Printable Maintenance log for 2009 chevy hhr ss

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Purchased By Original Owner In NJ011/14/2008Approximate price was $25,000 Sticker price shows?
Oil Change500003/01/2009 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Oil Change1000007/01/2009 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Rotate Tires1000007/01/2009Tires Rotated by Original owner
Oil Change1500011/01/2009 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Cabin Air Filter changed1500011/01/2009Cabin Air Filter Changed by Original Owner
Lubricate Hinges Locks etc.1500011/01/2009 Original owner 1. Lubricate hinges, locks, console door and seats. 2.Lubricate Rubber seals,doors & hatches dielectrical silicone grease or spray
Cabin Air Filter changed3000011/01/2009 Original owner 1. Lubricate hinges, locks, console door and seats. 2.Lubricate Rubber seals,doors & hatches dielectrical silicone grease or spray
Rotate Tires2000003/01/2010Tires Rotated by Original owner
Oil Change2000003/01/2010 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Oil Change2500006/01/2010 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Oil Change3000010/01/2010 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Cabin Air Filter changed3000010/01/2010Cabin Air Filter Changed by Original Owner
Change Air Filter3000010/01/2010GM # 15909459 changed by original Owner
Rotate Tires3000010/01/2010Tires Rotated by Original owner
New Tires5300001/01/2011 3 new bridgestone potenza r760 tires installed by dealer
Oil Change3500003/01/2011 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Oil Change4000006/01/2011 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Rotate Tires4000006/01/2011Tires Rotated by Original owner
Oil Change4500008/01/2011 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Cabin Air Filter changed4500008/01/2011Cabin Air Filter Changed by Original Owner
Lubricate Hinges Locks etc.5000011/01/2011 Original owner 1. Lubricate hinges, locks, console door and seats. 2.Lubricate Rubber seals,doors & hatches dielectrical silicone grease or spray
Rotate Tires5000012/01/2011Tires Rotated by Original owner
Oil Change5000012/01/2011 Oil Changed by original owner Mobil 1 0w30 Ac Filter # AC-PF457G or Mobil M1-C151 Torqued to 25 Nm Also lubricated (Silicone Spray) chassis rubber bushings & parking brake cable guides
Oil Change5300003/21/2012Oil changed by Pellegrino chevy in NJ with 5w30 mobil 1 and ac oil filter
Purchased5320003/27/2012Purchased for $13,450.00 Original price on this was $15,950 in January 12 Was on for $13,950.00 Traded In 07 HHR LT2 for $6,500.00 GM Certified (one Owner) came with 12 month 12,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty bought additional 24 month 24,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for a total of 36 months or 36,000 mile warranty
Alignment5375003/28/2012 Alignment Checked by Firestone for free front right toe and front right camber where just out of specs
New Tires5375003/29/2012 Matching tire installed by firestone cicero ny Right Rear Potenza also added road hazard to all four tires through firestone
Inspection5350004/23/2012Done At Drivers Village Chevy. Also had them check for noise in steering column and Brake vacuum issue New Column and vacuum pump ordered should be in by end of week
Steering column replaced5350004/29/2012 steering column replaced at Burdick Chevy drivers village in Cicero cost of part alone was $950.00 Covered under warranty
Misc Work5460004/29/2012 Vacuum pump added to help brakes this job took almost all day for Burdick chevy to perform this was an issue with 08 and up to mid year 09 auto SS HHR's the pump was added in late 09 and 10 models parts alone where $500.00 covered under gm warranty
Misc Work5615106/01/2012 Bought GMTu Gm turbo upgrade form Crate engine depot $500.00 had it installed by John Alpert at Drivers villag Burdick Chevy in Cicero. Works great except for the fact that the brakes are back to the way they where before vaccum assist was added. Possibly wrong reflash. Car seems to be running a little hotter thought at one point is spit out a couple quarts of fluid but it must have been the car before me in the same parking spot since there was absolutley no sign of it at all in the engine compartment. drew a blue line on overflow when cool in 90 degree heat to keep watching. Also from a dead stop car will pull 22 psi then drop to zero nose over then pull again? will have dealer look at this according to dan at crate engine depot this may be either the lower sensor hitting or possibly the turbo leaking? Update appears car was going on reve limiter causing it to shut off. then turn back on
Misc Work5630006/01/2012Brought car in to Dave coolie mgr at drivers reflash computer to try and make vacuum brake assist pump work with new turbo upgrade and grind nub on tmap and to order cac pipe
Misc Work5640007/16/2012Dropped off car at drivers village to have brake assist pump fixed and cac pipe and front right axle seal replaced. cold air charge pipe per dave cooley Gm TAC tech assistance was called and they knew why it was not commanding the vacuum assist pump to come on. They had to right a new program for my car
Change Accessory Belts5665007/23/2012 Serpentine belt was making a chirping slipping nause slightly when you took off with the AC on. Installed a new Gates Napa belt Note must take bottom plastic shields off to get at belt
Change Air Filter5725008/11/2012 Bought Air filter from Drivers Village
Cabin Air Filter changed5770008/21/2012AC PF125 cabin filter put in purhased from Drivers Village Chevy took out purolator filter that was installed by original owner a little dirty but not too bad.
