Printable Maintenance log for 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited

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Oil Change4145401/21/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Oil Change4501104/01/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Oil Change5019606/14/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Rotate Tires5019606/14/2011 
Oil Change5731210/28/2011Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Oil Change6117912/31/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Change Gear Oil6117912/31/2011Gear oil
Change Air Filter6595704/13/2012Auto 7 0100116.
Oil Change6595704/13/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Oil Change6870406/12/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Replace Brake Pads7052707/21/2012EBC Yellowstuff DP41783R (front) and DP41982R (rear).
Replace Brake Rotors7052707/21/2012All four drilled/slotted/cryogenically hardened.
Flush and Replace Coolant7052707/21/2012Amsoil ANT.
Oil Change7315009/20/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Change Headlight7685711/30/2012Osram Night Breaker.
Oil Change7685711/30/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Change Spark Plugs7685711/30/2012 
Change Air Filter8062602/27/2013Auto 7 0100116.
Oil Change8062602/27/2013Pennzoil full synthetic.
Rotate Tires8491306/04/2013 
Oil Change8491306/04/2013Pennzoil full synthetic.
Change Transmission Fluid8491306/04/2013Hyundai OEM.
Oil Change9033910/09/2013Pennzoil full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Rotate Tires9033910/09/2013 
Oil Change9398912/28/2013Castrol Edge full synthetic.
New Tires9785104/18/2014Milestar MS932, 255/55-18 Purchased on eBay from ATW Tires.
Wheel Alignment9785104/18/2014PepBoys, Vineland. Price includes tire mounting/balancing.
Change Idler Pulley9790904/19/2014GATES 36325.
Change Accessory Belts9790904/19/2014Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V 4060975.
Oil Change9790904/19/2014Castrol Edge full synthetic, 5W20.
Flush Power Steering Fluid9790904/19/2014Amsoil Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Power Steering Fluid (PSFCN).
Change Air Filter9790904/19/2014Auto 7 0100116.
Rotate Tires10260508/09/2014F-R, R-F; not diagonal.
Oil Change10260508/09/2014Castrol Edge full synthetic.
Address Recall009/12/2014Update ECU software. Repair completed as part of HMA Service Camapign 105. Correct mileage unavailable.
Address Recall009/12/2014Replace stop lamp switch. Repair completed as part of HMA Service Camapign 110. Correct mileage unavailable.
Replace Starter10672412/01/2014LIFETIME WARRANTY. Auto Zone store transaction 606206 from store #1889.
Oil Change10850601/19/2015Valvoline SynPower full synthetic.
Change Cabin Air Filter11339306/08/2015Fram FreshBreeze CF10381.
Flush and Replace Coolant11339306/08/2015Prestone AF2000. Price includes 1 bottle Prestone flush.
Change Transmission Fluid11339306/08/2015Valvoline Max Life Dex/Merc full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Oil Change11339306/08/2015Valvoline SynPower full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Change Air Filter11339306/08/2015Auto 7 0100116.
Replace Wiper Blades11339306/08/2015Trico Teflon Shield.
Repaint Wiper Arms11339306/08/2015 
Change Thermostat11339306/08/2015Auto 7 310-0071.
Oil Change11802211/14/2015Valvoline SynPower full synthetic.
Oil Change11884302/04/2016Valvoline SynPower full synthetic. Change was premature - read wrong log :(
Change Air Filter12040604/23/2016Group 7 VA5833.
Change Cabin Air Filter12040604/23/2016Fram FreshBreeze CF10381.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid12040604/23/2016Wearever Gold full synthetic.
Replace Brake Pads12040604/23/2016EBC Yellowstuff DP41783R (front) and DP41982R (rear).
Rotate Tires12040604/23/2016L-R, R-L.
Replace Wiper Blades12040604/23/2016Trico 16180, 20240, and 14A.
Change Transmission Fluid12391907/19/2016Valvoline Max Life Dex/Merc full synthetic.
Oil Change12391907/19/2016Formula Shell full synthetic.
Replace Alternator12759609/02/2016Hyundai OEM 37300-3C250 installed by Action Hyundai, Millville. Repair part of HMA Service Campaign 936. Mileage listed on receipt incorrect - actual mileage 127596.
Replace Valve Cover Gaskets12759609/02/2016Hyundai OEM 22453-3C120 installed by Action Hyundai, Millville. Repair part of HMA Service Campaign 936. Mileage listed on receipt incorrect - actual mileage 127596.
Oil Change12962910/04/2016Formula Shell full synthetic.
Rotate Tires12962910/04/2016Front-to-back.
Change Gear Oil12962910/04/2016Valvoline SynPower 75w90 full synthetic.
Change Transfer Case Oil12962910/04/2016Amsoil 75w90 full synthetic.
