Printable Maintenance log for 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5i

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Purchased Subaru1211/05/2009 
Check tires, pressure2462407/24/201134 psi
Oil Change2571408/15/2011Done at Johnson Subaru in Cary, NC. They also reset the check engine light (DTC 457), which was on for a "loose gas cap", they said. They also upgraded the software (reflashed ECM).
Dealer service3314704/05/201230,000 mile service at Johnson Subaru
Change Air Filter3314704/05/2012part of 30k service
Oil Change3314704/05/2012oil and filter change, part of 30k service
Change Fuel Filter3314704/05/2012part of 30k service
Replace brake fluid3314704/05/2012part of 30k service
Replace diff fluid3314704/05/2012part of 30k service
Replace auto trans fluid3314704/05/2012part of 30k service
Check tires, pressure3314704/05/2012part of 30k service
Rotate Tires3314704/05/2012and balance, part of 30k service
Recall work3314704/05/2012rear seatbelts replaced - recall 191-391
County taxes004/17/2012Feb 12 thru Mar 13
Oil Change3725907/16/2012Oil and filter change at Johnson Subaru. Chevron 5W30 5qts and gasket.
Replace wiper blades4213311/18/2012Trico Break-To-Fit 47-800
Brake service4509801/21/2013New rear brake rotors and pads. Part of 45k service at Johnson Subaru.
Replace wiper blades4509801/21/2013replaced rear wiper blade. Part of 45k service at Johnson Subaru.
Change Air Filter4509801/21/2013replace engine air filter. Part of 45k service at Johnson Subaru.
Change cabin air filter4509801/21/2013replaced cabin air filter. Part of 45k service at Johnson Subaru.
Oil Change4509801/21/2013Oil and filter change at 45,000 mile service at Johnson Subaru. 5 qts Chevron 5W30 oil.
Rotate Tires4509801/21/2013Part of 45k service at Johnson Subaru
Tag renewal002/18/20131/6/2013
Oil Change4894704/29/2013Oil and filter change at Johnson Subaru. 5qts Chevron 5W30. Tire pressure light was on - they said right front tire was low.
Oil Change5249307/15/2013Oil and Filter change at Johnson Subaru
Odd parts5257807/24/2013Johnson Subaru replaced the power window main switch under warranty. The passenger rear window was sometimes not going down using the driver door control.
New Tires5619410/12/2013Four new Yokohama YK580; includes lifetime rotation, repairs, spin balancing. From Discount Tire Cary
Odd parts011/21/2013Plate light bulb replaced at inspection.
Installed battery5809511/29/2013Johnson Subaru installed a new battery with 7yr warranty
Replaced belts5809511/29/2013Johnson Subaru replaced both accessory drive belts
Dealer service6003003/04/201460,000 mile service at Johnson Subaru
Oil Change6003003/04/2014part of 60k service
Odd parts6003003/04/2014Changed spark plugs as part of 60k service.
Odd parts6003003/04/2014Replaced front and rear differential fluid as part of 60k service.
Change Air Filter6003003/04/2014Replaced air cleaner filter as part of 60k service
Change cabin air filter6003003/04/2014Replaced A/C filter as part of 60k service
Rotate Tires6003003/04/2014part of 60k service
Odd parts6003003/04/2014Replaced brake fluid as part of 60k service
Brake service6003003/04/2014Replaced front pads and resurfaced rotors as part of 60k service
Rotate Tires6368707/03/201463687
Replaced headlight bulbs6472207/26/2014Replaced both with Sylvania Xtravsion H11 from Advanced Auto.
Oil Change6695410/14/2014Oil and filter change at Johnson Subaru.
Oil Change7108203/12/2015Oil and filter change at Johnson Subaru.
Repair sunroof7212504/04/2015Tops and Trends. Got glass closed back. Replace later.
Rotate Tires7251104/13/2015Discount Tire Cary. Also repaired nail hole in one tire.
