Printable Maintenance log for 2006 Ford F250 Super Duty Lariat

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Add Prolong18500002/06/20123 bottles prolong to Crankcase
Rear Brakes19125005/26/2012Duralast Gold Pads- New Duralast Rotors
Diesel Oil Change19148705/26/201212 qt Rotella T6- 3 qt Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer- Wix filter
Change Fuel Filter19256506/17/2012 
Front Brakes19100008/22/2012Duralast Gold Severe Duty Pads
Oil Change19380008/22/2012No filter
Rotate Tires19380008/22/2012 
Glow plugs and harness19380008/22/2012 
Diesel Oil Change20350901/12/2013Motorcraft fl-2016 filter--13 quarts rotella t6--3 Quarts lucas synthetic
Install bypass oil/coolant filtration kit20350901/12/2013Napa gold coolant filter -- 4070 Amsoil Bypass Oil Filter-- EaBP100 Motorcraft Full Flow oil Filter-- FL-2016
New headlamp bulbs20525002/10/2013 
New Tires20583503/16/2013Nitto TerraGrappler AT 285/70/17 lifetime rotate/balance- NTB
Alignment20583503/16/2013With tires
Oil Analysis20601903/24/2013 
Rotate Tires20900005/29/2013 
Track bar bushing and ball joint20900005/29/2013 
Steering stabilizer20900005/29/2013Moog, Orielly
Install BD Adjustable Trackbar20950007/06/2013 
Oil Analysis21040807/23/2013all good- add 3000 miles
Wiper Blades21050007/29/2013Advance- Michelin Beam Style
Replace ball joints21625012/16/2013Moog problem solver series
Install BD cam caster kit21625012/16/2013 
Install McBay adjustable bushings21625012/16/2013 
Rotate Tires21635012/16/2013 
Change Fuel Filter22057803/22/2014MicroGard 33899
Diesel Oil Change22057803/22/201413 quarts Rotella T5--3 quarts Lucas standard-Fram TG9549
Replace Coolant Bypass filter22057803/22/2014Carquest (wix) 89070- NAPA 4070
Coolant service22057803/22/2014Drain 3 gallons coolant and replace with Final Charge
Change Oil Filter22094104/05/2014Motorcraft PL2016
Clean EGR Valve22094104/05/2014 
Rotate Tires22900011/22/2014 
Change Fuel Filter22901011/23/2014 
Diesel Oil Change22901011/23/201413 qt Rotella T6-1 qt lucas full synthetic-2qt Hotshot secret
Coolant service22901011/23/2014 2 gal final charge
Replace Bypass Oil Filter22500003/11/2015 
Clean EGR Valve23230003/11/2015 
Replace #6 injector23252603/15/2015 
Diesel Oil Change24380209/19/201512 quarts Rotella T6, 3 quarts Lucas Full Synthetic additive
Clean EGR Valve24380209/19/2015 
Change Fuel Filter24380209/19/2015 
Oil Analysis25350004/23/2016Immediately Prior to Oil Change
Diesel Oil Change25354804/23/201612 quarts Rotella T-5, 3 Quarts Lucas Full Synthetic, Motorcraft FL-2016 Filter
Clean EGR Valve25354804/23/20162nd time in a week
Rotate Tires25508807/21/2016 
Add Hot Shot Secret Fuel Treatment25508807/21/2016 
Oil Analysis25511007/22/2016 
New Radiator25800010/15/2016Autozone Spectra- Lifetime warranty New upper and Lower Radiator Hoses-
Serpentine Belt25800010/15/2016Dayco-3 year warranty-Autozone
Coolant service25800010/15/20164 gallons of Final Charge-
Belt Tensioner25956411/26/2016Duralast-1 year warranty
Clean EGR Valve25956411/26/2016 
Oil Analysis25956411/26/2016 
Add Hot Shot Secret Fuel Treatment26000002/11/2017 
Install New CAC Tubes26000002/11/2017 
Clean EGR Valve26000002/11/2017 
Add Hot Shot Secret Fuel Treatment26160802/11/2017 
Oil Analysis26160802/11/2017 
Rear Brakes26200003/01/2017New Duralast Calipers, New Duralast Gold Pads, New Duralast Rotors, new Duralast bolts and pins
Clean EGR Valve26350003/21/2017 
Change Fuel Filter26350003/21/2017Upper and lower filters--billet caps
Change Oil Filter26350003/21/2017 
Diesel Oil Change26350003/21/2017 
Replace Coolant Bypass filter26350003/21/2017 
Replace Battery26451504/21/20172 Interstate MegaTron Plus--30 month full replacement--72 month prorated
Oil Analysis26516305/05/2017Looking for issues
Belt Tensioner26550005/21/2017Warranty
Diesel Oil Change26550005/21/2017With Head Gasket Replacement- Rotella T6, Archoil Friction Modifier, Motorcraft 2016 Filter
Clean EGR Valve26550005/21/2017 
Coolant service26550005/21/2017With Head Gasket Replacement-Final Charge
Inspect HPOP26550005/21/2017 
Install Backup Camera26550005/21/2017 
EGR Delete26550005/21/2017Welded Cooler
CAT Delete26550005/21/2017 
Replace Oil Cooler26550005/21/2017 
Install ARP HeadStuds26550005/21/2017 
Replace Head Gaskets26550005/21/2017Mohle OEM
Electric Cooling Fan Delete26550005/21/2017Replaces Electric cooling fan with centrifugal clutch from 1999 Ford F250 7.3L
Install SCT Tuner26550005/21/2017 
Replace Water Pump26550005/21/2017Bulletproof Billet Water Pump
Replace Turbo26550005/21/2017Garret Turbo Upgrade
Add Gauges26550005/21/2017HPOP, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure
Clean Air Filter26550005/21/2017 
Install BD Y-Pipe26550005/21/2017 
Replace Bypass Oil Filter26550005/21/2017 
Replace Coolant Bypass filter26550005/21/2017 
Transmission Service26550005/21/2017Castrol Transmax Synthetic
Replace Thermostats26550005/21/2017 
Replace Oil Temperature Sensor26550005/21/2017 
Replace Coolant Temperature Sensor26550005/21/2017 
New Radiator26550005/22/2017Spectra Radiator under Warranty
Replace HPOP26730007/01/2017Graves auto calera, al
Coolant service26755007/03/2017 
New Tires26903309/05/2017BF Goodrich All Terrain TKO2
Rotate Tires27396812/21/2017 
Diesel Oil Change27500003/15/2018 
Replace HPOP27500003/15/2018 
Replace IPR Valve27500003/15/2018 
Replace IPR Valve27500003/15/2018 
Rotate Tires27688405/10/2018