Printable Maintenance log for 2003 Dodge 2500

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Left Wheel Bearing & U-Joint12637905/09/2012Family Auto replaced the left front wheel bearing and u-joint) Wheel Bearing = 330 U-JOint = 98 Labor = 180
Oil Change12760006/09/2012At Larry H Miller dodge in BOUntiful
Rotate Tires12762506/09/2012 
Change engine coolant13010007/24/2012Larry H Miller
Replace Muffler13010007/27/2012Ray's Muffler lifetime waranty
Oil Change13250009/22/2012Larry H Miller dodge in Bountiful
Recharge AC system13260010/03/2012 
Change Fuel Filter13350010/26/2012Bought 3 online - still have 2 in garage. Belkin brand
Replace Lift Pump - Fuel Transfer Pump13360010/27/2012Replaced with an Airtek pump from Autozone - $200. Paid Jon (UTA Mechanic) $140
New Tires13500011/28/2012Blizzack 965 snow tires
Rotate Tires13500011/28/2012Put snow tires on - so didn't need to rotate
Replace both Batteries13300012/06/2012Bought two used (2011 batteries) from interstate. Megaton Plus - class 65. 90 day waranty
Oil Change13668102/05/2013Burt Brothers tire - matched larry h miller coupon
Tire Switchover13950004/22/2013Bill B did it for me
Rotate Tires13950004/22/2013Done with snow tire swap. Old tires back on
Recharge AC system14187705/14/2013Traced dye from last charge and replaced both service ports , evac and recharge - family auto
Oil Change14195705/18/2013Larry h miller . Bountiful
Change Air Filter14196105/18/2013Wix 49946 from o rielly
Oil Change14478307/05/2013Lh miller
New Tires14479007/05/2013Discount tire 0 Bought Michelin LTX M/S 2 - reduced down to 265 - 70 R17 tires which was original size to try and increase mileage and power. They have a 70K rating and I bought a full tire replacement waranty for each
Rotate Tires14479007/05/2013New tires
Tire Switchover14479007/05/2013New tires
Recharge AC system14599807/16/2013it was not cooling by end of high adventure. He added 1/2 pound but said it does not hold much. Said it appeared there may be a small leak in the heater area which would cost about $800 to replace. See how long this lasts. Hopefully until fall.
Change Air Filter14700007/27/2013Old was quite oil soaked?
Change Fuel Filter14708708/10/2013 
Oil Change14819208/29/2013Larry h miller
Add AC Charge myself008/31/2013bought one can with a guage and hose but it didn't charge it enough so added part of another. Probably added 20-24 ounces
Replace Front Brake Rotors15035810/17/2013Replace pads and new rotors
Replace Front Brake Pads15035810/17/2013Family Auto replaced front brake pads and rotors. Nolan put on Severe Duty pads hoping they would last longer
Replace Windshield Wipers15035810/17/2013put on Bosch from Autozone - both sides
Right U-Joint15067010/24/2013Replaced at same time front differential pinion and carrier bearings part was $90, guessed at labor
Water Pump15067010/24/2013part was 91, labor was $135
Front Differential - Pinon and Carrier Bearing 15067010/24/2013parts were $350 and labor about $550. family auto
Tire Switchover15120011/08/2013Discount Tire did for free
Rotate Tires15120011/08/2013snow tire switch over
Clean Battery connections15200012/07/2013Cleaned when truck was not starting
Replace both Batteries15101001/04/2014New interstate batteries
Change Air Filter15126701/04/2014Wix
Oil Change15306603/07/2014Jiffy lube - conventional oil
Tire Switchover15307003/07/2014Discount tires
Rotate Tires15307003/07/2014Snow tire switch
Change Fuel Filter15307103/08/2014Myself. March 8,2014
Add AC Charge myself006/07/20141 1/2 8 ounce cans
Change Air Filter15754406/14/2014After high adventure
Clean Battery connections15754406/14/2014 
Oil Change15811607/14/2014Larry Miller dodge
Rotate Tires15811607/14/2014Larry Miller dodge
Change Fuel Filter16061008/23/2014Changed when I put in the Raptor 100 Lift Pump
Replace Lift Pump - Fuel Transfer Pump16061008/23/2014I was noticing some hesitation and it had been two years so I was worried the lift pump was going to go out. I did some research and found the Raptor 100 had a good reputation. It replaced the fuel line from the tank to the filter and put the new lift pump on the frame where it would be easy to get to. I replaced it myself. Took about 8 hours with a little help from Bill on the electrical.
Tire Switchover16495011/14/2014 
Rotate Tires16495511/15/2014Snow tire switch
Oil Change16495811/15/2014Larry Miller
Change engine coolant16495811/15/2014Larry Miller
Replace Windshield Wipers16495911/15/2014Bosch on both sides
Tire Switchover16595011/17/2014 
Change Air Filter16510001/03/2015 
Clean Battery connections16510001/03/2015 
Drive Shaft U-Joints16654702/23/2015Family Auto replaced both the front and back U-Joints on the Rear drive shaft. The rear was clunking bad and he said it probably would not have lasted much longer. The front was starting to show signs of wear but would have lasted fora while. He said to make sure that they grease the u-joints when I get a oil and lube.
