Printable Maintenance log for 2002 Ford Focus SE

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Oil Change312201/06/2002 
Oil Change609404/15/2002 
Rotate Tires729306/01/2002 
Check Engine Light743906/06/2002Repaired at Schrier Ford
Oil Change947907/28/2002 
Oil Change1261411/16/2002 
Oil Change1691703/01/2003 
Rotate Tires1829305/01/2003 
Oil Change2035706/09/2003 
Oil Change2396708/29/2003 
Rotate Tires2723611/17/2003 
Oil Change2723611/17/2003 
Oil Change3069502/07/2004 
Change Air Filter3069502/07/2004 
Transmission Oil Change3069502/07/2004 
Check Engine Light3114602/19/2004Repaired at Schrier Ford
Oil Change3431406/01/2004 
Right Front Wheel Bearing3571507/27/2004Repaired at Schrier Ford
Oil Change3777510/17/2004 
Rotate Tires3777510/17/2004 
Oil Change4268103/10/2005 
Replaced Front Brakes4420204/15/2005 
Change Fuel Filter4420204/15/2005 
Rotate Tires4420204/15/2005 
Oil Change4719007/17/2005 
Cooling System Service5024510/05/2005Valve cover gasket also replaced at Anderson Ford
Oil Change6110006/26/2006At Lithia Ford
Oil Change6438209/10/2006 
Replaced 4 Tires6537110/07/2006Also Aligned at Jensen Tire
Change Air Filter6537110/07/2006At Jensen Tire
Oil Change6801712/09/2006 
Transmission Oil Change7026803/03/2007At Jensen Tire
Change Air Filter7026803/03/2007At Jensen Tire
Front and rear strut/shocks replaced 7026803/03/2007Done at Jensen Tire
Change Wiper Blades7026803/03/2007 
Oil Change7182503/15/2007 
Cooling System Service7275806/22/2007Replaced right front half shaft at Jensen Tire. Power steering flush done also
Change Fuel Filter7599911/07/2007 
Oil Change7599911/07/2007 
Rotate Tires7599911/07/2007 
Oil Change7964605/13/2008 
Replace ing. switch8059507/10/2008Done by Steering Column Repairs 551-6920
Rotate Tires8220310/10/2008 
Oil Change8240310/10/2008Front springs and sway bar links replaced at Jensen Tire
Oil Change8566703/16/2009Quaker State High Mileage 5W20
Rotate Tires8566703/16/2009 
Lube front sway bar links8566703/16/2009 
Change Air Filter8705305/09/2009 
Oil Change8837706/27/2009Napa 5W20 and Napa gold oil filter
Change fuel pump9052809/18/2009Changed fuel pump and did fuel injector service at Rusty Eck Ford
Change Fuel Filter9052809/18/2009At Rusty Eck Ford
Change Accessory Belts9052809/18/2009At Rusty Eck Ford
Oil Change9122210/18/2009Napa 5W20 Oil & Napa Gold Filter
Rotate Tires9122210/18/2009 
Lube front sway bar links9122210/18/2009 
Oil Change9430704/19/2010Valvoline 5W20 Hi Mileage Dura-Blend
Change Wiper Blades9430704/19/2010Purchased at Wal-Mart
Replace thermostat housing9446805/01/2010Part purchased at Rusty Eck Ford
Cooling System Service9446805/01/2010Done when t-stat housing was replaced
Wax Exterior9460005/16/2010 
Transmission Oil Change9790509/17/2010Done at Jensen Tire.Complete system flush and filled with Valvoline Maxlife trans fluid.
Replace power steering pump9790509/17/2010Replaced pump that was leaking and did complete power steering system flush.
Rotate Tires9790509/17/2010Done at Jensen Tire because of noise.
Oil Change9790509/18/2010Valvoline 5W20 Hi Mileage Dura-Blend
Replaced 2 front tires9855110/06/2010Drivers side front tire had hole in it.
Change Wiper Blades011/07/2010Wiper blades purchased at Napa
Oil Change10194503/27/2011Napa 5W20 Oil & Napa Oil Filter
Replace valve cover gasket10200003/29/2011Changed gasket and cleaned engine to check for leakage. Also treated battery terminal posts for corrosion.
Oil Change10551607/15/2011Valvoline 5W20 Hi-Mileage oil and Motorcraft 2005 oil filter.
