Printable Maintenance log for 1998 John Deere 9510

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Gearcase-Change Fluids202112/15/2006See Book----------- Drained - refilled all gearcases and hydraulic fluids on 9510 and 925 , added IXL at label rate to all gearcases and hydraulic fluid
Fuel Filter-Replace252910/05/2009 (1) P/N AR86745
Fuel/Water Seperator Filter-Change252910/07/2009P/N AT81478
400 hr. Service317905/01/2012See Book
200 hr. Service317905/01/2012See Book
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change318005/25/2012P/N AH128449
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace318005/25/2012P/N AH128449
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change318005/25/2012P/N AH128449
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace320606/06/2012Replaced Outer only----------P/N AH148880----------- Replace after 6 washes, 400 hrs, or yearly whichever comes first. Clean Air filter when service light comes on Clean out rubber dust cup, inspect inner air filter every time outer air filter is replaced, replace inner air filter every other year or if it has any dust on it.
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil322607/27/2012 1 qt. JD Synthetic Gearcase Grease 90w
Radiator Coolant-Drain/Flush/Refill328810/20/2012 Drained old antifreeze, flushed with water, flushed and ran 12 min. with Thoroflush, refilled with Coolgard 2/ Cistern water 50/50 - Note: It works best to start this process in spring/summer so there is plenty of time to flush Radiator. - Drain Coolant. Let Engine Cool. Back flush engine,radiator,and heater core with water. Refill with water. Run for about 10 hrs. Warm Engine. Drain Coolant. Let Engine Cool Refill with water and Thoroflush if necessary. Run Engine for specified time on Thoroflush container. Drain engine and radiator petcock. Let Engine Cool. Flush Engine, Radiator, and heater core as soon as engine cools. Pour in 50% JD Coolgard 2 Concentrate then 50% cistern water. After 10 hrs use a test strip on coolant to check if it is in range.
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill340211/15/2012P/N RE57394
Hour Check (Engine)340401/01/2013Year End Engine Hours 2198sep hrs
Repair340406/05/2013Feederhouse Chain AH138187 34 slat - Replaced 2198 Sep Hrs.
Repair340406/05/20132198 Sep Hrs, Replastic Plastic Strips, Feederhouse runs on H148187 (3)
Repair340406/05/2013Replaced Top Feederhouse Shaft H156576 w/ used one from Cook Tractor as old one broke end off due to overtightening end nut, Replaced all keys in shaft
Repair340406/05/2013Replaced all top feederhouse sprockets ,2198 sep hrs. (2) H159613 (1) H159614 as old ones were worn and teeth were rubbing slats.
Repair340406/05/2013Top Feederhouse bearings - 2198 sep hrs - Replaced both bearings (1) JD10020 rh and (1) JD9373 lh - also replaced all but 1 bolt on bearing housings (5) 19M7789
Repair340406/05/20132198 Sep. Hrs. - Replaced front feederhouse drum bearings and lock collars (2) JD8552 Ball Bearings & (2) JD8551 Lock Collars
Repair340406/05/2013925, 2198 Sep Hrs. Replaced all (100) sickle sections H207930 replaced a few bolts and nuts as necessary.
Repair340406/05/2013925, LH Snout Support Spring - AH143565 - Replaced as old one had broken hook, kept old one as spare. 2198 Sep Hrs.
400 hr. Service340406/19/20132198 Sep. Hrs.
200 hr. Service340406/19/20132198 Sep. Hrs.
Hour Check (Engine)340406/19/2013 
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change340406/20/20132198 Sep. Hrs
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change340406/20/20132198 Sep. Hrs.
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace340406/20/20132198 Sep. Hrs.
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace343007/04/20132217 Sep. Hrs. Changed Outer Filter only
Repair348607/29/2013Dad Welded Steel plate under cab steps to reinforce 2256 sep hrs
Repair348609/12/20139510/ 2256 sep hrs. Clean grain elevator, replaced both bearings, lock collars, & sprocket on lower auger, replaced boot, replaced elevator chain, replaced both upper bearings, lock collars, and sprocket, replaced bin loading auger driver H136186 ,
Repair348709/14/20139510, 2256 sep. hrs. replaced Backshaft Speed Sensor
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil348709/20/20132256 Sep. hrs. old oil was clean, foamy from running
Repair348709/27/20139510, 2256 Sep Hrs, Replaced Feederhouse floor # AH137733 with A&I from Sloan Express
Repair348709/27/20139510, 2256 Sep Hrs, Replaced Feederhouse Rear floorSeal # H131452 with new one from JD
Repair350010/10/20132260 sep hrs. Replaced LH Chaffer Element #AH172949. Used Good Louvers out of old LH to Replace Bad louvers in RH so both are in good shape
Repair350110/16/20132261 Sep Hrs. Legacy, Nevada Worked on Dual range Cylinder Drive Intermediate shaft mounting,as old one was leaking grease out of back seal. They cleaned up old one and replaced Bearing AH108813, Hub AH120907, Seal, AH1356497, Shaft H148241,
Repair350110/16/20132261 Sep Hrs, Replaced Cylinder Drive Belts with JD Belts, H115881, & H210476
Repair350110/16/20132261 Sep Hrs, replaced Reel Drive Quick Hookup, On 925 #AH128241
Repair351610/21/20132269 Sep Hrs, Replaced Old Style Hydraulic pump # AH129389 with new style pump combination AH227024, & AH227021, bolted together, also replaced any damaged orings, Replaced Relief valve # AH147085 to prevent new pump from blowing out housing as old one had, in case old relief valve was bad, we did not verify whether old one was bad or not.
