Printable Maintenance log for 2007 Jeep Commander

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Replace Spark Plugs009/01/2007 
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid009/01/2007 
Service Engine Cooling System009/01/2007 
Inspect Air Filter009/01/2007 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt009/01/2007 
Inspect Brake Linings009/01/2007 
Inspect PCV Valve009/01/2007 
Engine Oil Change722605/12/2008 
Engine Oil Change1867911/14/2008 
Engine Oil Change2359101/26/2009 
Change Transfer Case Fluid3119705/27/2009 
Change Rear/Front Axle Fluid3119705/27/2009 
Engine Oil Change3119705/27/2009 
Rotate Tires3509408/29/2009 
Engine Oil Change3556909/24/2009 
Engine Oil Change4153212/09/2009 
Inspect Air Filter4153212/09/2009 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt4153212/09/2009 
Engine Oil Change4959706/02/2010 
Change Transfer Case Fluid4959706/02/2010 
Change Rear/Front Axle Fluid4959706/02/2010 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt4959706/02/2010 
Rotate Tires5584409/27/2010 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt5584409/27/2010 
Inspect Brake Linings5584409/27/20106mm/40% left.
Engine Oil Change5584409/27/2010 
Inspect Air Filter5584409/27/2010 
Replace Spark Plugs6466804/18/2011 
Engine Oil Change6721006/03/2011 
Change Rear/Front Axle Fluid6721006/03/2011 
Inspect Air Filter6721006/03/2011Replaced air filter.
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt6721006/03/2011 
Engine Oil Change8073602/16/20126 quarts Valvoline 5W20 SynPower
Inspect PCV Valve8505505/25/2012PCV valve inspected.
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid8505505/25/2012 
Change Rear/Front Axle Fluid8505505/25/2012Learn to change fluid at home.
Change Transfer Case Fluid8505505/25/2012 
Engine Oil Change8505505/25/2012 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt8505505/25/2012 
Inspect Air Filter8505505/25/2012Good.
Rotate Tires8505505/25/2012 
Inspect Brake Linings8505505/25/2012Rear pads replaced at dealer. Front pads still squeal. Purchased front Duralast Gold pads to replace front.
Replace Battery8709707/16/2012Replaced with Duralast Platinum 3 Year Free Replacement Battery.
Engine Oil Change9314412/06/2012 
Rotate Tires9572701/30/2013Replaced tires with Fortera P245/65R17
Engine Oil Change10123005/23/20136 Qt Valvoline 5W20 SynPower Valvoline Oil Filter VO107
Inspect Air Filter10123005/23/2013Good
Rotate Tires10128405/25/2013 
Inspect Brake Linings10128405/25/2013 
Replace Spark Plugs10523008/31/2013 
Engine Oil Change10523008/31/2013 
Service Engine Cooling System10523008/31/2013 
Engine Oil Change11105401/12/2014 
Inspect Air Filter11105401/12/2014 
Rotate Tires11135301/18/2014Tires and rolling stock looks good.
Inspect Brake Linings11135301/18/2014Inspected linings, front right concern, but not at this time.
Engine Oil Change11812005/31/2014 
Change Transfer Case Fluid12047007/20/2014Changed at home
Change Rear/Front Axle Fluid12047007/20/2014Changed rear at home, front at dealership.
Inspect PCV Valve12047007/20/2014Inspected, one on order.
Replace Spark Plugs12047007/20/2014With OEM Champion plugs
Inspect Air Filter12047007/20/2014Good
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt12047007/20/2014Good
Engine Oil Change12718102/28/2015 
Rotate Tires12718102/28/2015 
Inspect Brake Linings12718102/28/2015 
Engine Oil Change13876711/22/2015 
Inspect Air Filter13876711/22/2015 
Engine Oil Change14349304/13/2016Raleigh Tire
Rotate Tires14349304/13/2016Rotate & Balance @ Raleigh Tire
Inspect Brake Linings14349304/13/2016 
Engine Oil Change15134911/18/2016 
Replace Spark Plugs15269501/28/2017Used Autolite AP5224. Plan to go back to OEM Champion on next service.
Inspect Air Filter15269501/28/2017Good. Blew out any surface dirt. Need airbox repair (broken plastic fastener, replace clip)
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt15269501/28/2017Replaced belt tensioner. Belt looks really good.
Replace Belt Tensioner15269501/28/2017Belt tensioner pulleys were squeaking. Replaced the tensioner with part 53030958AC.
Rotate Tires15269501/28/2017Found one screw, repaired. Filled all tires, including spare.
Inspect Brake Linings15269501/28/2017Linings are good. However, front rotors are washboard. Replace rotors with next brake change.
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt15292402/08/2017Replaced belt and cleaned pulleys.
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid15379903/10/2017Completed at Valvoline
Engine Oil Change15572004/01/2017High Mileage Valvoline
Change Transfer Case Fluid15580804/03/2017Oil looked good.
Change Rear/Front Axle Fluid15580804/08/2017Mobil 1 75W-140
Engine Oil Change16306209/28/2017Have a 2nd one available as I bought a BOGO.
Inspect Brake Linings16306209/28/2017Front pads and rotors replaced. Rear pads are good.
Rotate Tires16306209/28/2017Replaced all 4 tires. Tires had begun to dry rot.
Inspect PCV Valve16306209/28/2017Checked during lifetime warranty inspection.
Engine Oil Change17236906/23/2018Done at home with Mobil 1 5W-20, Oil change still available at dealership.
Inspect Air Filter17236906/23/2018Blew out with compressed air
Rotate Tires17236906/23/2018Rotated
Inspect Brake Linings17236906/23/2018Brake pads and rotors are good.