Repair sunroof7286504/16/2015Replaced sunroof tracks at Tops and Trends, referred top by Johnson Subaru.
Replace wiper blades7288304/16/2015Bought Trico blade assemblies from AAP. 14" rear. 18" and 24" for front.
Replaced headlight bulbs7561907/05/2015Replaced both low beam bulbs, from AAP. H11 Xtra-vision 2.
Oil Change7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru; 5W30, and filter
Rotate Tires7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru; rotate and balance
Change cabin air filter7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru
Change Air Filter7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru
Alignment7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru
Odd parts7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru; replaced RF marker bulb
AC recharge7631507/27/2015Johnson Subaru;
Odd parts7952011/14/2015Replaced parking / daylight running light bulbs; from AAP- Silverstar 168
Inspection7971611/21/2015done at Subaru dealer in Wilmington
Oil Change8217703/14/2016Johnson Subaru, oil and filter
Replace wiper blades007/10/2016From AAP, 18" & 24" for front, Trico Flex blade assemblies.
Rotate Tires8726107/19/201687261 at Discount Tire Cary
Oil Change8733007/25/201687330 @ Johnson Subaru
Odd parts007/26/2016Screw in LF but did not penetrate. TPMS light came on. Johnson Subaru and Discount Tire both looked at it.
Odd parts8850409/05/2016Replaced the passenger side tag light bulb. Size 168. Put the second bulb with the spare tire.
Check tires, pressure8850409/05/2016After TPMS light came on, found the left front tire at 28 psi. Others at 35. Aired it up to 35.
Replaced headlight bulbs8946709/22/2016Replaced passenger side headlight bulb with H11 Silverstar Ultra
Odd parts8960009/25/2016Left front tire st 29 psi, aired up to 35 psi
Inspection9033710/23/2016Firestone in Wilmington
Check tires, pressure9050011/01/2016TPMS light on again. Passenger front tire.
Check tires, pressure9070011/05/2016Discount Tire Cary checked low tire, passenger front. Remounted valve and tire. Pressure tested at 60 psi underwater - no leak found.
Check tires, pressure012/12/2016Driver front tire was down to 25psi. Lauren got air in Wilmington.
Replaced headlight bulbs9203712/23/2016Replaced driver side headlight bulb with H11 Silverstar Ultra from Walmart
Odd parts9203712/23/2016Replaced driver side brake light bulb with 7443 from Advance Auto Parts. Put second bulb in spare tire well. $8 for 2 bulbs. Noticed both DRL lights are out. 168's. Lauren to replace.
Replaced headlight bulbs9284301/05/2017Johnson SUBARU looked for a short and replaced both low beam bulbs with OEM bulbs - one year warranty.
Odd parts9373902/21/2017Rear view mirror repair at Subaru dealer in Wilmington
Odd parts003/19/2017Added Stans no-tubes sealant to left front tire.
Rotate Tires9533504/02/2017Moved left front tire (with sealant) to left rear due to shimmy at higher speeds. Shimmy not noticeable when on rear.
Check tires, pressure006/13/2017TPMS light on. Added air to left front tire! This tire was on left rear before and not leaking.
Oil Change9872206/19/2017oil and filter change at Johnson Subaru
Replace AC compressor9872206/19/2017Johnson Subaru replaced AC compressor.
Check tires, pressure006/23/2017TPMS light on, added air to left front tire
Check tires, pressure007/04/2017TPMS light on, added air to left front tire
Check tires, pressure9998507/31/2017TPMS light on, added air to driver front tire
Check tires, pressure10022708/07/20177/06/17 added air to driver's side front tire. Was at 30 psi, but TPMS light not on yet.
Check tires, pressure10054208/23/2017Got screw in left front tire. Went flat over two days. Had Discount Tire Cary patch it.
Traded in010/18/2017Traded in for $5,500 at Johnson Subaru. Lauren got a 2018 Crosstrek.