Hour Check (Engine)356210/30/2013Service check
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill357711/09/2013Plus 50 oil. Jd filter .2312 sep.
Repair011/22/2013925, Replaced sickle sections
Repair366411/25/2013Replaced original Bosch alternator with Wilson Remanufactured from Oreilly's
Hour Check (Engine)370212/18/20132400 sep. hrs. end of 2013 harvest
Hour Check (Engine)370201/01/2014Year End - 2400 Sep. Hrs.
200 hr. Service370206/17/20142400 Sep.
400 hr. Service370206/17/20142400 sep hrs
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace370206/17/20142400 Sep. Hrs. Replaced Both Outer & Inner with Deere
Repair370206/17/2014Replaced Chaffer Extension Element w/ Deere
Repair370206/17/2014Removed Chaffer & Sieve Frames, Welded Cracks, Riveted in all new rubber. on Both. Also replaced rubber seals around and underneath.
Repair370206/17/2014925, Replaced all sickle sections, worn gaurds, worn wear plates, broken auger fingers.
Repair370506/25/2014Replaced cylinder drive belt HXE51101, old one snapped due to high impact load, running cylinder too slow in wheat
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill375507/07/2014Refilled w plus 50 JD filter 2430 sep hrs
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change375507/08/2014 
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change375507/08/2014 
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace375507/08/2014 
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil376308/06/2014Refilled with HD460 JD synthetic gear lubricant . Old oil was fairly clean and not milky
Repair395411/01/2014Replaced Driveshaft that runs thru bin, both ujoints, & rear yoke, all were oem JD parts, not sure what happened but likely rear ujoint had failed causing rear yoke and driveline end to break.
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill396411/04/2014P50-2
200 hr. Service396411/04/2014Completed, note that wedge filter in cab was getting holes and needs replacing, replacement was overdue timewise, but likely accelerated by water in bottom of filter cavity, which i dried out
Hour Check (Engine)404301/01/20152599 sep. Hrs. -- Year End
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change404504/22/2015Replaced with NAPA Gold # 551819 , 4045/2600 hrs
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change404504/22/2015Replaced with NAPA Gold # 551819 , 4045/2600 hrs
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace404504/22/2015Replaced with NAPA Gold # 551819 , 4045/2600 hrs
Gearcase-Change Fluids404504/22/20154045 eng / 2600 sep hrs. Changed Primary Countershaft Gearcase, Transmission, Final Drives, Straw Walker Gearcase, Dual range Cylinder Gearcase with John Deere GL-5 80W90 Oil - Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Reservoir, Engine Gearcase with John Deere Lo-Viscosity 10W Oil.
Repair404505/15/2015925, Replaced all sickle sections, Replaced worn: guards, wear plates, auger fingers, finger guides,
Repair405007/10/2015, Replaced both bearings JD39104 on Unloading auger countershaft H133024, 2601 Sep hrs
Repair406208/14/20152603 sep hrs, replaced both thermostats RE69581 and gasket , old ones were likely ok, but engine ran plenty warm in wheat harvest, and I could find no record of replacing thermostats
Repair406208/14/2015Washed and blew compressed air through radiator 2 times
200 hr. Service406208/14/2015 
400 hr. Service406208/14/2015did not change filters
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil406208/14/2015Used Synthetic
Repair406208/19/2015Clean Grain Elevator belt - Replaced with JD H160171 - old one was cracking
Repair406208/19/2015Battery Ground Cable - Replaced with AH128413 - old one was cracking on battery post connector
Repair406208/19/2015Changed Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase fluid, used synthetic
Repair411509/17/2015Replaced Lower Tailings auger & elevator belt. Used Deere # N110085, old one was a Quality Power Belt, it had one bad crack on inside
Repair411509/18/2015replaced 10 pin electrical connector (both sides) just below Engine Control module behind Batteries, Used 1 R78060, 1 AH135787, 1 H140664, 10 R77465, 10 R77464
Repair411509/18/2015Replaced Rotary Screen drive belt. Used Deere # H160406, Old one was really cracking on the inside.
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill411609/22/2015Used Plus 50 II oil and JD Filter
Repair411609/25/2015replaced front chopper belt with # H125380 Deere belt
Repair411609/25/2015Replaced DAM Header circuit box AH142086
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace411610/01/2015Replaced outer, not sure on inner
Repair411610/05/2015replaced fan speed adjustment outer sheave, throw out bearing, sheave pin, : old throwout bearing was bad, and had worn outer sheave shaft
Repair420011/02/2015replaced unloading auger vertical flighting, grain sump lower bearings, patched grain sump, tailings elevator lower auger lh bearing, vertical auger lower gearcase bearings
Fuel Filter-Replace011/12/2015replaced Primary fuel filter - not sure on hrs
Hour Check (Engine)428101/01/2016Year End Check - 2744 sep. Hrs:
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill428204/12/2016Changed Oil with Plus 50-2, Filter RE57394 - 2744 Sep. hrs
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change428204/14/2016Replaced with Napa Gold 1819, 2744 Sep. Hrs.