Oil Change5769308/26/20125w30 Mobil 1 car still said 52 percent left a.c. filter used Note I did not reset the computer tracking of oil change Gm will change oil free for the first two years but I changed it at 5000 miles like the original owner has always done. next oil Change will be done by the dealer
Misc.5947901/21/2013Started car for 20 minutes moved to front garage and then back
Misc.002/20/2013Started for 10 minutes drove to front garage in back
Temperature (coolant) data5994004/14/2013Took car out of storage running hot when it was 49 out went up to 221
Misc.5994004/14/2013Continued from last list same day click ac on when car is at 215 221 and car drops temp fan is running the same speed the whole time radiator hose lower feels ice cold
Temperature (coolant) data004/15/201334 degree position got as high as 210 stayed around 199-205
Temperature (coolant) data004/15/2013Drove home 70 degrees outside car ran great. Temp went to 205 max then down to 199 then back to 205 back and forth then down to 194 !@ one point.tried the loaner whit turbo 1.4 cruze that sue has from sharon chevy 70 degrees out car ran 215-221 constantly
Temperature (coolant) data004/17/2013Took air cleaner lid off to see if it made a change in coolant temp and it seemed to Drove to work 32 degrees out. car went to 205 stayed there for a few minutes dropped to 203 went back to 205 stayed steady turned heat on went to 207 then 210 quickly then seemed to come back I put the heat back to to cool and it never went over 205 seems more consistent. maybe car is reading inlet air temp and adjusting coolant temp accordingly ?
Temperature (coolant) data004/18/2013Same thing yesterday afternoon driving home as am.
Oil Change5950004/22/2013 Second oil change done since I bought the Car. Oil was changed just before I bought it in NJ at Pellegrino chevy Then I changed it myself 5000 miles later then just changed today for free at drivers village Chevy even though the oil monitor light still said 29 percent left till oil change Per Dave Coolie Chevy service manager and Matt Burdick service writer Mobil 1 5w30 oil change was done for free.
Inspection5950004/22/2013 Inspection done passed with flying colors at Drivers village Chevy
Rotate Tires5950004/22/2013Done at Drivers Village Chevy Free under the certified preowned program front to back
Temperature (coolant) data5950004/22/2013Brought in to drivers village while it was being inspected etc. I had them check why the temperature seems to be fluctuating they said the tech checked it and the car never got over 205 drove it home it hit 212 still not bad let it sit in the drive way running for 20 minutes it stayed very stable at 210 degrees. with the fan running and it was about 60 degrees out
Temperature (coolant) data5950004/22/2013Checked this morning noticed that before they did the oil change yesterday the oil was up about a half inch higher than it should be on the stick. it is right at the top after they did the oil change yesterday maybe I put too much in when i did the oil change of 5 quarts? Also noticed that the coolant level was up about 2-3 inches.I am assuming the tech added coolant. I also noticed that at idle at about 130 degrees this morning that it appears that air bubbles are coming from the radiator into the the rate of 1 bubble every 5-10 seconds. they may not be air bubbles but sure looked like they where. Hoping that the tech maybe took off the rad cap and it was just air coming out . that he let enter and hopefully it is not a head gasket letting compression enter the coolant chamber?
