Printable Maintenance log for 2007 Toyota RAV4 Limited

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Oil Change480705/21/2007Mobil One Synthetic 5W20
Rotate Tires480705/21/2007 
Rotate Tires1012011/08/2007 
Oil Change1012011/08/2007Mobil One Synthetic 5W20
Oil Change1562003/19/2008Mobil One Synthetic 5W20
Rotate Tires1562003/19/2008 
Rotate Tires2110308/31/2008 
Oil Change2110308/31/2008Mobil One Synthetic 5W20
Oil Change2711702/01/2009Mobil One Synthetic 5W20
Rotate Tires2711702/01/2009 
Oil Change3283105/22/2009Napa 5W20 Oil, Napa 1396 Gold Oil Filter invoice # 505551
Change Air Filter3283105/22/2009Napa 9172 Gold Air Filter invoice # 505551
Rotate Tires3362406/15/2009 
Oil Change3631407/13/2009Napa 5W20 Oil, Napa 1396 Gold Oil Filter invoice # 511568
Oil Change3977610/31/200930,000 mile service done at Performance Toyota
Change Air Filter3977610/31/2009Part of 30,000 mile service
Change Fuel Filter3977610/31/2009Part of 30,000 mile service
Change transmission fliud3977610/31/2009Done when 30,000 service was done at Performance Toyota
Rotate Tires3977610/31/2009Done at Performance Toyota
Replace left front wheel bearing4018411/11/2009Done at Performance Toyota
Change wiper blades4475203/07/2010Napa Wiper Blades
Rotate Tires4475203/07/2010NO ROTATE AT THIS TIME
Oil Change4475203/07/2010Napa 5W20 Oil, Napa 1396 Gold Oil Filter invoice # 538694
Replace Tires4668105/14/2010Replaced at Performance Toyota
Replace Front Brakes4668105/14/2010Done at Performance Toyota
Repair Air Bag Sensor4668105/14/2010Done at Performance Toyota
4 Wheel Alignment4668105/14/2010Done at Performance Toyota
Wax Exterior4668105/15/2010 
Oil Change4973207/29/2010Napa 5W20 Oil, Napa 1396 Gold Oil Filter invoice # 558738
Rotate Tires4973207/29/2010 
Oil Change5482611/07/2010Napa 5W20 Oil, Napa 1396 Gold Oil Filter invoice # 572070
Rotate Tires5482611/07/2010 
Rotate Tires5992602/27/2011 
Change wiper blades5992602/27/2011Napa wiper blades
Oil Change5992602/27/2011Napa 5W20 Oil, Napa 1396 Gold Oil Filter invoice # 585622
Wax Exterior6383607/21/2011 
Rotate Tires6479808/14/2011 
Oil Change6479808/14/2011Napa 5W20 Oil and Fram TG4386 ToughGaurd Oil Filter purchased at Walmart
Replace battery6520009/01/2011Purchased at Auto Zone
Add engine oil6650010/03/2011Added 1/2 quart oil
Add engine oil6777311/08/2011Added 1/2 quart oil
Add engine oil6885812/12/2011Added 1/2 quart oil.
Oil Change6920912/23/2011At Performance Toyota with 70000 service.
Rotate Tires6920912/23/2011At Performance Toyota with 70000 service.
Replace cabin filter6920912/23/2011 
Replace Water Pump6920912/23/2011Done at Performance Toyota
Oil Change7400404/15/2012Vavoline High Mileage 5W20
Rotate Tires7400404/15/2012 
Change Air Filter7576906/07/2012 
Wax Exterior7799507/23/2012 
Oil Change7871108/22/2012Oil and filter change. No tire rotate.
Replace Tires8050010/06/2012At Jensen Tire
Change transmission fliud8050010/06/2012At Jensen Tire
Replace rear brakes8250011/16/2012New pads and rotors purchased at
Change shocks and struts8382812/02/2012Parts purchased at
Oil Change8382812/02/2012Oil and filter change. No tire rotate.
Change hoses8579701/19/2013Replace upper and lower radiator hoses. Parts purchased at
Adjust transmission fluid level8685602/10/2013Fluid level was 40 oz. too high.
Change transmission fliud8796803/14/2013Change trans fluid after noticing shudder that started after fluid was changed at Jensen Tire
Replace spark plugs8796803/14/2013Done to help correct rough idle.
Oil Change8796803/14/2013Also done at Performance Toyota
Oil Change9301108/18/2013Auto Zone 5W30 Oil.
Oil Change9810011/08/2013 
Rotate Tires9594011/23/2013 
Change wiper blades10017803/02/2014 
Rotate Tires10238704/22/2014 
Replace Front Brakes10238704/22/2014Also replaced front rotors. Purchased at
Oil Change10822508/10/2014 
Rotate Tires10822508/10/2014 
Change Air Filter10847008/17/2014 
Rotate Tires11384712/19/2014Also done at Toyota along with flat repair and rebalance all tires.
Oil Change11384712/19/2014Done at Performance Toyota along with Smart Stop recall and rear suspension 2nd recall.
Replace rear sway links11384712/22/2014 
Repair flat tire11751803/28/2015Done at Jensen Tire.
Oil Change12327209/07/2015Done at Jensen tire
Rotate Tires12327209/07/2015Done at Jensen tire
Replace right front wheel bearing assembly12649712/09/2015Work done at Baxter Toyota
Oil Change12837601/31/2016Used Auto Zone 5W20 oil.
Oil Consumption Repair13296305/27/2016Repair work done under warranty at Baxter Toyota
Oil Change13296305/27/2016Done at Baxter Toyota
Replace alternator13421607/15/2016Purchased at Auto Zone
Replace battery13421607/15/2016Purchased at Auto Zone
Replace spark plugs13422007/17/2016Purchased at Auto Zone. Bosch Double Iridium Plugs.
Wax Exterior13422007/17/2016Wax Exterior and shampoo interior.
Oil Change13774309/13/20165W20 High Mileage Oil
Changed rear axle fluid13867009/28/2016 
Replace rear wheel bearing13867009/28/2016Replaced right rear wheel bearing.
Change wiper blades13867009/28/2016 
Rotate Tires13867009/28/2016 
Oil Change14311812/27/20165W20 High Mileage Oil
Oil Change14873304/09/20175W20 STP High mileage oil