Printable Maintenance log for 2004 Ford F-150 XLT

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Radiator Coolant - Flush / Replace10440008/15/2008Drained radiator-flushed with cistern water-replaced with 50% (2.5 gal) Prestone (green)extended life 150,000 mi. antifreeze and cistern water
Fuel Filter10440008/15/2008 
Tire Replacement11141406/08/2009Replaced with Toyo 10 ply rating
Rotate / Balance Tires14228408/17/2012I have tire lifetime rotate / balance at Nevada Walmart
Engine Air Filter14403610/03/2012Fram CA9687
Mileage Check14631501/01/2013Year End
Engine Oil / Filter14660901/12/2013 7 qt. Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 10W30 Wix # 51372 Filter ---
Tire Pressure14707602/04/201335 front / 30 rear as rear are wearing a bit more in center
Fuel Filter14722502/08/2013Installed Fram G8018 Fuel Filter - Brown gas came out of both sides of old filter
Repair14730002/13/2013Cleaned contacts on window switches on drivers door as drivers window was intermittent going up or down (not sure which
Tire Replacement14759502/20/2013Rich Hill tire Installed 4 new Toyo Open Country A/T2
Rotate / Balance Tires14759502/20/2013Rich hill Tire Balanced New Tires
Tire Pressure14759502/20/2013Rich Hill Tire put 45 p.s.i. in new tires
Transmission Fluid, Filter14855003/25/2013Transmission Rebuild
Repair14855003/25/2013Transmission Rebuild at Cass County Transmission due to reverse band failure. Inspected, Rebuilt with remanufactured torque converter
Tire Pressure15068205/07/201345 front - 40 rear
Mileage Check15140905/30/2013Mileage update
Engine Oil / Filter15150806/03/2013Carquest filter , 5w20 synth blend
Repair15151206/05/2013Replace all brake pads, front rotors @ Chuck at S&S Tire in Hume
Rotate / Balance Tires15362308/13/2013Butler walmart .tread depth. front 12 Rear 13
Tire Pressure15448108/30/201342 Psi on all
Mileage Check15501709/02/2013maintenance check
Engine Air Filter15614310/09/2013used Fram CA 9687
Tire Pressure15621210/16/2013Set all at 35 psi. None are leaking
Repair15621210/16/2013Replaced rear axle outer bearings and seals (2) used National R-1561-TV Bearings, and National 100357 Seal. Note axle is a 9.75
Repair15621210/16/2013Changed Rear Differential Oil. Used Lucas Synthetic 75W-140 Gear Oil & Champion Limited Slip Axle Additive Concentrate #4285V
Repair15621210/16/2013Replaced both rear emergency brake pads as rear left pad was coming loose from metal. Used $29 from NAPA
Mileage Check15646010/30/2013Service check
Engine Oil / Filter15646411/01/2013Same as before. Verified oil level to top of hashmarks on level ground
Mileage Check15837901/01/2014Year End
Rotate / Balance Tires15994901/29/2014Walmart
Repair15997901/29/2014Replaced windsheild wipers
Repair16079102/21/2014Replaced Tensioner Pulley with Gates 38006 from Oreillys. Bearing was loose. Noisy in old one
Repair16079102/21/2014Replaced Serpentine belt with Gates K061015.
Engine Oil / Filter16118703/15/2014Motorcraft 5w20 synth blend oil. Carquest Filter
Tire Pressure16187403/15/2014Set all at 35 psi.
Rotate / Balance Tires16597907/10/2014Done @ Ft. Scott Walmart
Engine Oil / Filter16614507/16/2014Wix filter
Radiator Coolant - Flush / Replace16657808/08/2014Drained Radiator, Flushed with Carquest 10 minute Radiator flush, Refilled with 50% NAPA Extended life Antifreeze & Coolant / 50% Water
Tire Pressure008/12/2014Pressurized all from 35 up to 38 psi
Tire Pressure16807809/16/201438 psi
Fuel Filter16807809/16/2014 
Repair16881810/24/2014Replaced both front inner tie rods, al;igned front end
Engine Air Filter16975611/18/2014Replaced with carquest 88804
Repair16975611/18/2014Replaced RH Hi/Lo Beam Headlight with Sylvania, H13, (matches 9008) old one had hi beam go out
Rotate / Balance Tires17107412/23/2014rotated only at Walmart due to dirt on rims, noticed a vibration afterward so we need to clean rims and balance
Engine Oil / Filter17114612/26/2014Motorcraft 5w20 synth blend- wix filter
Tire Pressure17114612/26/2014Set all at 38 psi
Mileage Check17168801/01/2015Year End
Repair17208401/17/2015Replaced LH Hi/Lo Beam Headlight with Sylvania, H13, (matches 9008) old one had hi beam go out
Tire Pressure17299102/21/201540 front. 35 rear
Wash / Wax17364003/26/2015Washed, Applied Nu Finish wax to all but hood and front as they had just been repainted, applied Rain X to all windows, applied armor all to interior plastic, applied Meguiars Black Plastic restorer to all exterior black plastic.
