Printable Maintenance log for 2007 GMC Yukon LS 4X4

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Oil Change5786104/30/2010 
Check Tires5786104/30/2010Bought Tire from West Somerset Wrecking. Michlein 265/70R17 Steel Rim
Rear Brakes5890005/01/2010Rear Brakes and Turn Rotors
Change Air Filter5790005/04/2010 
Trim Interior5820005/29/2010Misc trim for interior
Check Tires5950006/05/2010 
Air Pressure Sensors6240007/24/2010Replaced all 4 Sensors
Rotate Tires6290007/27/2010 
Replace Tire6290007/27/2010Continetial Tire from Leslie Tire in Monticello, KY
Oil Change6307608/06/2010Oil Filter A/C Delco PF48
Check Tires6307608/06/2010 
Transmission Filter6340208/28/2010Super Tech Dextron VI 5 Quarts Autozone Filter # TF351
Front Brakes 6340208/28/2010Oreilly's Ceramic Brakes
Install Luggage Rails6340208/28/2010 
Front Rotors Turned6340208/28/2010Oreilly's
Wiper Blade Rear6590010/09/2010Auto-Zone
Rotate Tires6690010/31/2010Wal-Mart Liftetime Rotate and Balance
Check Tires6690010/31/2010 
Oil Change6707411/06/2010PF 48
Oil Change7052601/04/2011PF 48 6 qts
Check Tires7052601/04/2011 
Check Tires7292104/06/2011 
Rotate Tires7292104/06/2011 
Check Tires7474405/28/2011 
Oil Change7474405/28/2011PF-48 A/C
Front Diff Yoke Seal7474405/28/2011National Seal 710536
Front Diff Fluid Change7474405/28/201175W-90 Syn Oil 2 quarts qty
Wiper Blades Front7537906/16/2011Wal-Mart
Check Tires7720107/31/2011 
Check Tires7844209/11/2011 
Oil Change7850209/12/2011Switced to Pennzoil 10W-30 High Mileage and Purolator Filter PureONE PL12222 6.99 Advance Auto Parts
Rotate Tires7867509/21/2011Wal-Mart
A/C Belt7869009/22/2011378K4
Main Belt7869009/22/2011935K6
Oil Change8296401/21/2012 
Check Tires8296401/21/2012 
Rotate Tires8446104/04/2012 
Check Tires8446104/04/2012 
Clean Air Filter8485804/09/2012K&N Filter Advance Auto Parts
Spark Plugs8491804/12/2012Old Plugs A/C Delco 41-985 New Plugs A/C Delco 41-110 Engine Hours 2887.4 Advance Auto Parts
Plug Wires8491804/12/2012AutoLight Proffesional Series Plug Wires 97093 Advance Auto Parts
Replace Tire8589005/18/2012All 4. Bought from Candido's All Season (M + S) 21299006 P265/70R17 Neptune Experience.12/32nd's new
Check Tires8589005/18/2012 
Rotate Tires8589005/18/2012 
Oil Change8603805/28/20127 quarts of oil Penzoil High Mileage 10W-30 Purolotor Filter L1222
Clean Inside8603805/28/2012 
Wash Outside8603805/28/2012Hand Wash
Wash Outside006/02/2012Hand Wash
Oil Change9089507/30/2012Fleetguard filter penzoil high mileage.
Wash Outside9098507/31/2012Hand Wash
Check Tires9101808/04/2012LF 25, Rest of Tire 27.5
Front Brakes 9101808/04/2012Changed Brakes and put on new Rotors. Brake Part # GNAD 1092 Advance Auto Parts.