Change Fuel Filter16655902/28/2015 
Rotate Tires16900005/11/2015 
Tire Switchover16900005/11/2015 
Oil Change17073405/16/2015Paid for service plan so have two more oil changes
Clean Battery connections17000005/29/2015 
Change Air Filter17107705/29/2015 
Change Fuel Filter17389306/27/2015 
Oil Change17793308/29/2015Prepaid - used second of three oil changes at larry h miller.
Change Air Filter18050009/21/2015 
Change Fuel Filter18208110/06/2015Looked really dark. Change earlier?
Replace Rear Brake Pads - resurface rotors - check calipers18230010/23/2015They were almost to the medal when nolan replaced them put super heavy duty pads on -
Rear Differential - Check condition - change fluid18230010/23/2015 
Replace Windshield Wipers18393011/07/2015Valeo wipers
Clean Battery connections18393011/09/2015 
Tire Switchover18393011/09/2015 
Rotate Tires18393011/09/2015snow tire switchover
Oil Change18593712/22/2015Used the third part of a three-part oil change coupon at larryhmiller
Rotate Tires19016603/04/2016New tires Yokohama from discount tires
New Tires19016603/04/2016w tires Yokohama from discount tires
Tire Switchover19016603/04/2016New tires Yokohama from discount tires
Change Air Filter19016603/05/2016 
Change Fuel Filter19050003/09/2016 
Clean Battery connections19050003/09/2016 
Replace Trans cooler lines 19185303/19/2016Leaking lots of Trans fluid
Replace AC compressor 19185303/19/2016Froze up and ruined the serpentine belt in March 2016
Replace serpentine belt 19185303/19/2016 
Diagnostics19260004/06/2016Had Alta Automotive do some testing on the fuel problems - didn't find anything. Then it died on the way home. Argh
Replace Lift Pump - Fuel Transfer Pump19260004/08/2016Called Airdog and talked to them and they are shipping a new pump out. They were going to send it ground but I asked it to be expedited and paid $85 additional to have it sent over night
Replace APPS Sensor19288804/26/2016This was for the stall problem. Took to Dodge deal in bountiful. Told them what Rick Stubbs had said but the diesel mechanic at bountiful said he would start with replacing the APPS. Said he found the APPS sensor had an open circuit in the validation switch. He replaced it with an aftermarket because the dodge one was $800. Tina said the mechanic told her it could be a problem with the chip too. which I allready knew was a possibility but she didn't know anything about a factory harness to exclude the chip for testing purposes.
Oil Change19288804/26/2016same time as replace the APPS. at Dodge dealer in Bountiful
Change Fuel Filter19630006/03/2016 
Clean Battery connections19630006/03/2016 
Change Air Filter19859407/06/2016 
Replace fuel control actuator FCA20037808/05/2016Purchased when trying to figure out stall problems. Had montellas replace
Oil Change20244208/31/2016Jiffy lube in gallop. Rotella synthetic
Replace Windshield Wipers20340309/13/2016 
Change Air Filter20477709/23/2016 
Change Fuel Filter20477709/23/2016 
Rotate Tires21000011/22/2016 
Tire Switchover21000011/22/2016 
Clean Battery connections012/12/2016 
Water Pump21135212/12/2016Replaced by Montello at Blanding only been three years since last replace by Nolan
Oil Change21208212/19/2016Jiffy lube
Change Fuel Filter21235612/21/2016 
Change Air Filter21348101/14/2017Albuquerque
Yearly Safety and emmisions Inspection21509803/06/2017Rejected today because front brakes were almost down to rotors
Drive Shaft U-Joints21512003/09/2017Nolan said they were wearing down again. Got some with a warranty this time
Rear Differential - Check condition - change fluid21512003/09/2017Replaced fluid
Replace Front Brake Pads21512003/09/2017Were rejected in safety inspection. Replaced rotors too. Put heavy duty pads and rotors
Replace Front Brake Rotors21512003/09/2017Included in brake price
Rotate Tires21610004/01/2017Snow tire switch
Tire Switchover21610004/01/2017Spring switch
Oil Change22011305/18/2017CBS in Blanding changed oil
Change Air Filter22011505/18/2017 
Change Fuel Filter22141405/30/2017In Spring City
Oil Change22334706/28/2017After concrrns about blanding place overfilling it
Replace Trans cooler lines 22635006/28/2017Were leaking everywhere
Rotate Tires22815010/16/2017Snow tire switch
Tire Switchover22815010/16/2017 
Change Fuel Filter22948911/08/2017Blanding
Change Air Filter22948911/08/2017Blanding
Oil Change22996711/13/2017Jiffy lube in Springville
Change Fuel Filter23707804/18/2018Blanding
Tire Switchover22815005/04/2018took snow tires off - one had a flat, one had screw in it, used the best one for a new spare,
Rotate Tires22815005/04/2018when put regular tires back on after removing snow tires
Change engine coolant24005006/11/2018Montellos in Blanding - flush and fill
Oil Change24005006/11/2018Montello's in blanding
Clean Battery connections23000006/12/2018 
Change Air Filter24005506/12/2018From Blanding auto parts
Change Fuel Filter24709309/22/2018 
Change Air Filter24709309/22/2018 
Oil Change24950011/05/2018Tire pros in Ephraim
New Tires25033011/27/2018Ephraim tire pros
Clean Battery connections25033011/27/2018New batteries
Replace both Batteries25033811/27/2018Ephraim tire pros
Rotate Tires28033011/27/2018New tires
Replace Windshield Wipers25129712/07/2018