Tire Pressure17434704/18/2015Checked ,35 Rear, 39 front
Engine Oil / Filter17615906/02/2015Replaced with NAPA Gold #1372 Filter, Motorcraft SAE 5w20 Synthetic Blend Engine oil, also added 32 oz. Lucas Heavy Duty oil Stabilizer to help stop upperengine rattle at startup
Rotate / Balance Tires17644206/06/2015Walmart rotated, balanced
Tire Pressure17674906/13/2015Checked tire pressure, aired all to 40 psi, aired front drivers to 42 as it seems to be leaking
Tire Replacement17971908/25/2015Replaced with LT 265/70R17 Yokahama Geolander 10 Ply
Rotate / Balance Tires17971908/25/2015replaced tires at highleys, Rotate and Balance here for life of tire
Engine Oil / Filter18109510/10/2015Used Motorcraft 5w-20 Synthetic Blend Oil, Napa Gold 1372 Filter
Engine Air Filter18225811/14/2015Replaced with Napa Gold 6804
Mileage Check18437601/01/2016Year End
Rotate / Balance Tires18456101/08/2016Highley tire, rotated front to back straight, balanced new front only.
Repair18633003/04/2016Automotive Innovations cleaned idle motor, however this did not fix idle problem, so need to replace idle motor
Engine Oil / Filter18637103/04/2016Used Motorcraft 5w20 Synthetic Blend oil, and Wix 51372 Filter
Repair18697903/19/2016Throttle body, removed and cleaned, this seemed to fix stalling slowing to a a stop problem
Wash / Wax18700003/22/2016Washed, waxed with Nu Finish, applied black plastic restorer
Fuel Filter18731003/28/2016Replaced with Napa Gold 3595
Repair18731003/28/2016Replaced IWE 4wd Locking Hub Actuator on RH Wheel, old one was leaking vacuum, new one was Dorman 600-105
Repair18731003/28/2016Replaced IWE Solenoid (Behind Battery) old one was fine, but i wanted a new one with a rain hat so moisture did not enter vacuum lines. New one was Motorcraft CX-2117, 6L3Z-9E441-A
Engine Oil / Filter18881405/13/2016Replaced along with engine, change at 1000 miles breakin period
Radiator Coolant - Flush / Replace18881405/13/2016Changed along with thermostat when installed rebuilt engine
Spark Plugs18881405/13/2016Changed with Engine, Shulze garage Anti Seized these in, standard interval is 100k, but Ford recommends 60K Now due to old ones sticking and breaking off.
Repair18881405/20/2016Shulze Garage Replaced Engine with Rebuilt 5.4 L from Powertrain Products, old engine was running rough, out of time, likely Camshaft Phaser failure. i decided engine had too many miles to check into.
Repair18881405/20/2016Replaced waterpump, spark plugs, Radiator hoses, thermostat, Engine oil & Filter
Engine Oil / Filter18976106/08/2016Drained Break in oil on rebuilt engine at 950 mi., Refilled with Mobil 1 10w30 advanced full synthetic oil -- Wix 51372 Filter
Rotate / Balance Tires19015106/30/2016Highley tire Rotated balanced
Repair19015106/30/2016Coonrods Fixed rust in bottom rear cab corners
Tire Pressure19024606/30/2016All at 40-42
Repair19024606/30/2016Power steering Fluid. Drained. Removed resorvoir and cleaned screen. Replaced with Valvoline Mercon ATF
Engine Oil / Filter19397511/19/2016Changed Engine oil with Mobil 1 10w-30 Advanced Full Synthetic oil, Carquest 85372 Filter
Engine Air Filter19419312/01/2016Replaced with Napa Gold 6804, Just a bit of dust appeared to be leaking past felt seal on old one
Mileage Check19448501/01/2017 
Rotate / Balance Tires19515102/15/2017Approximate Date & Miles
Wash / Wax19575003/09/2017Washed, Waxed, Black plastic restorer on exterior
Repair19583603/16/2017Battery - Replaced with Walmart MAXX- 65N. $93.76 Base Price, Old one would lose charge after 4 or 5 consecutive cranks
Tire Pressure19655503/20/2017Set all to 40 psi
Engine Oil / Filter19783005/20/2017Changed Engine Oil, Used Mobil 1 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil, Wix #51372 Filter
Rotate / Balance Tires20047009/08/2017Highley Tire Rotated and Balanced all
Fuel Filter20062609/18/2017Replaced with Napa Gold
Engine Oil / Filter20181511/16/2017Used Napa Gold 1372 Filter, Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic 10W-30 Oil
Mileage Check20258301/01/2018Year End
Tire Pressure20296302/05/2018All were @35 psi except Front left which was @ psi. I aired all up to 40 psi. except Front Left 42 psi.
Wash / Wax20456104/05/2018Washed, waxed Exterior
Repair20456304/07/2018Rear Axle - Replaced Both Bearings, Seals, Differential fluid as LH Seal was Leaking. Used National R-1561-TV Bearings, National 100357 Seals, SuperSyn 75w-140 API GL-5 Synthetic Limited Slip Gear Oil (3 qt), and 4 oz. ATP AT-210 Limited Slip Differential Supplement
Repair20539405/11/2018Replaced Front Left Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly with MOOG # 515046, old one was beginning to get play in bearing
Tire Pressure20565305/21/2018Tires were 42-45 lb, matched all to 42 psi
Engine Oil / Filter20565805/21/2018Changed Oil with Mobil 1 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic, NAPA Gold 1372 Filter
Engine Air Filter20690607/06/2018replaced with NAPA Gold 6804
Tire Pressure20691407/07/2018All were at 44 psi except rear left which had been fixed and was at 80 psi, aired all to 44 psi
Rotate / Balance Tires20600007/17/2018aproximate
Engine Oil / Filter20989511/29/2018Changed with Mobil 1 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, NAPA Gold 1372 Filter
Tire Pressure20989511/29/2018All were fine, adjusted to 40 psi front / 36 psi rear
Mileage Check21096812/31/2018Year End Mileage