Printable Maintenance log for 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 4X4 SLE

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Oil Change3139508/09/2008Pennzoil 10w-30
Rotate Tires3214008/13/2008Bender's Tire
Check Tires3270008/28/2008 
Check Tires3523011/11/2008 
Oil Change3526211/12/2008 
Check Tires3823802/26/2009 
Oil Change3823802/26/2009 
Oil Change4157605/18/2009 
Check Tires4157605/18/2009 
Wiper Blades4363807/31/2009 
Oil Change4386407/31/2009 
Check Tires4386407/31/2009 
Front Brakes4490008/29/2009 
Front Rotors Turned4490008/29/2009 
Check Tires4490008/29/2009 
Rotate Tires4490008/29/2009 
Check Tires4949401/12/2010 
Oil Change4949401/12/2010 
Oil Change5248004/30/2010 
Check Tires5248004/30/2010 
Rotate Tires5316205/13/2010Wal-Mart Lifetime Rotation
Oil Change5492008/06/2010Oil Filter A/C Delco PF46
Change Air Filter5492008/06/2010 
Check Tires5492008/06/2010 
Transmission Fluid and OIl5501508/07/2010Autozone Part # TF351 Deep Sump 5 qts of fluid. used Dextron VI Coastal Dextron VI
Check Tires5765010/09/2010 
Oil Change5776711/06/2010PF 61E
Replace Battery5900002/01/2011Wal-Mart
Oil Change6051503/05/2011PF61E
Rotate Tires6058003/07/2011 
Check Tires6058003/07/2011 
Wiper Blades6253906/16/2011Wal-Mart
Check Tires6259206/20/2011 
Oil Change6291607/09/2011Hours 2276.6
Check Tires6384608/19/2011Plug left front
Check Tires6399908/25/2011Repair left front
Oil Change6432709/12/2011Pennzoil 10W-30 Regular Switched to Purolator Filter PureONE PL14006 6.99 at Advance Auto Parts
Rotate Tires6468509/21/2011Wal-Mart
A/C Belt6473509/22/2011378K4
Rear Shocks6470009/24/201159382 Gas-Matic LT Truck Shock Absorber
Main Belt6475109/24/2011930K6 923K6 too small
Oil Change6714301/21/2012 
Check Tires6714301/21/2012 
Clean Air Filter6873204/09/2012K&N Filter Advance Auto Parts
Spark Plugs6780004/13/201241-110 A/C Delco hours 97 Advance Auto Parts
Plug Wires6880004/13/2012Hours 97.0 Autolight Professional Series 97067 Advance Auto Parts
Check Tires6939705/19/2012 
Rotate Tires6939705/19/2012Front 6/32nds. Rear 5/32nds.
Clean Inside6962005/28/2012 
Wash Outside6962005/28/2012Hand Wash
Replace Tires6967405/29/2012Replaced all 4 Tires. Leslie's Tire Somerset, Ky $86.00. Continental Tires. 9-10 32nd's of tread.
Oil Change7169407/24/2012LF796
Wash Outside7190107/31/2012Hand Wash
Check Tires7190108/02/2012Checked OK
Front Rotors Turned7525112/31/2012Sun Auto Parts. Used Rotors off of Yukon.
