/20/2018Diverter valve (06A145710N) & Pressure Regulator valve (06A129101D) - Europa Parts $53.15 PCV Parts (Crankcase vent pipe, T-Hose, PCV, valve cover vent hose) - Amazon $25 Replaced missing turbo-cat bolts (metric M10 w/lock washers - Ace $10
Misc16789010/25/2018Swapped out MAF sensor, replaced a couple of vacuum hoses
Brake Pad Change16862511/10/2018Front brake rotors (Andy's Auto Supply)
Drivers Side Window Regulator Replacement16862511/10/2018Amazon (#8D0837461)
Misc17066012/27/2018Replaced rear O2 Sensor (Bosch 16978 - Amazon)
Misc17126001/12/2019Installed spade connectors for rear O2 sensor - reset CEL Replaced cabin filter (Meyle 112 319 0002) Checked and topped up battery fluid Added 1/2 bottle seafoam to fuel tank.
Rotate Tires17126501/13/2019 
Misc17133201/14/2019MAF Sensor replaced (Amazon)