Rotate Tires10551607/15/2011 
Wax Exterior10551607/15/2011 
Replace battery10586007/29/2011Purchased at Auto Zone. 2 year full replacement warranty.
Replace motor mounts10811711/12/2011Changed out all 3 motor mounts
Replaced 2 front tires10911612/07/2011Replaced front tires at Jensen. Included oil and filter change.
Oil Change10911612/07/2011At Jensen Tire.
Replaced Front Brakes10930012/16/2011 
Oil Change11217404/15/2012Valvoline High Mileage 5W20
Rotate Tires11217404/15/2012 
Wax Exterior11510007/21/2012 
Oil Change11548308/19/2012Valvoline 5W20 High Mileage Oil
Change timing belt11548308/19/2012Parts purchased at
Change hoses11548308/19/2012Replaced all heater hoses. Purchased at
Replace valve cover gasket11548308/19/2012Replaced as part of timing belt service.
Oil Change11912310/27/2012Valvoline 5W20 High Mileage
Rotate Tires11912310/27/2012 
Replace rear brakes11972011/17/2012Replaced rear drums, wheel cylinders, brakes shoes. All parts purchased at
Replace water pump12141701/19/2013Motorcraft water pump purchased at
Change Fuel Filter12145901/20/2013Filter purchased at NAPA
Change Air Filter12175202/03/2013Filter purchased at Auto Zone
Oil Change12250003/09/2013Change oil and filter.
Rotate Tires12250005/13/2013 
Oil Change12556907/21/2013 
Rotate Tires12650009/23/2013 
Replace rear wheel bearing12650009/23/2013 
Change Wiper Blades011/01/2013 
Oil Change12879011/23/2013Valvoline 5W20 High Mileage
Replace front sway bar links13222804/29/2014Parts purchased at Auto Zone
Oil Change13222804/29/2014Valvoline 5W20 High Mileage
Oil Change13518110/04/2014Valvoline 5W20 High Mileage
Replace right front lower control arm13518110/04/2014 
Replaced 4 Tires13569910/24/201465000 mile Sumitomo Tires purchased at Jensen Tire
Transmission Oil Change13569910/24/2014Complete flush and fill and filter change at Jensen Tire
Replace right front half shaft13569910/24/2014Replaced at Jensen Tire
Replace spark plugs13645312/07/2014Also replace spark plug wires.
Replace idle air control valve13677612/21/2014Replaced part to correct stalling and rough idle.
Oil Change13873103/08/2015Valvoline 5W20 High Mileage
Rotate Tires13873103/08/2015 
Oil Change14252607/19/2015Valvoline 5W20 High mileage
Oil Change14628812/06/2015 
Rotate Tires14628812/06/2015 
Replace thermostat14706201/31/2016Purchased at Auto Zone
Replace right front lower control arm14706201/31/2016Part purchased at NAPA to replace one from Auto Zone that failed early.
Replace left lower control arm14722202/07/2016Parts purchased at NAPA
Replace left front wheel bearing14722202/07/2016Part purchased at Auto Zone
Oil Change14921604/08/2016Valvoline max life 5W20 oil. Changed at Jensen Tire.
Cooling System Service14921604/08/2016Flush and refill at Jensen Tire.
4 Wheel Alignment14921604/08/2016At Jensen Tire
Rotate Tires14921604/08/2016Rotated at Jensen Tire.
Replace rear wheel bearing14936204/17/2016Replaced right rear wheel bearing because of noise. Part purchased at Auto Zone.
Change Air Filter14936204/17/2016Part purchased at Auto Zone.
Replace battery15184608/21/2016Purchased at Auto Zone. Battery has 5year/60 month warranty. 36 month free replacement.
Oil Change15229010/01/2016Castrol 5W20 High Mileage oil
Rotate Tires15229010/01/2016 
Change Fuel Filter15229010/01/2016Part purchased at Auto Zone
Replace thermostat housing15319504/08/2017Part purchased at Auto Zone
Change Wiper Blades15400105/14/2017 
Rotate Tires15390406/13/2017 
Oil Change15573411/14/20175W20 High Mileage Oil
Curb Repair15720001/06/2018Front end repair due to curb gutter damage.
Change Wiper Blades15771210/16/2018 
Rotate Tires15854411/23/2018Done at Jensen Tire
Oil Change15854411/23/2018Done at Jensen Tire
Transmission Oil Change15854411/23/2018Done at Jensen Tire