Oil Change5950004/22/2013Had oil changed under the certified free program mobil 1 5w30 at Drivers village chevy
Temperature (coolant) data004/25/2013 started car this morning and immediatley noticed air or water bubbles in coolant overflow drove to work idling at 205 no signs of bubbles at all. need to pull hose when cold put into jar with water and then see if air or coolant comes out of course there will be some air present in hose
Temperature (coolant) data5990004/26/2013 Rented Block Tester from autozone Poured Blue dye into tester pulled about a pint or so of antifreeze out and pulled the air filter housing off took tork screws out but supposedly I could have just pulled the filter housing up. Checked for exhaust leaks into coolant nothing found dye stayed blue would have turned yellow if something was wrong I even revved the engine to test and nothing. Then waited and Checked the next day when it was cold, bubbles came out into the sealed overflow tank but no sign of gases ! :} Tried to do a pressure test on the coolant system unfortunatley the adapters that I rented from auto zone did not screw on far enough to try.
Temperature (coolant) data5991004/28/2013 Drove around in 70 degree weather Saturday and Sunday, Car never got over 205 mainly near 199!
Change Air Filter6100006/15/2013 Installed K&n filter appeared to be very dry not much oil on it. says it can go 50000 before cleaning and re oiling. bought from
Front Brakes6100006/15/2013Had vibration when braking in steering wheel it would shake put dial indicator on each front rotor they where out by .007 on d side and .008 on passenger side. found to be original rotors. very heavy duty looking Had pep boys turn them they where at ..950 and wher cut to .930 can only go to a minimum.910 2 different guys cut rotors Joe the service MGR or writer was good to deal with he cut driver side very smooth. he said the mechanic cut the passenger side rougher looked good sanded both with 400 then hand sanded with 120 assuming P side will wear brakes quicker cleaned and lubed everything reused pads that where just put on car when I bought it FM 1001/1 FF 865230 looked as if there was less than .050 wear sanded scuffed with 80 grit. need to buy K1610 Power stop brakes from Rock Auto drilled slotted and ceramic
Misc Work6140007/03/2013 this happened either today or the day before drove car to work it was nothing wrong came out from work it was very Hot and Humid and raining outside. drove through a puddle on the drivers side front leaving my work. just before the mall I noticed the car seemed to have low power gave it gas and had no boost. avoided 81 drove down a side road keyed off and back on and all was well. put paper filter in ran great for 2 days
Misc.6140007/04/2013Cleaned mass airflow sensor a second time with CRC MAF cleaner.
Misc Work6140007/04/2013 started car up backed out of driveway with sue to go to ollies. Car got up to about 10 mph started bucking and SHUT OFF. turned key off started it back up backed into driveway idled ok put scanner Torque app on showed a pending P101 MAF issue. a minute later car stalled .
Misc.6140007/05/2013 Started car up had paper filter in the car MAF cleaned twice and wiped out air box just in case there was oil from K&n filter. started to drive jack to my parents 6am about 100 feet down the road the car started bucking got on 31 had boost seemed to clean up a little drove back home got startron went to red apple filled up and added startron. Still ran a tiny bit rough missing once and a while engine light was on for a p101 maf code and also P102-4 3of 4 cylinders pending misfire codes.dropped Jack off at Parents drove to Burdick Chevy first service writer said they could not look at anything today talked to Matt burdick gave him a screen shot of codes and later emailed him the screenshots of codes. Matt called me at work about 2 and said well the codes where still there but car is running a little rough but not that bad. I was told to pickup car and drop off Sunday night so they could check it when it was cold I told them that I was not comfortable taking car since it was a safet
Misc.6140007/05/2013 talked to bill yost for advice said to check car tonight then in the morning to confirm its a cold issue cleaned MAF again had paper filter back in it pulled battery cable for 5 minutes about 9pm started ok then idled down ran bad and even backfired missing badly. cleared p101 code and would run good until code came back in a minute or so. drove down road not really driveable pulled back in garage.