Change Battery13142410/29/2016EverStart Maxx 124R serial number EP1600008680 (Walmart). Battery build date top sticker reads G6 (July 2016); side warranty sticker reads 08/03/16.
Oil Change13438012/12/2016Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic.
Other13439212/12/2016Re-seal valve cover gasket (original warranty repair leaking badly). Action Hyundai, Millville RO 6228855/1.
New Tires13491512/21/2016Price includes tires, mounting, balancing, and disposal of old tires. Blacklion Cilerro BH15 purchased from Simple Tire ($302 total) and installation $58 (Pep Boys, Vineland).
Wheel Alignment13491512/21/2016Pep Boys 5-YEAR, unlimited mileage. Price includes $30 coupon deduction and $13 shop fee addition.
Oil Change13933803/16/2017Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic.
Rotate Tires13933803/16/2017Front-to-rear.
Address Recall14012103/24/2017Potential underbody corrosion inspected as part of HMA Service Campaign 947. No issues found.
Change Air Filter14139004/10/2017Group 7 VA5833.
Flush Power Steering Fluid14139004/10/2017Lubegard 23232 full synthetic.
Change Cabin Air Filter14139004/10/2017POTAUTO MAP1015C.
Flush and Replace Coolant14139004/10/2017Prestone AF2000.
Replace Outer Tie Rod Ends14226904/27/2017AUTO 7 8420420 (Left, $37) AUTO 7 8420446 (Right, $37)
Replace Brake Pads14226904/27/2017Front pads only. EBC Yellowstuff DP41783R.
Replace Brake Rotors14226904/27/2017Front only. Power Stop JBR1328XPR, drilled-and-slotted.
Replace Wiper Blades14226904/27/2017Napa 60-024-HB (driver), 60-1843 (passenger), 60-014-A (rear).
Upgrade to HID Headlights14281705/12/201755w, 6000K. Installed on low beams only.
Oil Change14416106/15/2017Valvoline SynPower full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Change Transmission Fluid14416106/15/2017Valvoline Max Life Dex/Merc full synthetic.
Rotate Tires14903410/17/2017Front-to-rear. Monitor RF for uneven wear.
Oil Change14903410/17/2017Mobil 1 EP and Pennzoil Platinum 5W30.
Replace Wiper Blades14903410/17/2017Winter blades.
Oil Change15388301/19/2018Mobil 1 EP, Purolator PL35610.
Change Spark Plugs15528102/24/2018NGK Laser Iridium IFR5G11, Stock Number 7854.
Replace Ignition Coil15528102/24/2018DENSO 6738312 (marked OEM 27301-3C100). Only 4 available - exchange performed on cyls 1,2, 3, and 5.
Change Battery15719905/08/2018EverStart Maxx 124R (Walmart). Warranty receipt photocopy in glove box.
Oil Change15877606/25/2018M1EP, Purolator PL35610.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid15877606/25/2018Wearever Gold DOT4.
Change Cabin Air Filter15877606/25/2018Potauto MAP1015C.
Rotate Tires15877606/25/2018Diagonal. Unusually high wear on all tires (4/32 remaining!).
New Tires16188509/20/2018Pantera Touring CUV All-Season installed by Mr. Tire, Vineland. Price includes $65/tire credit for warrantied Blacklion tires.
Change Headlight16217109/28/2018Driver side (5000K). Also replaced ballast.
Oil Change16356910/22/2018M1EP, Purolator PL35610.
Change Transmission Fluid16356910/22/2018Valvoline Max Life Dex/Merc full synthetic.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid16503111/16/2018Johnsen's DOT 4 full synthetic.
Replace Brake Pads16503111/16/2018Front and Rear. Powerstop Z-17 Powerstop Ceramic. 17-1297 rear, 17-1202 front. Rock Auto Order 96540833 rear ($25) and Amazon 114-1971212-6777053 front ($25).
Replace Rear Brake Hose16503111/16/2018Sunsong 2202856 and 2202855. Rock Auto Order 96540833.
Replace Rear Calipers16503111/16/2018A-1 Cardone weather-coated 19P-3354 and 19P-3355. Rock Auto Order 96540833.
Replace Front Brake Hose16503111/16/2018Sunsong 2202848 and 2202849. Rock Auto Order 96540833.
Replace Front Calipers16503111/16/2018A-1 Cardone weather-coated 19P-3211 and 19P-3210. Rock Auto Order 96540833.
Replace Brake Rotors16503111/16/2018Rear only. Durago coated BR90044802. Rock Auto Order 96540833.
Rotate Tires16503111/16/2018Diagonal. Virtually no notable wear.
Replace Lug Nuts16503111/16/201819mm head.
Oil Change16837001/24/2019M1EP, Purolator PL35610.