Rear Drums Turned7525101/01/2013Oreilly's Auto Parts. 1st time they were turned
Rear Drum Brakes7525101/01/2013Oreilly's Auto Parts BB 855
Check Tires7525101/01/2013Checked Ok
Rotate Tires7525101/01/2013Done at Home
Front Brakes7525101/01/2013Advance Auto parts. GNAD 1092
Oil Change7531401/05/2013Penzoil High Mileage 10W-30 LF796
Replace Tires7560001/15/2013Relaced All Tires Kept rear ones. Gooyear Wrangler A/T Around 8-14 32nd's. Done by Leslie's Tire
Tie Rods Inner and Outer Both Side7564001/18/2013RAYBESTOS4011787BTie Rod End$ 12.30$ 0.002$ 24.60 RAYBESTOS4011785BTie Rod End$ 12.51$ 0.002$ 25.02
Alignment7565001/19/2013John's Automotive Repair Old Bender's Service Station. Check 1053
Check Tires7749004/04/2013Left Rear 20 Lbs.s Found no leaks
Replace Battery7749004/04/2013Wal-Mart Maxx-78N 99.87 3 Year Free Replacement
Clean Air Filter7797904/25/2013Cleaned K&N Filter
Oil Change7987807/06/201310W-30 Pennzoil High Mileage
Check Tires7987807/06/2013Left Rear low. Found gash inside tire leaking
Wash Outside8189010/01/2013 
Check Tires8199210/01/2013 
Replace Tires8199210/01/2013left Rear Tire bad Leslie's Tire
Rotate Tires8199210/01/2013Did not rotate tires checked ok wear
Tire Repair8352011/27/2013LF put new valve stem in
Wash Outside8357611/28/2013 
Oil Change8380312/17/2013STP S3506
Tire Repair8380312/17/2013LF Tire Plug at Home
Wash Outside8518602/22/2014 
Clean Inside8518602/22/2014 
Wiper Blades8553203/13/2014Bosch Mirco Edge 40722A Autozone only paid 3.30 with reward points
Wash Outside8553203/13/2014Scott's Car Wash
Check Tires8553203/18/2014 
Oil Change8776405/24/201410W-30 High Mileage Pennzoil Oil Filter Purolator Classic L14006
Wash Outside8776405/24/2014 
Grease Lube8776405/24/2014 
Front Diff Lube Add8776405/24/2014 
Clean Air Filter8776405/24/2014 
Check Tires8886507/01/2014 
Left Rear Speaker Replace009/24/2014 
Front Brakes9114909/26/2014Rocauto
Front Rotors replace9114909/26/2014Rocauto
Front Brakes9114909/26/2014Left front caliper bracket and bushings
Clean Inside9117509/26/2014 
Wash Outside9117509/26/2014 
Oil Change9138410/04/2014Engine Hours 661.7 Switched to 5W-30 Pennzoil synthetic Blend dexol L14006 purolator oil filter 6.1 quarts
Check Tires9138410/04/2014repair left front
Replace Tires9256710/20/2014replace front tires leslie's tire
Wash Outside9256710/20/2014 
Check Tires9283311/01/2014 
Water Pump Replace9490001/24/2015Advance Auto Parts 58-562 2 year warranty 57.00
Thermostat9490001/24/2015Advance Auto Parts 14298 1 year warranty
Flush Coolant9490001/24/2015Flushed old coolant
Wiper Blades9562302/15/2015 
Heet Yellow9562302/15/2015 
Oil Change9594403/03/2015Penzoil 5W-30 Dexos 1 830 Engine Hours
Check Tires9594403/03/2015 
Passenger Side Rear Reflector003/06/20156.84 don franklin 15183155 reflector
Wash Outside9603503/07/2015 
Clean Air Filter9603503/07/2015 
Rotate Tires9678004/07/2015 
Replace Tires9687004/07/2015put old contential tires back on all 4 leslie'e tire put them on.
