Printable Maintenance log for 2000 Lexus RX300

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Oil Change4097205/28/2004 
Rotate Tires4097205/28/2004 
Oil Change4616910/02/2004 
Rotate Tires4616910/02/2004 
Oil Change5150512/20/2004 
Rotate Tires5150512/20/2004 
Oil Change5578904/09/2005 
Rotate Tires5578904/09/2005 
Oil Change6095508/06/2005 
Rotate Tires6095508/06/2005 
Oil Change6640810/15/2005 
Oil Change7090901/07/2006 
Rotate Tires7090901/07/2006 
Replace Tires7153901/28/2006alignment
Replace Battery7160001/28/2006 
Oil Change7567304/15/2006 
Oil Change8260008/22/2006 
Rotate Tires8260008/22/2006 
Oil Change8864611/17/2006 
Brake Pads and Rotors8864611/17/2006Rear: new pads, machine rotors
Rotate Tires9413301/20/2007 
Change Cabin Air Filter9413301/20/2007 
Oil Change9413301/20/2007 
Oil Change9881405/17/2007 
Rotate Tires9881405/17/2007 
Oil Change10329107/13/2007 
Flush Transmission Fluid10329107/13/2007 
Rotate Tires10800009/28/2007 
Oil Change10800009/28/2007 
Change Engine Air Filter10800009/28/2007 
Replace Vacuum Hose10973810/04/2007 
Replace Tires11100011/23/2007 
Oil Change11606604/14/2008 
Replace Timing Belt11660505/13/2008 
Change Accessory Belts11660505/13/2008 
Replace Starter11747606/29/2008 
Oil Change12176311/08/2008 
Change Engine Air Filter12176311/08/2008 
Change Cabin Air Filter12176311/08/2008 
Rotate Tires12176811/09/2008 
Clean and Lube Antennae12538012/19/2008inspect undercarriage for damage
Oil Change12672601/02/2009 
Replace Air Flow Meter12919303/30/2009 
Replace Air-Gas Sensor12919303/30/2009 
Oil Change13061605/29/2009 
Oil Change13644609/25/2009 
Inspect for Idle Problem13704610/19/2009 
Rotate Tires13732710/30/2009 
Replace headlamp14039301/14/2010 
Oil Change14149802/12/2010 
Oil Change14750009/09/2010 
Replace Windshield Washer Pump14750009/09/2010 
Oil Change15382701/06/2011 
Change Engine Air Filter15382701/06/2011 
Replace lugnut key15400001/19/2011Anderson Lexus
Rotate Tires15429201/28/2011 
Replace headlamp15440001/29/2011Tuffy's, passenger side
Brake Pads and Rotors15680004/28/2011Back rotor and pads
Change Brake Fluid15680004/28/2011Tuffy's
Oil Change15680004/28/2011Tuffy's
Oil Change16234108/04/2011 
Rotate Tires16234108/04/2011 
Replace gas cap16631512/02/2011Lexus. Check Engine light was on.
Oil Change16631512/02/2011Lexus
Oil Change16631512/09/2011 
Replace headlamp16687812/23/2011Lexus. Left headlamp bulb.
Diagnostic17010703/17/2012Lexus. Check Engine light was on. Gas cap was loose.
Rotate Tires17065804/21/2012Tuffy's
Oil Change17065804/21/2012Tuffy's
Replace charcoal cannister and VSV valve17089405/02/2012Lexus. Check engine light was on.
Replace passenger side rear door latch assembly17089405/02/2012Lexus. Power lock was not working.
