Printable Maintenance log for 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5i LTD

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State Inspection2880603/20/2007 
Oil Change2981304/04/2007 
Oil Change3125905/13/2007Noticed oil level was low at time of change (only 2.5 quarts drained).
Oil Change3130205/15/2007Oil Consumption test started by dealer.
Warranty Work3371307/24/2007Oil consumption test check in. Vehicle used 1.7 quarts in 2411 miles. Okay use according to Dealer.
Oil Change3560608/30/2007 
Oil Change3776009/24/2007 
Oil Change4003811/01/2007 
Tires4192312/02/2007Installed 4 Mich Primacy MXV4 205/55R16.
Oil Change4438301/12/2008 
Oil Change4764803/05/2008 
Headlamp Bulb4930503/29/2008Replaced both front low beams.
State Inspection4931903/29/2008 
Oil Change5109705/03/2008 
Oil Change5476307/12/2008 
Oil Change6130310/25/2008 
Oil Change6402012/19/2008 
State Inspection7090804/01/2009 
Oil Change7215705/13/2009 
Oil Change7613208/26/2009 
Oil Change7907910/17/2009 
Wiper Blades7935610/23/2009Replace both blades with Neoform blades.
Exhuast8080311/24/2009Replaced Both catalytic converters, L/R O2 sensor. Re-flashed ECM under recall.
Transmission8080311/24/2009Whine from transmission developed. Replaced drive shaft transfer bearing due to scoring.
Oil Change8216712/22/2009 
Headlamp Bulb8246712/26/2009Replaced both low beam bulbs
Fog Lamps8278412/31/2009Installed 100 watt "off road" OSRAM fog light bulbs.
Rotate Tires8500002/10/2010 
Cabin Air Filter8500002/10/2010 
Engine Air Filter8500002/10/2010 
Oil Change8500002/10/2010 
Brakes8523902/15/2010Replaced front pads/rotors and rear pads/rotors. All Centric parts. Adjusted rear ebrake shoes.
Brake Fluid Flush8523902/15/2010 
Oil Change8759504/05/2010Replaced drain plug gasket with OEM Subaru
Battery8868404/14/2010ACDelco Battery 356YR. Replaced tie down, hardware, and positive terminal with OEM subaru.
Tune Up8868404/17/2010Replaced spark plugs (NGK FR5AP-11) and wires (OEM Subaru).
Coolant Flush8868404/17/2010 
State Inspection8936304/30/2010 
Oil Change9093805/27/2010 
Valve Cover Gaskets9200006/21/2010Replaced valve cover gaskets, spark plug gaskets, and washer gaskets.
Misc9310006/30/2010Replaced undercover pop-its and screws for intake scoop. Replaced undercover with OEM Subaru
Oil Change9388207/20/2010Added BG MOA oil additive and BG 44K fuel additive.
Transmission9573708/28/2010Transmission whine developed. Replaced rear output shaft bearing due to scoring. Disassembled transmission and replaced center dif bearing due to scoring. Replaced associated shims as well.
Wheel Hub9573708/28/2010Replaced L/R wheel hub under recall due to noise.
Headlamp Bulb9603409/03/2010Replaced left side low beam
Drive Belt9667609/19/2010Changed both drive belts.
Oil Change9676309/21/2010 
Engine Air Filter9676309/21/2010 
Water Pump9822510/18/2010Water pump was leaking from seal. Replaced pump, seal and bypass hose.
Thermostat9822510/18/2010Replaced thermostat and gasket
Timing Belt9822510/18/2010Timing belt kit (Contitech) with all pulleys and new hydraulic tensioner
Radiator Hose9822510/18/2010Upper and lower radiator hoses.
Coolant Flush9822510/18/2010Drain and fill after timing belt/water pump job.
Tires9941111/12/2010Installed 4 Dunlop Winter Sport 3D 205/55R16 94V.