Misc Work6140007/06/2013bought remanufactured maf from john at pep boys to try but never did. Checked bpv blow off valve stock looked great. checked a couple other things pulled front bumper off takes about 10 minutes or so. 10 screws on the bottom of front lip 1 screw in wheel well each side up high and about 3 to 4 push clips on each side then have to push down on black teeth clips3 on each side near fenderwell then three or so near headlight pulled front bumper off Shimmed intercooler 7/16" of an inch forward and cut off about 1/2" of intercooler outlet rubber pipe which in turn pulled the lower tmap sensor away from motor. Pulled the Crate engine depot harness adapter for lower tmap and the tape looked fine then I took tape off and sprayed wires with MAF cleaner , to my surprise
Misc.007/09/2013Car afr commands 14.2 whilr cruising along at wot it commands and gets 12.2 probably a little rich fir the tune but safe car shoots up to 25 plus shen ypu decelaraye on the highwY this is normal since the motor runs on air pretty much
Misc Work6140007/09/2013 reassembled everything pulled battery for 2 minutes car started up immediatley idled great and has been running great with no codes as of 7/9/13 except for one strange code that popped up directley after delta sonic car wash P3A3F which may have been and OBD II communication error no info on net on this code. Cancelled appt with Matt Burdick at Burdick chevy told him it starting running worse but then ran better with drier weather and i had family stuff going on and I would bring it back when it runs rough again.
Misc Work6142507/09/2013Continued from previous entry lower tmap wires cleaned with MAF cleaner then applied 3 coats of liquid tape then put scotch 33+ tape over it
Misc.6145007/09/2013 ordered tmap sensor harnesss from tom at crate engine depot $120.00 tom said dealer would not cover this any how since its his gm dealership that makes these up retruned and covered under warranty only had to pay for shipping
Check Engine Light Code Issues 007/12/2013Picked up jack stopped a couple of times While driving along rt 31 with jack after 5 days of car running great and no pending or regular codes. Car stumbled and threw a MAF code? Check for code info sent Drove home later that night pulled old harness out that was taped looked great but replaced with new disconnected battery car still had issues and was throwing a po691 and po480? code which leaned towards Tmap sensors
Check Engine Light Code Issues 007/16/2013had to go to ups drivers house to pick up parts from UPS driver put in 2 new tmap sensors from ced $18.00 each pulled lower charge pipe up through where radiator mounts ground mounting pad off turned sensor 180 degrees moved radiator about 1.5" forward with 4 brackets I made this gives way more clearance checked for boost leak and there is a leak on the hot pipe on top where the hard plastic goes down and turns to rubber before it goes into the intercooler. foaming bubbling but spraying heavily out of one area at 20psi from compressor talked to Al Koster and he said he has a good tech to look at it at reymores.
Check Engine Light Code Issues 007/18/2013 Check engine lights are gone and have not come back even though the boost leak should be throwing a code. problem now is that I am getting a P0691 and P0480 fan circuit problem tried and tried to get to work appears to be ecm for fan if you push on connection to fan a certain way it will work keeps throwing codes
Check Engine Light Code Issues 007/22/2013 
Temperature (coolant) data6150007/24/2013 Note as of 7/24/13 fans seem to be working fine since I pulled the two main wires out of the supply harness connector and rebent them and moved them up to where they need to be in the connector Only problem I notice is that I am leaking about 2 oz of coolant fluid a day which appears to be from the pet cock.
Misc Work007/26/2013Car had been running great until this afternoon Friday drove from work to mom and dads talking to jack on the phone he was at camp started going up hill on w genesse st near westvale plaza car sputtered and threw a pending maf p101 went into limp mode drove to parents shut off and drove all the way almost home and figured I would drive west on 31 just before stearns rd to see if it would have a problem sure enough it threw the maf p0101 code which I was told by several tuners is normally not the MAF but usually a boost leak which I still have came home pulled upper and lower tmaps that are only one week old.cleaned them off lower looked fine upper looked like it had a small amount of oil which I was told is probably from PVC valve. also cleaned MAF sensor did not see anything wrong pulled battery cable for about an hour car has been running great since and today is monday the 29th bringing into dealer tonight
Misc Work6140007/30/2013Brought in to Reymore Chevy to have upper charge pipe replaced that was leaking and should be what has been causing the check engine light to come on according to a couple of tuners. Worked on by Doug Wagner and helped out by parts manager Al Koster cost was $150.00 for pipe plus 1.6 hours of install Doug also adjusted waste gate it was not closing all the way only had to be adjusted 1-1/2 to 2 threads according to Doug still looking into getting this covered under warranty
Misc Work008/04/2013car had been running great until today drove to sues parents then drove to pep boys napa and walmart for part for maryannes car then back to their house ran great. then on the way home on 481 just before kirkville rd it started to run bad afr went to 17 plus pulled over and it was barely running then I went and shut it off. restarted ran bad then cleaned up and was ok all the way to seven o's rv drove back a few miles all ok other than a pending p101 code then on 481 just before 81 it started up again. almost seems heat or time related the more its driven ? sent a p101 CEL pulled over keyed off started up and has run ok till home
Misc Work008/04/2013checked upper tmap sensor and it was covered in oil slightly cleaned and reinstalled. then did a boost leak test and to my surprise it is leaking out of the same area of the pipe that the old one was
Misc Work008/05/2013 pipe install will be reimburssed Doug follower wants to install a MAF sensor and I talked him into changing the upstream wideband O2 sensor both will be covered under warranty.and also the upper pipe is covered under the gm powertrain warranty but they had to call gm direct to find this out.