Front Rotors Replace9101808/04/2012YH145582 Advance Auto Parts
Tire Repair9400011/11/2012rear Left Rear. Leslie's Tire
Oil Change9565412/10/20126 Qts High Mileage Penzoil 10W-30 Oil Fitler LF 16242
Rotate Tires9565812/10/2012Wal-Mart
Check Tires9565812/10/2012 
Throttle Body Assy9580012/14/201212589235 Seal 25.96 12580760 Throttle Body Assy 194.53 13.23 Tax
Check Tires9872404/04/2013Tires OK
Clean Air Filter9948604/25/2013Cleaned K&N Filter
Replace Radio9993005/11/
Oil Change10016405/23/2013changed oil and filter fleetguard
Replace Front Speakers10017005/30/2013Front Speakers bought from Don Franklin. $27.97 each. Part # 25852236
Replace Rear Speakers10020006/07/2013ACDelco 15201406 Rear Chevy Radio Speaker Assembly. Bought of Ebay $42.42 total
Oil Change10466809/29/20133571.4
Check Tires10466809/30/2013 
Rotate Tires10518510/10/2013Wal-Mart
Check Tires10518510/10/2013Wal-Mart
Battery Replace10629811/15/2013Frank got from Corbin Battery. Performance Battery
Wash Outside011/28/2013 
Transmission Filter10913902/22/2014Used Tranny Filter that had bought last time. Bought Tranny fluid from Wal-Mart Dextron VI
Clean Air Filter10913902/22/2014 
Check Tires10913902/22/2014 
Oil Change10913902/22/2014High Mileage Oil Penzoil
Wash Outside10913902/22/2014 
Replace Left Side Mirror10913902/22/2014 
Detail Complete11243305/23/2014 
Oil Change11326007/01/2014L1222 Purolator Oil Filter
Check Tires11326007/01/2014 
Check Tires11338607/11/2014 
Rotate Tires11338907/11/2014 
Rear Brakes11703209/26/2014Rocauto
Rear Rotors Replace11703209/26/2014Rocauto
Licences009/29/20148689FN Breast Cancer Awarness
Wash Outside11716809/30/2014 
Clean Inside11716809/30/2014 
Check Tires11716809/30/2014 
Oil Change11720810/04/2014Engine Hours 4002.8 Switched to 5W-30 Penzoil Synthetic Blend dexol L12222 Purolator 6.5 quarts of oil
Check Tires11720810/04/2014LF-7 LR-7 RR-6 RF-6
Wash Outside010/20/2014 
Replace Tire11812011/01/2014replace front tires with stored tires.
Check Tires11812011/01/2014 
Rotate Tires11812011/01/2014 
Remote Oil Cooler Gasket011/13/2014Oreilly's 72435 3.99 gasket and 8.00 cleaners
Clean Inside11847511/15/2014 
Wash Outside11847511/16/2014 
Oil Change11849211/18/2014Changed because of intake gasket leaking
Intake Gasket Upper11849211/18/2014Upper intake gasket bought from Autozone MS96587 FEL-PRO
Lower intake Gasket11849211/18/2014Bought from Don Franklin GMC 89017690
Valve Cover Gaskets Both11849211/18/2014Bought from Autozone VS50504R FEL-PRO
Check Tires12280002/13/2015 
Wiper Blades Front12310202/15/2015 
Wiper Blade Rear12310202/15/2015 
Heet Yellow12310202/15/2015 
Repair Wiper Washer Hose12237103/04/2015splice passenger side wiper hose
Replace Brake Light Switch12237103/04/201513.47 Brake and clutch Switch Don Franklin 25981009 part #
Oil Change12338403/06/20155W-30 Dex 4209 Engine Hours
Check Tires12338403/06/2015 
Wash Outside12338403/06/2015 
Clean Air Filter12339303/07/2015 
Replace Tire12382203/13/2015Ebay Cooper Discovery CTS 13 32nd's Tread when new. 624.00 with 100 instant rebate and 70 dollar mail in rebate. Mounted at Leslie's Tire Burnside 9.50 a piece.
