Printable Maintenance log for 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

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Change Air Filter1532707/01/2007Self Fram
Oil Change003/04/2008Self
Rotate Tires3117505/04/2008Chapman
Inspection3117505/04/2008Chapman Failed. Needs new front brakes Repaired 3rd brake light
Oil Change3117505/04/2008Chapman
Brakes - Front3327206/21/2008Front Brakes Pro Stop Ceramic - PR857-C from Pep Boys Front Rotor Pro Stop Platinum - 780049/107071 from Pep Boys
Inspection3339306/28/2008Chapman Re-inspected and passed
Oil Change3577208/25/2008Self
Oil Change3577212/30/2008Self
Rotate Tires3577212/30/2008Self
Inspection4539405/13/2009Chapman. Failed - Needs rear brakes, rotors, and tires
Oil Change4539405/13/2009Chapman
New Tires4674806/27/2009BJs
Brakes - rear4678306/28/2009Self. Purchased brakes from Pep Boys
Inspection4728207/02/2009Chapman. Re-inspection - Passed
Wheel Alignment4780007/13/2009In Montgomeryville - 4 wheel alignment
Change Air Filter4804007/13/2009Self. Fram
Oil Change5258610/29/2009Self. Fram
New Tires5808002/11/2010Had a flat on right rear from driving on Davisville Rd. BJs replaced it for no charge due to Road Hazard warranty and since we purchased it less them 9 months ago
Rotate Tires5809002/11/2010BJs
Oil Change5842803/06/2010Self
Change Air Filter5842803/06/2010Fram
Inspection6089805/11/2010Chapman. Passed. Cooling System checked - OK.
Oil Change6520008/18/2010Chapman
Rotate Tires6520008/18/2010Chapman
Oil Change7106102/16/2011Chapman
Oil Change7106102/16/2011Chapman
Brakes - Front7460006/09/2011Self. Replace pads
Oil Change7490106/21/2011Chapman
Rotate Tires7490106/21/2011Chapman
Misc7513408/15/2011Replaced Battery. Purchased from BJs
Change Air Filter7766911/27/2011Fram
Oil Change8003903/02/2012Chapman
Rotate Tires8300006/15/2012Pep Boys
Inspection8352506/28/2012Chapman Chrysler Plymouth No Problems. Poss small leak in Transmission Pan and rear shock. Did not have fixed.
Wipers8500008/04/2012Front & rear
Oil Change8525208/12/2012 
Trans fluid and filter change8618609/22/2012Accel
Misc9011302/11/2013Drain, Flushed, and refilled power steering system
New Tires9011302/11/2013 
Misc9011302/11/2013Drained, flushed, and re filled power steering system
Oil Change9084703/10/2013self
Change Air Filter9084703/10/2013self
Inspection9588706/26/2013State & Emissions. Replaced rear wheel bearings. Replaced EGR valve. Added P/S fluid. Needs new tires
Misc9588706/26/2013Replaced EGR valve Accel 6/26/13
Oil Change9580007/06/2013 
Misc9588707/06/2013rear wheel bearings , EGR valve Accell
New Tires9590007/12/2013All tires. From BJs
Misc9717508/26/2013Replaced Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires. Purchased from Pep Boys
Misc9717708/28/2013Replaced serpentine belt Accel 8/28/2013
Change Accessory Belts9718008/28/2013Fan Belt changed by Accel
Misc9887009/25/2013Replaced power steering pump and pulley
Misc9979910/11/2013Replaced power steering rack Accel 10/11/2013
Oil Change10080411/13/2013self. The drain plug bold was stripped. Need to get a new one
Misc10345001/11/2014Accel new alternator
Change Air Filter10728003/14/20143/29/14
Oil Change10728003/29/2014Penzoil oil, fram filter
Change Air Filter10728003/29/2014 
Brakes - Front10909005/08/2014Replaced rotors also
Oil Change11027905/29/2014Kerrigans free
Inspection11192406/24/2014Chapman Chrysler - Failed for rear shocks
Misc11192406/24/2014Replaced Rear Shocks, purchased from Pep Boys
Rotate Tires1158511/17/2014BJ's. Also plugged 1 tire that had a nail in it.
Trans fluid and filter change11887104/15/2015Accel replaced fluid and filter, adjusted bands.
Rotate Tires12042105/19/2015BJ's. Also balanced tires.
Inspection12106406/04/2015Chapman Chrysler failed for rear brakes
Oil Change12134306/06/2015Quaker State.
Brakes - rear12134306/06/2015Pep Boys.
Change Air Filter12234306/06/2015 
Misc12327007/07/2015New Battery
Oil Change12828611/28/2015Self
Rotate Tires12924001/07/2016Balanced tires also
New Tires12924001/07/2016Replaced one front drivers side, nail in tire. BJs
New Tires13037202/08/2016Replaced one front drivers side tire again. Nail in tire. BJs
Misc13221203/26/2016Replaced power steering reservoir. Purchased from Amazon.
New Tires13455805/10/2016Two new tires from BJs. Balanced and rotated.
Oil Change13567805/29/2016Self
Oil Change14133110/16/2016Self
Brakes - Front14406401/09/2017Installed myself, bought at Pep Boys
Oil Change14611603/08/2017Self used Castrol GTX
Oil Change15026306/26/2017No labor. That was just the parts cost
Misc15026306/26/2017Replace inner and outer tie rods. Replaced and I freeze. Replaced valve covers and lower intake manifold gaskets.
Misc18073908/16/2017Front left brakes were smoking. Accel replaced left front brake caliper and Brake hose and left front brake rotor.
Change Air Filter15148509/19/2017 
Misc15148509/19/2017Disc brake quiet to passenger side front disc pads
Wipers15148509/19/2017Replaced both front and rear wiper blades. Also we are wiper arm. Front wiper blades were Rain-X blades.
Oil Change15565302/05/2018Accel
Rotate Tires15565302/05/2018Accel they also balance all tires.
Oil Change15565302/12/2018Accel.
Rotate Tires15565302/12/2018Accel
Misc15644603/09/2018Replaced right front headlight bulb.
Misc16241508/01/2018AC recharge
Misc16384309/18/2018Replaced left front ABS sensor. It was bad.