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change428204/14/2016Replaced with Napa Gold 1819, 2744 Sep. Hrs.
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace428204/14/2016Replaced with Napa Gold 1819, 2744 Sep. Hrs.
200 hr. Service428204/14/2016 
400 hr. Service428204/14/2016 
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil435308/16/2016Changed
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace437409/03/2016Replaced Outer and Inner Both with Deere Filters. Outer is AH148880, Inner is RE63932
200 hr. Service441209/14/2016Installed Bearing on right side of front horizontal cross auger in bin. Bearing # JD39104, Collar # AH133191
Repair442509/23/2016Replaced Rear Chopper Belt, H125381
Repair442509/24/2016Feeder House Chain, Removed 1 half link, re tightened to specs
Repair442509/26/2016replaced feederhouse dust fan belt with a new looking belt I had in parts H164452
Repair442509/26/2016Replaced Bearing JD39102 and lock collar AZ10044 on lh side of tailings upper auger.
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill442509/27/2016Used Deere DZ10180 Filter, Plus 50-2 oil
Repair442509/29/2016925, Replaced sprocket on outer end of auger drive backshaft, AH138180
Repair442509/29/2016Replaced Feederhouse Drive Chain AH145029 (#60 219 link) + 3 links to make chain longer for using larger lower sprocket, 2827 Sep. Hrs.
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill459911/23/2016Used JD DZ101880 Filter, Plus 50 -2 Oil, Oil was changed at end of season
Hour Check (Engine)460301/02/2017Year End Check, Sep Hrs. 2939
200 hr. Service460507/18/2017 
400 hr. Service460507/18/20172939 Sep Hrs
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change460507/18/20172939 Sep Hrs. Used Deere Filter
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change460507/18/20172939 Sep Hrs. Used Deere Filter
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace460507/18/20172939 Sep Hrs. Used Deere Filter
Repair460508/01/2017Installed Poly flighting on grain tank cross augers, replaced bearings on Right Rear, Left Front, Left Rear
Repair460508/01/2017Installed Poly Flighting on Clean Grain Lower Cross auger, Replaced both Cross Auger Bearings
Repair460508/01/2017Added Poly from old header pads to Bin Loading auger, also replaced bearing flange on top of auger
Repair460508/23/2017Replaced Feederhouse Door AH120502 with A & I
Repair460508/25/2017925, Installed Auger Trough Poly Liner from Lundell Plastics, (Made by Polytech)
Repair460508/26/2017Replaced Cylinder Drive belt JD HXE51101, old one had cracks on side running against inner sheave
Repair460508/26/2017Replaced Secondary Countershaft Belt H128010
Repair460508/26/2017Replaced Outer Grease Seal AH94853 on Variable Speed Cylinder Drive Outer Sheave, old one was tearing and slinging a bit of grease on machine
Repair460508/28/2017Replaced original Sickle Drive with a Schumacher Pro Drive
Repair460508/28/2017Replaced Sickle Drive Belt with JD OEM
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil460508/30/2017Drained and Refilled with JD Synthetic Gearcase Fluid
Repair460508/31/2017Checked Tires, all were holding pressure according to label
Radiator Coolant-Drain/Flush/Refill460509/01/2017Drained, Flushed, Changed both Thermostats with RE69581
Repair460509/01/2017Replaced Header Backshaft speed sensor with new JD AH116104
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace460509/02/2017CLEANED OUTER air filter, it was VERY DIRTY
Repair460509/06/2017Washed and Waxed Combine
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill476911/14/2017Changed with JD Filter, Oil
Hour Check (Engine)486212/31/2017Year End 3099 Sep. Hrs.
200 hr. Service486507/31/2018Completed 200 hr
400 hr. Service486507/31/2018Completed 400 hr 3099 sep hrs
Engine Gearcase Filter-Change486507/31/2018 
Hydraulic Hydrostat Filter-Change486507/31/2018 
Hydrostat Charge Filter-Replace486507/31/2018 
Engine Air Filter-Clean/Inspect/Replace486507/31/2018REPLACED OUTER and INNER with JD Filters
Feederhouse Reverser Gearcase-Change Oil486508/03/2018Changed with JD Synthetic gearcase fluid
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill495409/07/2018Changed with JD Plus 50-2 Oil, JD DZ101880 Filter
Repair495409/07/2018Changed Engine Fan Rotary Screen Drive Belt with Deere # H145158, 3151 Sep hrs
Repair010/09/2018Tested Coolant , Glycol: 40%, pH, 8.0, Cav. Inhibitor, 85
Engine Oil, Filter-Drain/Refill510511/28/2018Changed with JD Plus 50-2 Oil, JD DZ101880 Filter
Hour Check (Engine)510501/01/2019Year End Check