Printable Maintenance log for 2004 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L

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Transfer Case Fluid6197612/19/2007Pennzoil Synthetic ATF, Morissette Auto
Differential Oils6197612/19/2007Mystik JT-7 Gear Oil, Morissette Auto
Transmission Service6771207/16/2008Fluid and Filter, Synthetic ATF, Russell Auto Transmission
Repair7402712/31/2008Interstate Battery MTP65, Derry Auto
Repair7409701/02/2009Napa Premium Alternator 13-3158G
Differential Oils7639702/12/2009Rear Diff, Londonderry Ford
Repair7639702/12/2009P/S Pump, Rebuid Rear Diff, Flash PCM, Londonderry Ford
Repair7900004/26/2009Driver Side Mirror, RockAuto
Fuel Filter7800005/05/2009Wix Filter 33243, RockAuto
Spark Plugs 7900005/24/2009Plugs and Wire, RockAuto
Brakes8200006/10/2009Front, Rear, Parking, Brake Hardware, Monroe, RockAuto
Repair8470007/02/2009Brake Pressure Switch, Ford 3L3Z-9F924-AB, Ford
O2 Sensors8500008/21/2009All 4 Sensors, RockAuto
Repair8500008/21/2009Ford Blend Door Motor, Ford Blower Motor Resistor, Ford/RockAuto
Wheel Alignment8662909/10/20094 Wheel Alignment, Londonderry Ford
Repair8662909/10/2009P/S Rack, Front Pinion Seal, Londonderry Ford
Differential Oils8662909/10/2009Front Diff, pinion seal Msytik JT-7
P/S Fluid8662909/16/2009P/S Fluid, Londonderry Ford
Repair8662909/16/2009P/S Pump, WARRANTY, Londonderry Ford
Repair8700010/22/2009LF Wheel Bearing, Economy Bearing, Sanels
Repair8900012/15/2009Passenger Side Mirror, RockAuto
Repair9902512/28/2009Gates Belt K060854, Gates Tensioner 38137, Sanels
Air Filter Cleaning10214807/23/2010K&N Filter, Advanced
Repair10375008/24/2010LF Wheel Bearing, Premium Bearing, CRSBR930456, Sanels
Brake Fluid 10375008/24/2010Power Flushed Fluid
Oil Change10520809/18/2010Pennzoil Ultra 10W-30, Purolator Filter, Walmart/Advanced
Antifreeze10745012/04/2010Prestone Antifreeze -42, Antifreeze Treatment, Install Block Heater Zero Start #ZRO 320-0003, Walmart/Sanels
Oil Change11026601/16/2011Pennzoil Ultra 5W-30, Purolator Filter, Walmart/Advanced
Transfer Case Fluid11256003/03/20112 qts. Vavoline Max ATF, Lucas Tranny Fix, Walmart
Rotate Tires 11299503/18/2011Used X-Pattern
Swap Tires11326503/23/2011Mastercraft Courser HTR 245/65R17 12/32nds, Paiges Auto
Fuel Filter11405504/13/2011Purolator, Advanced- Both valve covers seep, left rear and both front axle seals seep
Oil Change11517205/06/2011Castrol Edge w/ Titanium 10W-30, Purolator PureOne PL24651, PepBoys/Advanced Auto. Filled oil sample. Oil level was 3/4 between Low/Full. Next Oil Sample due 125,000
Rotate Tires 11547005/19/2011Forward and Cross back
Brakes11765207/08/2011Centric Rotors, Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic Pads, RockAuto
Air Filter Cleaning11914309/01/2011Cleaned Air Filter
Oil Change11997209/30/2011Castrol Syntec, Purolator classic Walmart/Advanced
Brake Fluid 11997209/30/2011Replaced fluid in master cylinder
P/S Fluid11997209/30/2011Replaced fluid in reservoir 3 times, Castrol Dex/Mercon
Rotate Tires 12022010/11/2011Rotate, Balance, Patch LR Tire
Transmission Service12252612/23/2011Filter, 7 qts Castrol Dex/Mercon, Advanced
Repair12252612/23/2011LR Wheel Bearing, SKF CRS GRW259, Sanels
Oil Change12113901/16/2012Castrol GTX Hi Mileage 5W-30, Purolator Classic, Walmart/Advanced
Oil Change12630005/10/2012Castrol GTX Hi Mileage 10W-40, Purolator Classic, Walmart, Rock Auto
Rotate Tires 12630005/10/2012Rotate and Install Summers, RGA mounted and balanced
Repair12785006/01/2012Steering Pump, High pressure hose, Dayco belt,Synthetic Fluid. Sanels, Rockauto, Adv
Fuel Filter13069408/16/2012Wix, Rockauto
Oil Change13069408/16/2012Castrol GTX, Purolator, Bars Oil Stop Leak, Walmart, Advance
Brake Fluid 13069408/16/2012Replaced Fluid in Resevoir
Differential Oils13069408/16/20123 qts Mystik JT-7 and Limited Slip Additive in Rear Diff, Front Diff Good
Repair13069408/16/2012Idler Pulley, Dayco 89006, Advance
P/S Fluid13069408/16/2012Replaced Fluid in Resevoir
Repair13069408/16/2012Plate Light Bulbs, 194
Rotate Tires 13275009/26/2012rotate
Swap Tires13412811/29/2012Snows
Oil Change13490012/12/2012Supertech high mileage, purolator, walmart
Repair13501012/14/2012LF Wheel bearing. CRSBR930456, WARRENTY
Alignment13712801/11/2013All toe adjustments were out
Repair13720401/13/2013RF wheel bearing
Oil Change13994403/31/2013 
Rotate Tires 14030004/18/2013Rotate and installer summers
Repair14072904/25/2013Moog Sway Bar Links K7275
Rotate Tires 14107705/14/2013X-patern
Repair14107705/14/2013New rack and outer tie rods
Air Filter Cleaning14454008/13/2013Advanced
Differential Oils14454008/13/2013Rear diff Amsoil severe gear 75w140
Rotate Tires 14454008/13/2013Front to Rear
Oil Change14454008/13/2013Mobil Super 5w-30, Purolator
Brake Fluid 14454008/13/2013Master only
P/S Fluid14454008/13/2013Resevoir
Alignment14454008/13/2013Needs LF camber adjustment
Oil Change14948711/23/2013Mobil hi-mileage, engine restore additive
Rotate Tires 14948711/23/2013Snows
Oil Change15442603/22/20145w40
Spark Plugs 15442603/22/2014Ngk
Repair15442603/22/2014Pcv valve
Repair16066308/18/2014Replaced 4 struts and alignment. Rockauto
Oil Change16066308/18/201415w40
Rotate Tires 16066308/18/2014 
Oil Change16653801/04/2015Napa 5w30 oil and filter
Rotate Tires 16653801/04/2015 
Repair16653801/04/2015Napa Rain-X
Repair16796003/29/2015Napa battery 7565
Oil Change16856706/22/2015Mystic
Transmission Service16856706/22/2015Drain and Fill 3.5 qts
Rotate Tires 16870008/22/2015New Tires 275/60R17 Firestone Destination LE2
Alignment16870008/22/2015Installed 1.25 wheel spacers. Titan Wheel Accessories
Brakes16910009/18/2015Front and Rear brakes, Napa Adaptive One
Brake Fluid 16910009/18/2015Flushed
Repair17110010/12/2015P0402- EGR Valve Napa 2-26714