Printable Maintenance log for 2002 Saturn SL1

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Inspection301/04/2002New Vehicle Inspection
Oil Change249109/08/2002 
Oil Change983710/31/2002 
Oil Change1130603/19/2003 
Rotate Tires1130603/19/2003 
Oil Change1287807/09/2003 
Oil Change1371312/04/2003 
Rotate Tires1371312/04/2003 
Oil Change1575804/28/2004 
Cooling System Flush1575804/28/2004 
Miscellaneous1680805/27/2004Sender assembly, fuel (tank unit)
Oil Change1818308/06/2004 
Oil Change2139211/23/2004 
Rotate Tires2139211/23/2004 
Replace Drive Belt2621005/05/2005Replace serpentine drive belt
Change Battery2621005/05/2005Replace battery and positive battery cable
Rear Brake Service2621005/05/2005 
Wiper Inserts2621005/05/2005 
Front Brake Service2621005/05/2005 
Change Air Filter2621005/05/2005 
Miscellaneous2621005/05/2005Replace front air dam
Miscellaneous2621005/05/2005Front license plate bracket
Rotate Tires2621005/05/2005 
Oil Change2621005/05/2005 
Miscellaneous2640205/23/2005Replace remote key lock
Oil Change2880108/20/2005 
Inspection2880108/20/2005Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses, vacuum lines/hoses
Inspection2913911/26/2005Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses
Oil Change2913911/26/2005 
Change Spark Plugs3035304/06/2006 
Inspection3035304/06/2006Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses, vacuum lines/hoses. Tire tread 7/32+ (all).
Miscellaneous3035304/06/2006Clean throttle body bore
Oil Change3035304/06/2006 
Oil Change3076807/08/2006 
Inspection3076807/08/2006Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses. All tires at 7/32.
Miscellaneous3076807/08/2006Replace bracket for front bumper
Rotate Tires3076807/08/2006 
Wiper Inserts3185211/14/2006 
Inspection3201012/08/2006Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses. All tires at 7/32. Brake linings at 9/32.
Oil Change3201012/08/2006 
Oil Change3273103/15/2007 
Inspection3273103/15/2007Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses. Tire treads at 7/32. Brake linings at 7/32.
Inspection3489107/05/2007Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses. Tire treads at 7/32. Brake linings at 7/32.
Miscellaneous3489107/05/2007Replace PCV valve
Power Steering Service3489107/05/2007 
Brake Fluid Service3489107/05/2007 
Oil Change3489107/05/2007 
Rotate Tires3489107/05/2007Balance & rotate
Oil Change3734312/01/2007 
Inspection3734312/01/2007Inspect axle, suspension, exhaust, fuel system, drive belt, coolant hoses.
Miscellaneous3734312/01/2007Replace right tail lights
Miscellaneous3769112/22/2007Symptoms: Reverse "slam", rpms rev high when shifting Repair: Replace input shaft nut, replace valve body.
Wiper Inserts3984004/12/2008 
Inspection3984004/12/200830 point inspection. Tire treads at 7/32. Brake linings at 5/32.
Oil Change3984004/12/2008 
Oil Change4182009/06/2008 
Front Brake Service4182009/06/2008 
Inspection4182009/06/200830 point inspection. Tire treads at 7/32.
Power Steering Service4182009/06/2008 
Rear Brake Service4182009/06/2008 
Rotate Tires4182009/06/2008 
Change Air Filter4400202/07/2009 
Inspection4400202/07/2009Preventative maintenance inspection
Oil Change4400202/07/2009 
Oil Change4535006/03/2009 
Cooling System Flush4535006/03/2009 
Replace Drive Belt4535006/03/2009 
Inspection4535006/03/200930 point inspection
Miscellaneous4535006/03/2009Intake manifold gasket replacement
Wiper Inserts4725010/12/2009 
Oil Change4726010/14/2009 
Rotate Tires4726010/14/2009 
Inspection4726010/14/200930-point inspection
Oil Change4876702/13/2010 
Inspection4876702/13/201030 point inspection. Tire treads at 6/32". Front brake pads at <10%. Oil leaks on oil pan and cam cover gasket. Estimated cost of repairs $986.25.
Rear Brake Service4876702/13/2010 
Front Brake Service4876702/13/2010Front brake pads at <10%. Replace front brake pads, turn rotors.
Miscellaneous4876702/13/2010Lubricate passive restraint tracks, door hinges
Oil Change5010807/27/2010 
Miscellaneous5010807/27/2010Service AC system
Oil Change5174712/03/2010 
Oil Change5346804/25/2011 
Rotate Tires5346804/25/2011 
Oil Change5474308/24/2011Full service oil change
Change Spark Plugs5679001/24/2012 
Change Air Filter5679001/24/2012 
Oil Change5679001/24/2012 
Wiper Inserts5679001/24/2012 
Oil Change5869205/19/2012 
Miscellaneous5891706/07/2012New tires, balance, & alignment. Farm n Fleet
Rotate Tires5891706/07/2012Reset counter.
Miscellaneous5893106/08/2012Replace exhaust hanger
Oil Change6025709/28/2012Paid ahead for 3 oil changes
Wiper Inserts002/04/2013 
Oil Change6215302/20/2013Prepaid
Miscellaneous6215302/20/2013Replace taillight bulb
Inspection6215302/20/2013Safety Inspection
Rotate Tires6394507/26/2013 
Miscellaneous6394507/26/2013Left brake light bulb
Oil Change6394507/26/2013Prepaid
Change Battery6402808/05/2013 
Miscellaneous6480609/23/2013Fix left rear window to up position
Oil Change6779103/26/2014 
Miscellaneous6779103/26/2014Fix oil leak
Change Air Filter6869905/22/2014 
Oil Change6869905/22/2014 
Rotate Tires6869905/22/2014 
Inspection6869905/22/2014Oil seeping from head gasket. Estimate to fix $1045