Printable Maintenance log for 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X

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Replace ignition cables012/27/2008 
Replace spark plugs012/27/2008 
Replace tires012/27/2008 
Rotate tires012/27/2008 
Inspect CV joints012/27/2008 
Inspect exhaust system012/27/2008 
Inspect front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals012/27/2008 
Inspect PCV valve012/27/2008 
Replace accessory drive belt012/27/2008 
Replace engine air cleaner filter012/27/2008 
Change engine coolant012/27/2008 
Change front & rear axle fluid012/27/2008 
Change oil012/27/2008 
Change transfer case fluid012/27/2008 
Change transmission fluid and filter012/27/2008 
Inspect brakes012/27/2008 
Change oil454003/11/2009Lilliston Jeep
Change oil1567106/25/2009Spirit Jeep
Other work1907507/31/2009Lilliston Jeep - "electrical system,vehicle Inspection(s),16 Point Vehicle Inspection"
Other work3401812/31/2009Lilliston Jeep - "Engine light,Inspect frame rail" This was the first time I brought in my Jeep when I was having catalytic converter problems.
Other work3447001/21/2010Lilliston Jeep - "Miscellaneous,body,Miscellaneous,Catalytic converter,16 Point Vehicle Inspection" This was when they replaced my catalytic converter
Rotate tires4499305/21/2010Jiffy Lube
Change oil4499305/21/2010Jiffy Lube
Inspect brakes4803707/07/2010Mt Ephraim Jeep - Rear brake job
Inspect front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals4803707/07/2010Mt Ephraim Jeep
Change oil5096809/07/2010Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires5096809/07/2010Jiffy Lube
Replace engine air cleaner filter5096809/07/2010Jiffy Lube
Other work5096809/07/2010Jiffy Lube - Fuel system service
Change oil5694312/11/2010Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires5694312/11/2010Jiffy Lube
Change front & rear axle fluid5694312/11/2010Jiffy Lube - Replaced front and rear diff fluid
Change oil6283306/01/2011Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires6283306/01/2011Jiffy Lube
Change transfer case fluid6283306/01/2011Jiffy Lube
Change transmission fluid and filter6283306/01/2011Jiffy Lube
Change oil6892409/07/2011Jiffy Lube
Replace engine air cleaner filter6892409/07/2011Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires6892409/07/2011Jiffy Lube
Replace tires7237811/11/2011Mill St Tire - Also had front-end alignment
Change front & rear axle fluid7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep
Change oil7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep
Rotate tires7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep
Inspect brakes7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep - Front brake job
Change engine coolant7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep
Other work7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep - Battery service Fuel system cleaning
Change transfer case fluid7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep
Inspect front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals7395612/19/2011Cherry Hill Jeep
Other work7615701/16/2012Graisbury - Replaced battery
Change oil8055203/16/2012Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires8055203/16/2012Graisbury
Change oil8732707/19/2012Jiffy Lube
Replace engine air cleaner filter8732707/19/2012Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires8732707/19/2012Graisbury
Change oil9334311/21/2012Jiffy Lube
Change engine coolant9334311/21/2012Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires9334311/21/2012Graisbury
Change oil10092803/03/2013Jiffy Lube
Replace engine air cleaner filter10092803/03/2013Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires10092803/03/2013Graisbury
Change oil10767806/13/2013Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires10767806/13/2013Graisbury
Inspect brakes11030207/26/2013Graisbury - Replaced front & rear brake pads
Change front & rear axle fluid11437710/18/2013Graisbury
Inspect CV joints11437710/18/2013Graisbury
Inspect exhaust system11437710/18/2013Graisbury
Inspect front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals11437710/18/2013Graisbury
Change oil11437710/18/2013Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires11437710/18/2013Graisbury
Replace engine air cleaner filter11437710/18/2013Jiffy Lube
Other work11809801/10/2014Pep Boys Audubon - New wheels. Existing tires mounted and balanced
Replace spark plugs11913201/23/2014Graisbury
Replace ignition cables11913201/23/2014Graisbury
Change oil12045402/11/2014Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires12045402/11/2014Graisbury
Inspect front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals12700007/27/2014Graisbury - Replaced most of the suspension -coil springs -shocks -front track bar -rear track bar relo bracket -upper control arms -upper and lower ball joints -drag link -steering stabilizer (with flip kit) -sway bar links -jounce bumpers -front left hub assembly (bolt sheared off while removing) -front right wheel speed sensor (broke during install)
Inspect brakes12700007/27/2014Graisbury - Inspected brakes while installing suspension, looked good
Change oil12901609/05/2014Jiffy Lube
Change transfer case fluid12901609/05/2014Jiffy Lube
Change transmission fluid and filter12901609/05/2014Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires12901609/05/2014Graisbury
Other work13362902/14/2015No Excuses - Regeared to 4.88 and replaced front left axle joint
Change front & rear axle fluid13412202/14/2015Smuggs
Change oil13601403/04/2015Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires13601403/11/2015Graisbury
Change oil14183708/07/2015Jiffy Lube
Change engine coolant14183708/07/2015Jiffy Lube
Other work14218208/18/2015Auto Dogz - Undercarriage rust protection
Replace tires14252708/28/2015Pep Boys
Rotate tires14252708/28/2015Graisbury
Replace accessory drive belt14587612/03/2015Graisbury
Inspect brakes14744001/15/2016Graisbury - Replaced front and rear brake pads
Inspect CV joints14744001/15/2016Graisbury - CV joints looked good
Inspect exhaust system14744001/15/2016Graisbury - Exhaust looked good
Inspect front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals14799202/07/2016Graisbury - Replaced drag link (installed in flip position), installed front track bar relocation bracket, installed front track bar brace (frame side), replaced steering stabalizer
Change oil14805002/10/2016Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires14805002/10/2016Graisbury
Change oil15431207/25/2016Jiffy Lube
Replace engine air cleaner filter15431207/25/2016Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires15450008/01/2016Tires Plus
Change oil16009512/30/2016Tires Plus
Rotate tires16009512/30/2016Tires Plus
Other work16369609/07/2017Lucas Jeep - Replaced transmission, cooler, and lines
Change transmission fluid and filter16369609/07/2017Lucas Jeep
Replace spark plugs16431010/11/2017Graisbury
Change oil16455210/20/2017Mr Tire
Rotate tires16455210/20/2017Mr Tire
Inspect brakes17161808/09/2018Graisbury Replaced all 4 rotors and pads. Replaced calipers on right front and both rear.
Other work17244810/04/2018Replaced battery (purchased from AutoZone)
Other work17244810/04/2018Lucas Jeep - Replaced output shaft speed sensor
Other work17248512/28/2018Lucas Jeep - Replaced transmission valve body. Repaired speed sensor wiring harness
Change transmission fluid and filter17248512/28/2018Lucas Jeep
Change oil17254701/08/2019Jiffy Lube
Rotate tires17254701/08/2019Jiffy Lube