Wash Outside9706604/18/2015 
Clean Inside9706604/18/2015 
Spray Wax9706604/18/2015 
Lug Nut Cover004/28/20159598138 lug nut cap cover 1.63 each
Fuel Cap Bumper004/28/2015Bumpers 15283098 2.85 each
Rotate Tires9948107/08/2015Wal-Mart Greenwood, In
Replace Tires10026508/08/2015Goodyear Wrangler Lug Tread. Leslie's Tire
Wash Outside10030608/08/2015 
Oil Change10030608/08/2015Bosch Filter 3332 7.62 for filter
Rotate Tires10030608/08/2015 
Check Tires10030608/08/2015 
Licence Plate Lamps008/12/201522794700 19.61
Battery Remote010/08/2015 
Oil Change10517412/22/20155W-30
Check Tires10517412/22/2015 
Replace Tires10568601/21/2016Huber Tire Ironman All County A/T Set of 4 98.38 a piece
Rotate Tires10568601/21/2016Mount and Balance Tires Leslie's Tire also got new valve stems
Replace left front speaker10670002/13/2016Ebay AllStar Automotive Group Baton Rouge, LA 225-298-8080 Part # 19116641
Transmission Fluid and OIl10895604/23/2016autozone. filter and valvoline max 5 quarts
Oil Change10895604/23/2016bosch filter 3332 1294 hours
Check Tires10895604/23/201633 psi average
Clean Air Filter10895604/23/2016recharge kit autozone
Front Hub Assy Left11240007/23/2016Rock Auto
Right Front Speaker11345409/03/201619116641 don franklin
Oil Change11345409/03/2016fram oil filter
Check Tires11345409/03/2016 
HVAC Actuator11345409/03/2016604-106 89018365 ebay
Rotate Tires11391409/16/2016Leslie's Tire Science Hill, Kentucky
Oil Change11774412/31/2016XG3506 5W-30 Penzoil Dexos
Check Tires11774412/31/2016 
Front Shocks Replace11994302/18/ ACDelco 520-431
Rotate Tires11994302/18/2017 
Check Tires11994302/18/2017 
Electric Brake Controller Harness12035203/16/20171114795 Advance Auto Parts 1 year warranty
Oil Change12257404/22/2017PBL14006 10.00 Filter Dexos 5W-30 OIl
Check Tires12257404/22/2017 
Replace HVAC Module12257404/22/2017Heater A/C Air Conditioning HVAC Control Module Assembly for GM Pickup Truck SUV ( 371694788836 ) ebay
Grease Lube12257404/22/2017 
Clean Air Filter12257404/29/2017 
Detail Truck12350006/03/2017 
Floor Mats12350006/03/2017Wal-Mart
Daytime Running Lamps Repair12350006/03/2017Ebay
Licence Plat Lamp Repair12350006/03/2017Amazon
Seat Repair006/10/2017 
Clean Air Filter12350007/08/2017 
Ignition Switch12350007/08/201715298923 Don Franklin
A/C Compressor Replace12443707/14/2017Ebay. new accumulator, orfice tube, o-rings reman compressor
Oil Change12610109/04/2017Purulator ONE PL14006 CasterOil 5W-30
Replace Battery12718009/29/2017Replace battery
Check Tires12721010/04/2017 
Oygen Sensor13049901/15/2018Bank 2 Sensor 2 Replace with Amazon THEBIGDEALS 213-1702
Oil Change13094101/20/2018Purolator 14006 5W-30 Casteroil 722 Engine Hours
Low Beam Headlights004/07/2018Amazon 9006LEDs
Fog Lights Replace004/07/2018Added to the cost of the front headlights replace. bought from Amazon H10
Oil Change13419904/27/2018 
Front Rotors replace13620006/23/2018Amazon Purchase Kit KT015431 Brakes and Rotors as a set slotted rotors
Front Brakes13620006/23/2018KT015431 Amazon purchase cost on rotors log
Rear Drums Replace13720007/07/2018Amazon purchase d90120pr
Rear Drum Brakes13720007/07/2018s855 Advance Auto Part Order # 92935518 06-26-2018
Rotate Tires13720007/07/2018Done at home
Check Tires13720007/07/2018 
Oil Change13905508/10/2018PL14006 Purolator One Cateroil 5W-30 6 Quarts Engine Hours 974.7
SLE Sticker009/22/2018EBAY item
Left Door Lock Actuator009/22/20181510643 Ebay Item bought on July 5th 2008
Clean Air Filter14246009/28/2018Cleaned K&N Filter
Check Tires14460011/01/2018 
Oil Change14474411/02/2018