Printable Maintenance log for 2000 Honda Odyssey LX

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Sliding Doors Maintenance45310/05/2000Warranty - WC Honda
Sliding Doors Maintenance464003/07/2001Warranty - WC Honda
Oil Change710806/15/2001WC Honda
Oil Filter710806/15/2001WC Honda
Tires Rotate710806/15/2001WC Honda
Brake Inspection710806/15/20017MM Frt - WC Honda
Oil Change993211/25/2001WC Honda
Oil Filter993211/25/2001WC Honda
Battery Replaced1212803/07/2002Internal short found - WC Honda
Oil Change2253906/27/2003WC Honda
Oil Filter2253906/27/2003WC Honda
Brakes Replaced2253906/27/2003Front rotors turned & pads replaced - WC Honda
Oil Change2893902/20/2004WC Honda
Oil Filter2893902/20/2004WC Honda
Transmission Fluid Replace2893902/20/2004WC Honda
Brake Fluid Replace2893902/20/2004WC Honda
Engine Coolant Replace2893902/20/2004WC Honda
Intake Manifold Sensor Replaced2893902/20/2004Rodent damage - WC Honda
Clock Light Replaced2893902/20/2004WC Honda
Oil Change4179103/29/2005WC Honda
Oil Filter4179103/29/2005WC Honda
Brake Inspection4179103/29/20053mm Frt & Rear - WC Honda
Tires Replaced4200004/06/2005All 4 replaced - Costco
Oil Change5052812/19/2005WC Honda
Oil Filter5052812/19/2005WC Honda
Air Cleaner Replace5052812/19/2005WC Honda
Transmission Fluid Replace5052812/19/2005WC Honda
Brakes Replaced5052812/19/2005Front pads replaced, rotors resurfaced - WC Honda
Battery Replaced5052812/19/2005WC Honda
Water Pump Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Timing Belt Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Oil Change5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Transmission Fluid Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Engine Coolant Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Brake Fluid Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Oil Filter5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Air Cleaner Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Air Conditioning Filter Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Tires Rotate5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Spark Plugs Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
Drive Belts Replace5519104/18/2006Honda Indio
SMOG Check6251410/04/2006Roesbery
Oil Change6251410/04/2006Roesbery
Oil Filter6251410/04/2006Roesbery
Engine Diagnostic Test6568712/19/2006Stalling - nothing identified - WC Honda
Trim Interior fixed6568712/19/2006Grab handle on back of right seat - WC Honda
Sliding Doors Maintenance6868603/01/2007Warranty - WC Honda
Brakes Replaced7663209/12/2007Front pads replaced, rotors resurfaced - WC Honda
Engine Mounts Replaced7663209/12/2007Replaced front and side engine mounts - WC Honda
Oil Change7663209/12/2007WC Honda
Oil Filter7663209/12/2007WC Honda
Oil Change8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Oil Filter8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Stabilizer Links Replaced8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Spark Plugs Replace8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Engine Fuel Induction Clean8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Brake Fluid Replace8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Power Steering Fluid Replace8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Engine Coolant Replace8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Transmission Fluid Replace8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Wheel Alignment8505003/21/2008Roesbery
Control Arm Bushing Bolt Tightened9174608/25/2008WC Honda
Oil Change9174608/25/2008WC Honda
Oil Filter9174608/25/2008WC Honda
Tires Replaced9174608/25/2008Two tires mounted & balanced - WC Honda
Tires Rotate9174608/25/2008Tires balanced & rotated - WC Honda
Oil Change9963003/17/2009+ Minor service list - WC Honda
Oil Filter9963003/17/2009WC Honda
Timing Belt Replace9963003/17/2009WC Honda
Water Pump Replace9963003/17/2009WC Honda
Drive Belts Replace9963003/17/2009WC Honda
Air Conditioning Filter Replace9963003/17/2009WC Honda
Engine Mount Bolt Frozen9963003/17/2009WC Honda
Engine Diagnostic Test10186804/21/2009Roesbery
Ignition Coil10186804/21/2009Coil, plug and wire - Roesbery
Engine Fuel Induction Clean10186804/21/2009Roesbery
Air Cleaner Replace11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Air Cabin Filter11282002/04/2010Cost for both Air Cleaner and Engine Air Cleaner - Roesbery
Air Conditioner Service11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Engine Fuel Induction Clean11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Hose replacement - Radiator & Heater11282002/04/20107 hoses + clamps - Roesbery
Brakes Replaced11282002/04/20104 wheel - Rotors and drums resurfaced - new pads and shoes - Roesbery
Wheel Alignment11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Control Arm Replacement11282002/04/2010Front Upper Control Arm Assembly - 2 - Roesbery
Oil Change11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Oil Filter11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Tires Replaced11282002/04/2010Two tires replaced and balanced - Michelin Hydro Edge - Roesbery
Brake Fluid Replace11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Transmission Fluid Replace11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Power Steering Fluid Replace11282002/04/2010Roesbery
Engine Diagnostic Test11825107/02/2010Battery & Starter Problem - WC Honda
Starter Replacement11825107/02/2010WC Honda
Battery Replaced11825107/02/2010WC Honda
Oil Change12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Brakes Replaced12881602/03/2011Front Rotors and Pads both replaced - WC Imports
Engine Mounts Replaced12881602/03/2011Rear Mount Replaced - WC Imports
Brake Fluid Replace12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Suspension Parts Tightened12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Oil Filter12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Transmission Fluid Replace12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Radiator Replace12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Engine Coolant Replace12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Air Cleaner Replace12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Air Conditioning Filter Replace12881602/03/2011WC Imports
Oil Change14125811/16/2011WC Imports
Oil Filter14125811/16/2011WC Imports
Tires Rotate14125811/16/2011WC Imports
Brake Cylinders Replaced14125811/16/2011WC Imports
Tire Repair14327801/18/2012Drivers side front - America's Tire WC