Printable Maintenance log for 2003 Nissan Frontier XE

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Purchased Frontier20006/06/2003$22,000 from Southern States Nissan on Wake Forest Rd Raleigh NC
Title and tax007/03/2003 
Add receiver hitch007/23/2003installed by AgriSupply in Garner
Oil and Filter Change425210/28/2003Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Rotate Tires864603/29/2004Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Oil and Filter Change864603/29/2004Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Inspection1062105/05/2004L&S Auto
Oil and Filter Change1294306/22/2004L&S Auto
Registration and tag1500007/01/2004 
Rotate Tires1764111/01/2004AAA Fleet Service Capital Blvd
Oil and Filter Change1764111/01/2004AAA Fleet Service Capital Blvd
Oil and Filter Change2046501/11/2005AAA Fleet Service Capital Blvd
Rotate Tires2046501/11/2005AAA Fleet Service Capital Blvd
Oil and Filter Change2555206/06/2005L&S Auto - Capital Blvd
Inspection2555206/06/2005L&S Auto
Registration and tag2700007/01/2005 
Body work2878111/05/2005Haddock at Crossroads - repair of hood damage from road debris
Brake system flush3108511/15/2005Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Dealer service3108511/15/2005Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Oil and Filter Change3108511/15/2005Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Change Fuel Filter3108511/15/2005Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Replace wipers3108511/15/2005Southern States Nissan - Wake Forest Rd
Oil and Filter Change3668403/17/2006L&S Auto Capital Blvd
Rotate Tires3668403/17/2006L&S Auto Capital Blvd
Oil and Filter Change4068606/16/2006Precision Tune Waverly
Registration and tag4300007/01/2006 
Oil and Filter Change4524410/13/2006Precision Tune Waverly
Oil and Filter Change5010102/16/2007Precision Tune Waverly
Change Air Filter5010102/16/2007Precision Tune Waverly
Oil and Filter Change5514906/22/2007Precision Tune Waverly
Rotate Tires5514906/22/2007Precision Tune Waverly - with oil change
Registration and tag5700007/01/2007 
Oil and Filter Change6074211/02/2007Precision Tune Waverly
Replace radiator hose6074211/02/2007Precision Tune Waverly - replaced upper radiator hose
Replace cabin air filter6095611/08/2007Part of 60k service at Southern States Nissan
Replace radiator cap6095611/08/2007Part of 60k service at Southern States Nissan
Replace wipers6095611/08/2007Part of 60k service at Southern States Nissan
Dealer service6095611/08/200760k service at Southern States Nissan
Change Accessory Belts6095611/08/2007Part of 60k service at Southern States Nissan
Oil and Filter Change6567703/03/2008AAA Atlantic
Clean mass air flow sensor6605403/07/2008Coastal Nissan Pawley's Island SC - check engine light came on and wouldn't rev over 2,000 rpm. Cleaned mass air flow sensor. Problem went away.
Replace brake rotors6567703/20/2008AAA Atlantic - replaced rotors, replaced pads with ceramic, brake flush
Replace tires6986005/21/2008Discount Tire Six Forks Rd - BF Goodrich Long Trail TA P265/70R-15. These replaced the original tires, which were the same kind.
Oil and Filter Change7066606/06/2008AAA Atlantic
Registration and tag007/01/2008 
Oil and Filter Change7513511/14/2008AAA Atlantic
Rotate Tires7860604/22/2009Discount Tire - 30 psi
Registration and tag007/01/2009 
Replace knock sensor7977407/29/2009AAA Waverly - Engine wouldn't start after running. Replaced knock sensor.
Oil and Filter Change7977407/29/2009AAA Waverly
Replace radiator8183711/12/2009AAA Atlantic replaced radiator and hoses.
Rotate Tires8254312/18/2009Inflated to 30psi
Replace engine8429602/26/2010Peak Auto replaced engine with one that had 44,000 miles on it. Engine making loud knocking noise when running. Towed it to Peak. They said original engine had a camshaft bearing go bad.
Power steering leak8576503/24/2010Peak Auto replaced power steering hose from reservoir to pump in attempt to stop leak.
Registration and tag007/01/2010 
Rotate Tires9221911/16/2010Discount Tire lifetime rotate and balance. Inflated to 30psi. They noted front inside wear and recommended getting an alignment.
Alignment9233411/22/2010Brown's Alignment - Raleigh aligned front end due to inside wear on tires. They noted some play in steering gear.
Check brakes9403002/18/2011Had AAA Waverly check brakes due to squeaking. No problems found.
Replace light bulbs9579605/30/2011Replaced driver side brake light bulb
Repair door seal 9579605/30/2011Removed and reglued weatherstripping on both rear door frames.
Registration and tag007/01/2011 
Check tires, pressure9628807/16/201133psi on all four tires
Check tires, pressure9629907/24/2011set to 34 psi
Recall work9694510/03/2011Replaced steering column shaft and joint
Check tires, pressure9697210/16/2011Set all to 33psi
County taxes9697210/17/2011Wake Co and Cary vehicle property taxes for 8/1/11 to 7/31/12
Rotate Tires9712611/04/2011Rotate and balance. Mech said all tires were low and he set them to 30psi. ???
Replace light bulbs9719011/09/2011Replaced blown right front headlight bulb. It had been replaced before in 2005. Also replaced left front headlight (it had a 2003 date on it, so I think it was original). Replaced with Sylvania Silverstars 9007.
Replace headlight retaining ring9719011/20/2011Part 26029-0Z800 COVER-SOCKET; ordered thru Southern States Nissan
Power steering leak9755001/08/2012Added Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak in an attempt to stop the leak.
Power steering leak9800001/23/2012Prestone Power Steering fluid with stop leak - from AAP.
