Printable Maintenance log for 2000 Chevy Silverado

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Oil Change243107/27/2000 
Oil Change645309/16/2000 
Oil Change976811/24/2000 
Oil Change1475012/30/2000 
Rotate Tires1475012/30/2000 
Oil Change1969103/27/2001 
Warranty Recall1994703/29/2001install brake pipe spacer clip
Oil Change2385105/31/2001 
Rotate Tires2385105/31/2001 
Oil Change2907508/11/2001 
Oil Change3312411/20/2001 
Rotate Tires3312411/20/2001 
Oil Change3802901/12/2002 
Oil Change4180504/23/2002 
Rotate Tires4180504/23/2002 
Clean Throttle Body4180504/23/2002 
Oil Change4633006/14/2002lubricate lower steering shaft
Oil Change4978907/13/2002 
Rotate Tires4978907/13/2002 
Oil Change5475509/21/2002 
Oil Change5875911/23/2002 
Oil Change6449101/11/2003 
Change Air Filter6449101/11/2003 
Change Fuel Filter6449101/11/2003 
Oil Change6870804/12/2003 
Replace Window Regulator Motor Assembly6892404/18/2003front, right
Oil Change7416506/30/2003 
Replace Tires7416506/30/2003 
Oil Change7861010/04/2003 
Oil Change8322011/28/2003 
Rotate Tires8322011/28/2003 
Oil Change8799701/17/2004 
Oil Change9272404/09/2004 
Change Air Filter9272404/09/2004 
Change Fuel Filter9272404/09/2004 
Rotate Tires9272404/09/2004 
Oil Change9790008/07/2004 
Warranty Recall9790008/07/2004tailgate cables
Oil Change10270512/11/2004 
Rotate Tires10270512/11/2004 
Change Transmission Fluid and Filter10270512/11/2004 
Oil Change10708704/01/2005 
Clean Throttle Body10708704/01/2005 
Oil Change11096907/18/2005 
Rotate Tires11096907/18/2005 
Oil Change11494808/20/2005 
Oil Change11892301/07/2006 
Rotate Tires11892301/07/2006 
Oil Change12209704/15/2006 
Oil Change12547207/15/2006 
Rotate Tires12547207/15/2006 
Oil Change13020510/21/2006 
Oil Change13309802/10/2007 
Oil Change13709506/30/2007 
Replace Tires13738707/07/2007 
Oil Change14305010/05/2007 
Oil Change14600003/19/2008 
Oil Change15024708/23/2008 
Replace Driving Light15024708/23/2008 
Rotate Tires15042408/23/2008replace valve stems
Replace rear pads and rotors15141910/10/2008 
Replace u-joints15141910/10/2008 
Replace license plate bulb15141910/10/2008 
Replace water pump and belts15141910/10/2008 
Oil Change15378101/17/2009 
Replace Wiper Blades15555503/14/2009 
Change Air Filter15555503/14/2009 
Oil Change15784005/09/2009 
Flush Brake Fluid15784005/09/2009 
Replace Transmission Output Shaft Seal15784005/09/2009 
Oil Change16202310/16/2009 
Rotate Tires16297010/30/2009 
Oil Change16600002/27/2010 
Oil Change16890807/22/2010 
Change Fuel Filter16890807/22/2010 
Flush/replace Coolant16890807/22/2010 
Replace Fuel Pump16890807/22/2010 
Add injector cleaner17325001/05/2011used double the amount recommended
Rotate Tires17342501/08/2011Discount Tire
Change Air Filter17366401/15/2011Air filter looked clean. Didn't replace it.
Oil Change17366401/16/2011Tuffy's
Power Steering Flush17366401/16/2011Tuffy's
Oil Change17704306/17/2011Bachrodt
Fuel System Service17704306/17/2011Includes clean throttle body, intake manifold ports, intake valves and combustion chamber, clean the fuel injectors and fuel system, install fuel conditioner.
Diagnostic charge17704306/17/2011 
Replace rear pads and rotors17790808/02/2011 
Replace front pads and rotors17790808/02/2011 
Replace accessory belt tensioner17790808/02/2011 
Flush Brake Fluid17790808/02/2011 
Change Accessory Belts17795508/03/2011 
Oil Change18110312/10/2011Tuffy's
Rotate Tires18110312/10/2011Tuffy's
Repair Door Handle18133212/17/2011Tuffy's. Driver side, rear.