Change Cabin Air Filter17559809/29/2012Tuffy's
Oil Change17559809/29/2012Tuffy's
Replace Tires17904212/14/2012Discount Tire (does not include $80 Goodyear rebate)
Rotate Tires17904212/14/2012New tires
Oil Change18057402/04/2013Tuffy's
Change Accessory Belts18057402/04/2013Tuffy's
Alignment Check18057402/04/2013Tuffy's
Change Engine Air Filter18057402/04/2013Tuffy's
Replace PCV Valve18057402/04/2013Tuffy's
Replace Marker Bulb18057402/04/2013Tuffy's
Oil Change18596806/21/2013Tuffy's
Replace Sway Bar Links18596806/21/2013Tuffy's
Change Brake Fluid18596806/21/2013Tuffy's
Rotate Tires19063211/02/2013Discount Tire
Oil Change19064211/02/2013Tuffy's
Oil Change19451803/22/2014F&F Tire
Rotate Tires19493003/29/2014Discount Tire
Brake Pads and Rotors19785807/14/2014Buttita Brothers
Change Brake Fluid19785807/14/2014Buttita Brothers
Oil Change19785807/14/2014Buttita Brothers
Alignment Check20223009/19/2014Jim Norton Toyota
Change Cabin Air Filter20223009/19/2014Jim Norton Toyota
Oil Change20223009/19/2014Jim Norton Toyota
Replace Marker Bulb20223009/19/2014Jim Norton Toyota Right front marker bulb Right rear license light
Replace Sway Bar Links20223009/19/2014Jim Norton Toyota Rear Tech broke mounts while replacing struts No charge
Replace Struts20223009/19/2014Jim Norton Toyota Front and rear, including mounts
Replace Battery20550011/22/2014Advance Auto
Rotate Tires20577911/22/2014Discount Tire
Oil Change20694112/22/2014Tate Boys
Replace Timing Belt21226904/30/2015DWP Automotive
Change Engine Air Filter21226904/30/2015DWP Automotive
Flush Transmission Fluid21226904/30/2015DWP Automotive
Oil Change21226904/30/2015DWP Automotive
Replace Crankshaft Seal21226904/30/2015DWP Automotive
Replace Camshaft Seal21226904/30/2015DWP Automotive
Replace ABS Speed Sensor21805308/14/2015DWP Automotive Rear passenger side wheel
Oil Change21805308/14/2015DWP Automotive
Rotate Tires21886108/15/2015Discount Tire
Diagnostic21934309/05/2015Lexus of Rockford Bad air/fuel sensor causing check engine light to come on
Replace headlamp22000009/07/2015Advance Auto Driver side low beam
Replace wiper blade22000009/07/2015Advance Auto Rear
Replace Air-Gas Sensor22024109/22/2015DWP
Oil Change22311411/07/2015Tate Boys
Rotate Tires22886812/29/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change22887012/29/2015Tate Boys
Change Brake Fluid22887012/29/2015Tate Boys Front driver side bleed valve is broke, will get replaced with new caliper
Replace Valve Cover Gaskets23300003/09/2016DWP
Oil Change23300003/09/2016DWP
Replace Spark Plugs23300003/09/2016DWP
Repair Tire23705204/29/2016Discount Tire
Oil Change23721305/09/2016Tate Boys
Oil Change24284907/09/2016Tate Boys
Change Accessory Belts24284907/09/2016Tate Boys
Replace headlamp24286007/10/2016Advance Auto Passenger side
Replace exhaust system gasket24563709/10/2016Meineke - Broken Arrow
Change Engine Air Filter24744010/15/2016Tate Boys
Oil Change24744010/15/2016Tate Boys
Replace Tires25021211/26/2016Discount tire Does not include $220 in rebates
Rotate Tires25021211/26/2016Discount Tire New Tires
Alignment Check25039912/02/2016Tate Boys
Re-balance tires25211201/07/2017Discount Tire They found 3 out of four tires up to 1.5 ounces out
Oil Change25270601/07/2017Tate Boys
Brake Pads and Rotors2553403/25/2017Tate Boys Replace front pads and rotors
Oil Change25827306/10/2017Tate Boys
Rotate Tires25830806/17/2017Discount Tire Stripped a lug, will have to get it fixed elsewhere, at Discount Tire's expense
Oil Change26275411/04/2017Tate Boys
Change Brake Fluid26275411/04/2017Tate Boys
Replace Oil Control Valve26548212/23/2017Butler Lexus South Atlanta Lexus part 15340-0A010 (Left)
Rotate Tires26331803/03/2018Discount Tire
Oil Change26831503/03/2018Tate Boys
Replace Marker Bulb26900003/18/2018Replaced driver outside brake light bulb myself Bought at Advanced Auto Parts
Repair Tire27082404/28/2018Discount Tire Found screw in tire, slow leak, they fixed
Oil Change27432405/11/2018Tate Boys
Rotate Tires27432605/11/2018Discount Tire
Change Engine Air Filter27757908/11/2018Tate Boys They checked the engine air filter and said it was ok
Oil Change27757908/11/2018Tate Boys
Replace Battery28050008/22/2018Advance Auto (Hendersonville, NC) Battery was $160 plus tax
Oil Change28223909/15/2018Tate Boys
Brake Pads and Rotors28223909/15/2018Tate Boys Machine front rotors ($70) Replace rear pads and rotors ($239.58)
Replace lugnut key28223909/15/2018Lexus of Tulsa
Rotate Tires28224109/15/2018Discount Tire
Oil Change28707011/26/2018Butitta Brothers Rockford
Replace Spark Plugs28707011/26/2018Butitta Brothers Rockford #2 and #3 cylinders
Replace ignition igniter (coil)28707011/26/2018Butitta Brothers Rockford #2 and #3 cylinders
Replace plenum gasket28707011/26/2018Butitta Brothers Rockford