Rotate Tires12382203/13/2015 
Check Tires12382203/14/201532 pounds
Check Tires12530704/18/2015 
Front Brakes 12535704/18/2015POWER STOP Part # 161092 RockAuto parts
Front Rotors Turned12535704/18/2015Oreilly's Auto Parts Turned Rotors
Wash Outside12535704/18/2015 
Clean Inside12535704/18/2015 
Spray Wax12535704/18/2015 
Lug Nut Cover004/28/201515646250 Lug Nut Cover 3.19 each
Replace Fuel Cap12695605/16/20156841 from AutoZone
Evap Vent12722005/23/201519257603 Harness 25.51 23481275 SL-N-Vent 47.64 Don Franklin
Oil Change12739905/30/2015Normal Oil Change 5W-30 Pennzoil Dexos.Purolator L12222
Floor Mats006/04/2015New Floor mats Wal-mart
Check Tires13190308/08/2015 
Wash Outside13190308/08/2015 
Oil Change13190308/08/2015Wix Filter
Oil Change13553012/22/20155W-30
Check Tires13553012/22/2015 
Rotate Tires13596412/30/2015Wal-Mart rotated cooper tires 1st time
Check Tires13596412/30/2015Wal-Mart
Clean Air Filter14018804/23/2016autozone recharge kit
Oil Change14018804/23/2016filter from frank hansford wix hours 4796
Check Tires14018804/23/2016average pressure 33 psi
Oil Change14549209/06/2016Wix Filter Hours 4978
Check Tires14549209/06/2016 
Rotate Tires14570609/16/2016Leslie's Tire Science Hill, Kentucky
Battery Replace14210011/20/2016Wal-Mart 5 year Warranty in google drive
Front Hub Assy14210011/25/ Replace Left front WA515096
Front Diff Replace14877512/29/20165116.3 Hours Bought off Ebay Came out of 2009 Silverado Serial # 1GCEK19059Z250433 3.73 Ratio, GT4 Option ID 3066 a1autrec
Front Diff Fluid Change14877512/29/2016Autozone 75W-90 Fully Synethic
Oil Change14881512/31/2016XG10060 Fram 5W-30 Dexos Pennzoil
Check Tires14881512/31/2016 
Front Shocks14986602/18/ Prime Choice ST11152PR
Replace Rear Shocks14986602/18/ ACDelco 520-396 Right Rear Leaking
Plug Wires14986602/18/ ACDelco 97488RR
Spark Plugs14986602/18/ and AutoZone ACDelco 41-110
Rotate Tires14986602/18/2017 
Check Tires14986602/18/2017 
Replace Exhaust Manifolds15045003/04/2017Tunerbits stainless steel headers from amazon. gasket's from autozone and botls from oreilly's left front bolt broke, got it out. left rear could not get too. still broke
Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair15178304/15/2017Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair Kit #KAP169
Grease Lub15178304/22/2017 
Oil Change15178304/22/2017Purolator Boss PBL12222 10.00 filter Dexos Filter 5234 hours
Transmission Filter15178304/22/2017TF351 filter 5 quarts of oil dextron VI
Oil Pan Gasket15178304/22/2017ACDelco 12612350 GM Original Equipment Oil Pan Gasket
Front Diff Axle Shaft Seals Both15178304/22/2017710648 Both Sides
Front Stablizer Bar Link15178304/22/2017ACDelco 46G0002A Advantage Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit with Hardware
Front Diff Fluid add15178304/22/201775W-90 Syn Blend
Clean Air Filter15178304/29/2017 
Clean Inside15310006/03/2017 
Detail Complete15310006/03/2017 
Check Tires15310006/03/2017 
Seat Repair006/10/2017 
Replace Tire15310006/14/2017Replace 2 rear tires. had debris in front right one. leslie's tire. replace with bg goodrich
Dash Repair15530007/05/2017 
Wiper Paint15530007/05/2017 
Totaled 15600008/20/2017Totaled around 10:00 AM at 27 and 1247 intersection in Science Hill, Ky