Printable Maintenance log for 2005 Ford F350 Lariat

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Change Accessory Belts11764511/01/2010Serpintine belt chaged under warenty due to squeeking.
Oil Change11500001/21/2011Done at dealership Prior to purchase
Change Accessory Belts11889002/20/2011Clean egr valve and drain fuel filter of water
Clean EGR valve11886002/22/2011Clean egr valve Egr valve not bad but noticed chunks in intake need to consider induction/ injection cleaning
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator11886002/22/2011Small amount of sediment noted in fuel
Clean EGR valve11890003/01/2011Reused o rings
Change Fuel Filter11960003/21/2011Replaced upper fuel filter, also installed upgraded fuel regulator spring and added 6.4 l banjo bolts.
Change Fuel Filter11980604/15/2011Lower fuel filter changed
Oil Change11980604/15/2011Rotella T6 Synthetic Oil and zddp 1 bottle added
Undercoat Underbody12020004/24/2011Fluid Film to the under-body of Truck
Rotate Tires12175106/04/2011Fixed flat
Clean EGR valve12189006/10/2011Changed gaskets and o rings
Drain CCV Filter12476509/07/2011Installed
Battery replacement12480009/07/2011Autozone Batteries reciept in file
Undercoat Underbody12450010/01/2011Used gun
Coolant filter change12540010/01/2011 
Clean EGR valve12540010/01/2011Clan no deposits
Oil Change12540010/01/2011Rotlla t6 and new filter
Rotate Tires12549410/29/2011 
Warranty work12593411/18/2011Oil Leak repair repaired the rear engine cover. did cylinder balance test showed slight weakness in number 5 but determined to watch
Warranty work1259511/21/2011Brought it back for same oil leak at rear of the motor. no
Change Thermostat12610011/24/2011temps were reading 175 for ECT and EOT
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator12924603/29/2012 
Drain CCV Filter12924603/29/2012 
Oil Change12924603/29/2012added Archoil 9100 to oil topped off the coolant
Change Fuel Filter12924603/29/2012 
Undercoat Underbody13488907/01/2012took bed off and painted entire under body with chassis saver paint
Rotate Tires13526707/20/2012All 4 valve stems replaced with High pressure stems
Oil Change13535207/26/2012 
Drain CCV Filter13535207/26/2012 
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator13500008/05/2012 
Clean EGR valve13600009/02/2012very clean no deposits noted
Glow Plug change13950212/30/2012Changed all 8 glow plugs and harnesses Plug 1 and 6 tested bad. . glow plug harness on #1 was difficult to remove. had to melt the plastic. need to check small oil leak noted.
Clean turbo13950212/30/2012Replaced Turbo with 2003 version Painted Blue reused V band Clamps
Oil Change13990101/18/2013due to oil leak did not warm oil prior to drain added 15 qts
Change Fuel Filter13990101/18/2013Both fuel filters replaced. Both very clean
Drain CCV Filter13990101/18/2013No drainage noted
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator13990101/18/2013No debrie noted
Rotate Tires14010002/01/2013Balanced tires also
Alignment14063002/20/2013not bad slight toe adjustment needed
Glow Plugs14081003/01/2013reseated glow plug harness small leak noted on #1 regreased will continue to monitor
Coolant filter change14100003/08/2013 
Alignment14100003/08/2013water with oil in mix
Transmission service 14100003/08/2013drained pan and changed external filter refilled with Mercron sp
Tranfer case service14100003/08/2013Added Amsoil ATF 2 .2 quarts
Clean EGR valve14100003/09/2013EGR very clean
Undercoat Underbody14100003/09/2013used 2 cans of fluid film. lots of surface rust noted
Glow Plug change003/28/2013Changed Passenger side glow plug harness due to leak
Oil Change14537504/09/2013done after fla trip
Drain CCV Filter14537504/09/2013No drainage except for a few drops
Rear Differential service14537504/10/2013filled with Synthetic 74-140 with limited slip added
Front Differential service14537504/10/2013filled with 70-90 fluid synthethetic
Front Brake work/ inspection14537504/10/2013Replaced passenger side guide pins and regreased drivers side. Pads and rotors in good shape on front
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator14537504/10/2013no water noted
Rotate Tires14563005/01/2013 
Rear Brakes14564005/01/2013John replaced rear rotors and pads removed parking brake internals due to corrosion.
Change Fuel Filter15015107/14/2013no issues looked clean
Oil Change15015107/14/2013 
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator15015107/14/2013 
Drain CCV Filter15015107/14/2013 
Ball Joints15087507/31/2013160 for parts, 120 and a case of oberon for jon
Rotate Tires15087507/31/2013 
Oil Change15506312/08/2013 
Undercoat Underbody15506312/08/2013resprayed areas
Drain CCV Filter15506312/08/2013 
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator15506312/08/2013 
Battery replacement15600912/30/2013Both batteries replaced. both previous batteries were bad
Altenator15600912/31/2013140 Amp 3G alternator with 58mm pulley
Clean EGR valve16024008/01/2014 
Front Brake work/ inspection16024008/01/2014inspected
Rotate Tires16024008/01/2014moved driver side front back due to tire pull
Drain CCV Filter16024008/01/2014small amount
Change Fuel Filter16024008/01/2014both changed
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator16024008/01/2014 
Oil Change16024008/01/2014 
Undercoat Underbody16024008/01/2014 
Coolant filter change16024008/01/2014 
New Tires16180011/01/2014275/75/18 toyos AT2
Thermostat16250012/05/2014Changed to Mishamoto 200 degree thermostat
HeadLights16250012/05/2014Changed to Lifetime LEDs
Drain CCV Filter17005512/19/2015 
Change Fuel Filter17005512/19/2015 
Drain Water in Fuel Seperator17005512/19/2015 
Inspect/ Change Air Filter17005512/19/2015 
Oil Change17005512/19/2015 
Clean EGR valve17005512/19/2015clean
Rotate Tires17072301/12/2016