Power steering leak9861303/03/2012Added two more copper seals on banjo bolt. Nut was very tight, but still leaking. Added two more seals instead of just replacing the ones there. Bought "gasket - connectors" from Southern States Nissan. Added another 2 ounces of power steering fluid.
Alignment9877303/15/2012Had southern States Nissan reset the torsion bars ($199.76) and do a 4 wheel alignment ($104.99) to correct low front suspension ride height. This problem was caused by Peak's improper reassembly when they replaced the engine. Nissan folks said the engine likely had a broken timing belt then, not a bad camshaft bearing.
Check brakes9877303/15/2012Checked by southern States Nissan. 9mm left on all. "Green" zone is 12-7mm.
Accessories003/24/2012Seat covers for front, from Ollie's
Replace PCV valve9886303/25/2012$7.89 Beck-Arnley PCV valve from AAP, $21.03 hose from Southern States Nissan
Replace spark plugs9886303/28/2012Replaced spark plugs with NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs PFR5G-11, like originals. These probably had 60k miles on them, like the replacement engine.
Odd parts9886303/30/2012Replaced the hose clamp on the low-pressure hose from the power steering fluid reservoir with a standard band-type clamp. It had an odd wire-type clamp on it and was leaking.
Replace cabin air filter9886304/03/2012Purolator BreatheEasy C16110
Check tires, pressure9972005/06/2012 
Oil and Filter Change9991005/15/2012So States Nissan, also tightened bolts on torsion bars, but that didn't stop the popping noise
Registration and tag007/01/2012 
Check tires, pressure10167009/09/2012Aired tires to 35psi. All were a little low.
Odd checks10167009/09/2012Checked oil, transfer fluid, both ok. Added washer fluid, vacuumed floors, reglued weather stripping over driver door. Greased rub points on front suspension in attempt to address popping noise - may need to replace plastic tips.
Replace wiper blades011/18/2012From AAP. Trico Break To Fit blade refills - 19".
Replace tires10406512/21/2012Replaced two tires. P265-70-R15 BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A Tour. From Discount Tire.
Odd checks10643804/13/2013Recharge ac, air tires to 35psi, checked oil, filled washer fluid, add coolant
Oil and Filter Change10674804/26/2013Pennzoil High Mileage 5W30 $13.27 for 5qt jug; Fram PH7317 oil filter $4.64; from Walmart, plus tax
Odd parts005/11/2013Hose clamps for a leaking coolant hose close to engine. It had two smaller clamps connected to get around hose.
Accessories10725305/30/2013Southern States Nissan "cleaned and adjusted rear drum brakes and associated components". Said I had plenty of pad front and rear.
AC repair10725305/30/2013Southern States Nissan replaced high pressure AC line.
Registration and tag007/01/2013DMV tag renewal
Change Accessory Belts11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan. They replaced fan, compressor, and power steering belts. Cost listed for this item also covers timing belt work, water pump replacement.
Replace water pump11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan.
Replace thermostat11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan.
Replace timing belt11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan.
Oil and Filter Change11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan.
Repack front wheel bearings11029101/09/2014Repack and adjust. Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan.
Fuel system tuneup11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan.
Odd checks11029101/09/2014Part of work done at Fred Anderson Nissan. Found right front control arm bolts loose. They tightened them and this seems to have fixed the "popping" noise.
Odd parts11050001/21/2014Body repairs by Fred Anderson Nissan (subbed out) from where their mechanic backed into right rear qtr panel and bumper while it was in their shop.
Registration and tag007/01/2014 
Odd checks008/18/2014Seat belt light started flashing. DTC code P0328 - knock sensor. Dec'14 update - gas mileage is better, if anything. 12/30/2014 estimate from Leith Nissan to replace is $867.62.
Odd parts011/06/2014Dome light bulb replacement. Installed one of two-pack.
Oil and Filter Change11506912/30/2014Free oil&filter change at Leith Nissan with coupon.
Odd checks11506912/30/2014Re-aim headlights that were too high. At Leith Nissan.
Replace wiper blades11700004/19/2015Ordered blade refills on Amazon. Trico Break-To-Fit 47-600. 2x 19"
Registration and tag11800007/01/2015DMV and taxes
Change Air Filter12031510/24/2015Fram CA4309; orered via Amazon
Replace cabin air filter12031510/24/2015ATP RA-29; ordered via Amazon
Oil and Filter Change12038010/29/2015120380; Leith Nissan
Odd parts12080011/26/2015Replaced cabin light DE3175 with second bulb in pack
Odd checks12229402/05/2016Left low-beam headlamp bulb burnt out. Replaced it with spare original bulb, but it did not work and was found to be blown out. Took it to Leith Nissan for diagnostic assuming it was a problem in the wiring. They found all to be ok.
Odd parts12229402/06/2016Replaced both headlamp housing assemblies, Sandy bought via Old one had yellowed, foggy plastic.
New tires12415405/31/2016Replaced four tires. P265-70-R15 BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A Tour. From Discount Tire - Six Forks.
Alignment12418906/21/2016Leith Nissan
Inspection12418906/21/2016Leith Nissan; passed with no questions about knock sensor code/light being on
Registration and tag007/09/2016 
Replace battery12442711/05/2016From AAP, size 24-6, 700 cca, Autocraft Gold
Inspection12538606/14/2017Leith Nissan
Registration and tag007/11/2017Thru 7/31/18
Odd parts12578408/28/2017Replaced knock sensor at Leith Nissan Cary. Refilled engine coolant system.
Oil and Filter Change12621409/07/2017At Leith Nissan
Title and tax12623009/12/2017Transferred title to Lainey.