Printable Maintenance log for 2008 Hyundai Sonata GLS

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Oil Change6082701/19/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Rotate Tires6970506/14/2011Diagonal.
Oil Change6970506/14/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid6970506/14/2011Wearever Gold full synthetic.
Change Cabin Air Filter6970506/14/2011Fram CF10381.
Replace Wiper Blades6970506/14/2011Valeo 600-series.
Oil Change7405308/20/2011Quaker State full synthetic.
Oil Change7959910/28/2011Quaker State full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Change Transmission Fluid7959910/28/2011Hyundai SPIII.
Rotate Tires7959910/28/2011Front-to-rear.
Change Brake Rotors8080911/11/2011Design Rotor Technology premium drilled/slotted.
Change Air Filter8250112/21/2011Auto 7 10-0120.
Oil Change8343601/10/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Oil Change8882703/23/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Flush and Replace Coolant8882703/23/2012Amsoil ANT.
Rotate Tires8882703/23/2012Front-to-rear.
Replace Wiper Blades8882703/23/2012Valeo 600-series.
Change Cabin Air Filter9406006/01/2012Fram CF10381.
Flush Power Steering Fluid9406006/01/2012Amsoil PSF full synthetic.
Oil Change9406006/01/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Repair Windshield Chip007/31/2012Pleasantville Safelite. Total cost, $53.50, completely covered by insurance. Mileage incorrectly noted on receipt as 22355; correct mileage unavailable.
Change Transmission Fluid9927208/04/2012Hyundai SPIII.
Rotate Tires9927208/04/2012Front to rear.
Oil Change9927208/04/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Oil Change10302909/20/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Oil Change10806512/02/2012Pennzoil full synthetic.
Change Headlight10806512/02/2012Osram Night Breaker. All four headlights changed.
Rotate Tires10806512/02/2012Front-to-back.
PCV valve10910012/16/2012Hyundai OEM 26740-3C200.
Change Spark Plugs10910012/16/2012NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 IX Iridium.
Inspection002/01/2013Date entered as 1 for 2/1 due date.
Oil Change11408302/27/2013Pennzoil full synthetic.
Replace Wiper Blades11735104/16/2013Valeo 600-series.
Change Cabin Air Filter12050005/27/2013Fram CF10381.
Change Transmission Fluid12050005/27/2013Hyundai SPIII.
Oil Change12050005/27/2013Pennzoil full synthetic.
Change Air Filter12050005/27/2013Group 7 VA5602.
Rotate Tires12308906/28/2013Diagonal.
Brake Pads12308906/28/2013EBC Yellowstuff. Front: DP41757R, Rear: DP41392R.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid12308906/28/2013Wearever Gold full synthetic.
Oil Change12555908/02/2013Pennzoil full synthetic.
Oil Change13146810/15/2013Pennzoil full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Rotate Tires13146810/15/2013Front to back.
Oil Change13539912/28/2013Castrol Edge full synthetic.
Oil Change14030403/10/2014Castrol Edge full synthetic
New Tires14319804/26/2014Price includes shipping. Rims are new-take-offs from a 2013 Hyundai Genesis sedan, 235/50R18.
Replace lug nuts14319804/26/2014Mushroom head for aluminum wheels.
Oil Change14525205/26/2014Castrol Edge full synthetic.
Change Transmission Fluid14525205/26/2014Valvoline Full Synthetic Dex/Merc (meets SPIII).
Change Cabin Air Filter14525205/26/2014Fram CF10381.
Replace Wiper Blades14525205/26/2014Bosch Evolution.
Flush Power Steering Fluid14677106/14/2014Amsoil PSF full synthetic.
Change Serpentine Belt14677106/14/2014Goodyear Gatorback 4060975.
Replace Idler Pulley14677106/14/2014Gates Super-Premium 36325 using STEEL pulley.
Replace Belt Tensioner14677106/14/2014Hyundai OEM 25281-3C100, from eBay seller cnsmotors.
Oil Change15001408/05/2014Castrol Edge full synthetic.
Rotate Tires15001408/05/2014Front to back.
Oil Change15440709/26/2014Formula Shell full synthetic.
Change Air Filter15440709/26/2014Group 7 (Purolator) VA5602
Change Headlight15849112/01/2014Driver side - low beam. Osram Night Breaker.
Oil Change15849112/01/2014Valvoline full synthetic.
Install/Replace Window Vent Shades15975902/25/2015 
Replace Harmonic Balancer16048805/23/2015Hyundai OEM 23124-3C201.