Oil Change18523504/28/2012Tuffy's
Replace Driving Light18523504/28/2012Tuffy's
Oil Change18929510/13/2012Tuffy's
Alignment18929510/13/2012Tuffy's - front wheels
Replace front pass tie rod18929510/13/2012Tuffy's
Replace Transmission Output Shaft Seal18929510/13/2012Tuffy's
Rotate Tires19183502/09/2013Discount Tire
Oil Change19216502/23/2013Tuffys
Change Air Filter19216502/23/2013Tuffys
Replace light bulb19216502/23/2013Tuffys
Replace Transmission Output Shaft Seal19228902/28/2013Tuffys Warranty
Replace Fuel Pressure Regulator19393205/09/2013Tuffy's
Replace light bulb19393205/09/2013Tuffy's Left front bulb
Replace Cooling Fan Clutch19421506/20/2013Tuffy's
Oil Change19574908/24/2013Tuffy's
Replace AC Compressor19614909/21/2013Tuffy
Evacuate/Recharge Refrigerant19614909/21/2013Tuffy
AC Compressor oil and refrigerant19614909/21/2013Tuffy
Replace Receiver/Dryer19614909/21/2013Tuffy
Replace Battery19680011/03/2013Advance Auto Parts 36 month warranty - free replacement
Change Accessory Belts19752912/07/2013Tuffy's
Replace idler pulley19759512/28/2013Tuffy's Replaced for free
Oil Change19924803/29/2014Lou Bachrodt
Unlock Radio19924803/29/2014Lou Bachrodt
Rotate Tires19927503/29/2014Discount Tire
Replace passenger mirror19920004/03/2014Parsons Collision
Replace power mirror switch19940004/07/2014Parsons Collision
Oil Change20291210/09/2014Jim Norton Chevy
Change Transmission Fluid and Filter20291210/09/2014Jim Norton Chevy Flushed the transmission
Remove trailer hitch light20291210/09/2014Jim Norton Chevy Lost key for lock, it was rusted also
Replace Battery20540012/30/2014Jim Norton $130 for battery, rest for diagnostics Didn't realize battery was bad, only 1 year old from Advance Auto
Oil Change20709702/21/2015Tate Boys
Flush/replace Coolant20709702/21/2015Tate Boys
Change Air Filter20709702/21/2015Tate Boys Told me the air filter looks fine
Rotate Tires20895004/14/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change21237606/11/2015DWP Automotive
Replace cabin filter21237606/11/2015DWP Automotive
Diagnostic charge21237606/11/2015DWP Automotive Diagnose acceleration hesitation at low RPM I believe new spark plugs will help. Do this next.
Oil Change21597610/03/2015Tate Boys
Rotate Tires21841312/28/2015Discount Tire
Oil Change21843701/02/2016Tate Boys
Replace Headlight22000002/26/2016Passenger side Advance Auto Parts
Oil Change22178204/08/2016Tate Boys
Oil Change22544508/20/2016Tate Boys checked air filter and it looked ok
Oil Change22964312/09/2016Tate Boys
Change Air Filter22964312/09/2016Tate Boys Air filter looks ok, didn't change it
Rotate Tires22964312/09/2016Discount Tire Tires are so old, they are beginning to crack in the treads, not worth rotating
Replace Tires23127402/09/2017Discount Tire Cost before $100 rebates
Rotate Tires23127402/09/2017Placeholder corresponding to purchase of new tires
Oil Change23300003/11/2017Tate Boys
Replace Spark Plugs23499505/11/2017DWP
Replace Spark Plug Wires23499505/11/2017DWP
Replace Window Regulator Motor Assembly23499505/11/2017DWP Front passenger window
Oil Change23688306/10/2017Tate Boys
Repair Tire23800007/13/2017Discount Tire Evidence of nail in tire
Replace front pads and rotors23904108/12/2017Tate Boys rebuilt calipers - 221.90 ceramic pads - 64.95 labor - 165.00
Replace rear pads and rotors23904108/12/2017Tate Boys ceramic pads - 64.95 rotors - 153.90 labor - 70.00 rebuilt calipers - 0.00
Oil Change24171210/28/2017Tate Boys
Rotate Tires24171210/28/2017Discount Tire
Diagnostic charge24312301/12/2018DWP
Replace u-joints24312301/12/2018DWP All three
Replace parking brake backing plate24312301/12/2018DWP Remove and replace both axle shaft seals Replace rear brake shoes and backing plates
Add transmission fluid24320001/13/2018Added 1 quart from Advanced Auto
Replace wheel hub24324601/16/2018DWP Driver side, front wheel
Oil Change24524503/31/2018Tate Boys
Change Air Filter24524503/31/2018Tate Boys Checked the air filter and it looked fine
Replace light bulb24570004/08/2018Bought bulbs for driver brake light and bed brake light at Advanced Auto and installed myself
Fix noise from rear axle area24707406/13/2018DWP Fixed loose bracket, replacing screw, no charge
Oil Change25016009/22/2018Tate Boys
Rotate Tires25016309/22/2018Discount Tire