Oil Change9973011/22/2010New cooling system hoses were leaking, adjust clamps and refilled system, now okay.
Headlamp Bulb10050112/16/2010Replaced R/F headlamp and both fog lamp bulbs.
Cabin Air Filter10102801/05/2011 
Wiper Blades10148101/18/2011Trico Winter Blades
Rotate Tires10264202/16/2011First rotate since snow tire install.
Oil Change10264202/16/2011 
Balance Tires10264202/16/2011 
Oxygen Sensor10366303/16/2011Installed rear most O2 sensor (old sensor bent/broken wires). Replace with Subaru part.
Rear Differential Fluid10366303/16/2011Replaced with BG Fluid.
Transmission Fluid10366303/16/2011Replaced with BG syncroshift II fluid
Balance Tires10399103/24/2011 
Tires10399103/24/2011Installed 4 Conti ExtremeContact DW tires.
State Inspection10569905/02/2011 
Rotate Tires10575605/03/2011 
Oil Change10575605/03/2011 
Engine Air Filter10575605/03/2011 
Balance Tires10877707/11/2011 
Rotate Tires10877707/11/2011 
Oil Change10877707/11/2011 
Gas Cap11071008/23/2011New OEM gas cap. Tether broke off old one.
Cabin Air Filter11087508/26/2011 
Wiper Blades11087508/26/2011Bosch Icon wiper blades.
Suspension11218709/07/2011Installed Bilstein HD struts, Spec B front mounts, sway bar links and bushings, AVO control arm bushings (front and rear).
Oil Change11228109/09/2011 
Suspension11339110/05/2011Installed STI Pink springs ST2033021010 and ST2038021010
Suspension11400010/20/2011Replaced L/R lateral arm. Cam for toe adjust was seized.
Tires11431710/28/2011Installed snow tires
Rotate Tires11431710/28/2011 
Balance Tires11431710/28/2011 
Oil Change11529911/22/2011Added BG MOA and 44K.
Engine Air Filter11529911/22/2011 
Radiator Hose11550111/28/2011Replaced radiator hoses and water pump bypass hose with OEM hoses and clamps due to leak of after market lower hose.
Coolant Flush11550111/28/2011Drained and filled system, added Subaru cooling system conditioner.
Tune Up11558011/30/2011Replaced spark plugs (OEM) and wires.
Brake Fluid Flush11584612/06/2011Dot 4 brake fluid flush
Clutch Fluid Flush11588712/07/2011Dot 4 brake fluid
Headlamp Bulb11813102/02/2012L/F Low beam
Transmission Fluid11813102/02/2012BG Syncro Shift II
Wiper Blades11813102/02/2012Bosch Icon Wiper Blades
Oil Change11813102/02/2012Added BG MOA
Fog Lamps11813102/02/2012 
Power Steering Flush11837302/06/2012 
Tires12082303/20/2012Installed summer tires.
Rotate Tires12082303/20/2012 
Balance Tires12082303/20/2012 
Oil Change12139504/02/2012Mobil 1 5W-30 Full Synthetic with BG MOA.
Tires12329205/09/2012Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus
Suspension12451806/05/2012Used front lower control arms to go back to factory bushings.
Oil Change12513106/20/2012Added BG MOA
Engine Air Filter12513106/20/2012 
Oil Change12838809/20/2012 
Tires13134012/03/2012Changed over snow tires.
Oil Change13134012/03/2012 
Suspension13134012/03/2012Replaced front lower control arm bushings and r/r lower control arm.
Wiper Blades13134012/03/2012 
Balance Tires13134012/03/2012 
Rotate Tires13134012/03/2012 
Misc13327601/12/2013Replaced H7 connector
Oil Change13327603/02/2013 
Engine Air Filter13327603/02/2013 
Tires14057004/13/2013Installed summer tires
Rotate Tires14057004/13/2013 
Balance Tires14057004/13/2013 
State Inspection14226707/06/2013