Change Cabin Air Filter16048805/23/2015Fram CF10381. Also changed filter holder (Hyundai OEM 97129-3K000).
Replace Power Steering Hose16048805/23/2015Hyundai OEM 57580-3K100. Precautionary replacement (failed harmonic balancer).
Change Serpentine Belt16048805/23/2015Goodyear Gatorback 4060975. Precautionary replacement (failed harmonic balancer).
Replace Idler Pulley16048805/23/2015Gates Super-Premium 36325 using STEEL pulley. Precautionary replacement (failed harmonic balancer).
Repaint Wiper Arms16048805/23/2015 
Replace Wiper Blades16048805/25/2015Trico Teflon Shield.
Replace Upper Radiator Hose16048805/25/2015Gates 23148. Also replaced outlet clamp with stainless T-bar design.
Change Thermostat16048805/25/2015Stant 15188. Also replaced grooved seal (Stant 25286).
Replace Coolant Inlet16048805/25/2015Hyundai OEM 25631-3C100.
Replace Coolant Outlet16048805/25/2015Hyundai OEM 25611-3C101. Also replaced housing gasket (Fel-Pro 35933).
Replace Lower Radiator Hose16048805/25/2015Gates 23147. Also replaced inlet clamp with stainless T-bar design.
Flush and Replace Coolant16048805/25/2015Amsoil ANT. Also flushed with Prestone SuperFlush.
Rotate Tires16048805/30/2015Diagonal.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid16048805/30/2015Wearever Gold full synthetic.
Replace TPMS Sensors16063606/03/2015Schrader Automotive 28983 (OEM 52933-1FA00). Price includes installation and tire re-balance.
Rear Bumper Cover Fixed16300008/04/2015Price includes detail.
Change Transmission Fluid16312708/05/2015Valvoline full synthetic Dex/Merc (meets SPIII). Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Oil Change16312708/05/2015Valvoline full synthetic. Sample pulled and sent for analysis.
Address Recall16325008/17/2015Replace brake light switch. Repair completed as part of HMA Service Campaign 110.
Address Recall16325008/17/2015Inspect rear crossmember for potential corrosion. Recall completed as part of HMA Service Campaign 113. No repair required.
Oil Change16625904/30/2016Valvoline full synthetic.
Change Cabin Air Filter16625904/30/2016POTAUTO MAP1015C.
Change Air Filter16625904/30/2016Hyundai OEM 28113-3K200.
Replace Wiper Blades16625904/30/2016Trico 16200 and 20200.
Brake Pads16626106/06/2016EBC Yellowstuff. Front: DP41757R, Rear: DP41392R.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid16626106/06/2016Wearever Gold DOT4.
Replace Front Calipers16626106/06/2016A1-Cardone 193096 and 193097. Price includes new hardware kit.
Replace Brake Hoses16626106/06/2016Dorman H620950 (LF), Dorman H620951 (RF), Dorman H620964 (LR & RR).
Rotate Tires16626106/06/2016Diagonal.
Change Power Steering Pressure Hose16721309/10/2016OEM 57510-3K100.
Flush Power Steering Fluid16721309/10/2016Lubegard 23232 full synthetic.
Replace Sun Visor16721709/15/2016OEM 85202 0A750QDQQH. New-and-Improved design, part manufactured 9/26/2016. Important: considered BEIGE.
Change Battery16745110/29/2016EverStart Maxx 124R serial number EP1600008680 (Walmart). Battery build date top sticker reads G6 (July 2016); side warranty sticker reads 08/03/16.
Oil Change16799801/04/2017Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic, Purolator PL35610.
Flush and Replace Coolant16838804/10/2017Prestone AF2000.
Change Cabin Air Filter16838804/10/2017POTAUTO MAP1015C.
Inspection16840504/12/2017Wheaton Ave., Millville. Was due in February - oops.
Oil Change16901410/17/2017Mobil 1 EP F/S, Purolator PL35610.
Replace Rear Calipers16996105/04/2018ACDELCO 18FR12330 and 18FR12329, from Rock Auto.
Flush and Replace Brake Fluid16996105/04/2018Wearever Gold DOT4.
Oil Change16996505/05/2018Pennzoil Ultra Platinum full synthetic, Purolator PL35610.
Change Air Filter16996505/05/2018OEM 28113-3K200.
Change Cabin Air Filter16996505/05/2018Potauto MAP1015C.
Change Transmission Fluid16996505/05/2018Valvoline Max Life full synthetic.
Flush Power Steering Fluid16996505/05/2018Lubegard 23232 full synthetic.