Misc Work008/11/2013Hhr ss was running fine since Wednesday when Reymores put in 2nd hot side pipe new maf sensor and new front o2 sensor but driving down 81 near seventh north street it went into limp mode had to pull over and re start twice
Misc Work008/12/2013 Texted doug wagner and mechanic at reymores and Al Koster Parts manager about the car still not being fixed and how my wife will not drive in the car because she feels its not safe
Misc Work6190008/15/2013Found car shudders consistently when shifting into second at 5 psi in I
Misc Work60268008/22/2013Brought ba k to reymore chevy to have doug wagner try to figure out why the car throws a p101 and p106 code unless i clean the oil off of the upper tmap sensor.He has to go by gm tac line they said there is no way oil could cause this. No oil foumd in pipes just intake.then tac told doug to cut out ced wire harness which he did not do and basically all he was a le to do is put dialectric grease on wiring to lower tmap
Oil Change6211108/23/2013Mobil 1 5w30
Misc Work6230008/26/2013 Here is email info from Tom at Crate engine Depot who emailed the engineer who designed the gmtu More_Power_More _torque "Hello Mike, This is the reply from my GM engineer who also sent this along to your mech: “Tom, I called and talked to Doug. He said the car was sent back to Mike with dielectric grease in all the connections on your jumpers. I don't think that is the issue. I told him about the PCV check valve in the intake manifold, p/n 12589440, that can cause the excessive oil in the intake and a boost pressure loss. This is a check valve, and can cause oil consumption and oil in the intake system when the one way check valve in the intake manifolds fails to check when the engine is boosting. This causes high crankcase pressure due to boost leaking into the crankcase and high blow-by and it will overcome the PCV system oil separation baffles and push oil into the intake manifold. Please pass this along to Mike Connley.” Tom"
Check Engine Light Code Issues 6240009/17/2013Drop off car at reymores to have PCV valve changed also they are changing the intake manifold because it has to come off thid was sepyember 3 rd?
Temperature (coolant) data6272409/17/2013First real cold day of the end of summer while driving into work car went up to 210 especially when i had the heat on hsually only hits 205 on hotter days keep eye on fan ecm also On wiring on fan that was pulled out a bit enough to arc and not make connection duri g the syracuse nata is when it was nktices probably from burdick installing lower charge pipe
Check Engine Light Code Issues 6350010/17/2013No problems since pcv valve and imtake manifold changed at reymores noticing that oil level on dipstick has gone up may be gas maybe coolant oil appears to be fine but the higher the oil level goes the more oil ends up on upper tmap sensor took out 8 oz of oil dipstick shows 3/4 full and was an 1/8" over full approximately tmap went from noticeable amount of oil on tmap to almost none at all
Oil Change6379311/03/2013Did myself mobil 1 5w30 smelled like gas i think may be from e20 mix still getting oil on upper tmap sensor before change
Misc.6387311/24/2013Started and ran for 10 minutes in storage with e10 and startron
Misc.002/09/2014Started and ran for 15 minutes right tear tire was at 24 put to 34 15 degrees out but garage was heated to 60 degrees fir 8 hours coolant started at 43 went to 190
Oil Change6689307/26/2014Did myself mobil1 5w 30 torque both oil filter cap and drain plug to 18foot # ac Delco oil filter # PF457GF
Oil Change7160602/07/2015Changed in front garage mobil1 5w30 oil and ac pf457gf oil filter made in USA oil was darkest yet not bad though car should have oil changed about 1000 miles less next time imo
Alignment7200003/30/2015Installed last weekend new autozone top of the line rear high carbon rotors zinc plated black and most expensive ceramic pads appears to have original rear pads and rotors.
Misc.7200003/30/2015Switched summer tires over to hhr ss