Printable Maintenance log for 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche R66

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Engine Oil Change394701/04/2003 
Check Rear Axle Fluid394701/04/2003 
Engine Oil Change751606/07/2003 
Check Rear Axle Fluid751606/07/2003 
Rotate Tires751606/07/2003 
Engine Oil Change1173511/22/2003 
Check Rear Axle Fluid1173511/22/2003 
Engine Oil Change1726403/13/2004 
Check Rear Axle Fluid1726403/13/2004 
Rotate Tires1726403/13/2004 
Replace Passenger Air Filter2186310/08/2004 
Engine Oil Change2186310/08/2004 
Check Rear Axle Fluid2186310/08/2004 
Engine Oil Change2553102/28/2005 
Check Rear Axle Fluid2553102/28/2005 
Rotate Tires2553102/28/2005 
Check Rear Axle Fluid2952609/12/2005 
Engine Oil Change2952609/12/2005 
Check Rear Axle Fluid3425005/06/2006 
Engine Oil Change3425005/06/2006 
Replace Fuel Filter3462405/17/2006 
Rotate Tires3462405/17/2006 
Replace Passenger Air Filter3997402/06/2007 
Check Rear Axle Fluid3997402/06/2007 
Engine Oil Change3997402/06/2007 
Check Vehicle Emissions California4488009/18/2007 
Check Rear Axle Fluid4479810/10/2007 
Engine Oil Change4479810/10/2007 
Rotate Tires4739402/06/2008 
Check Rear Axle Fluid4904704/18/2008 
Engine Oil Change4904704/18/2008 
Service Engine Cooling System4904704/18/2008 
Engine Oil Change5293510/13/2008 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt5293510/13/2008Replaced Both Belts
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid5293510/13/2008 
Check Rear Axle Fluid5293510/13/2008 
Check Rear Axle Fluid5783306/04/2009Changed Rear Differential Fluid
Replace Passenger Air Filter5783306/04/2009 
Inspect Air Filter5783306/04/2009 
Engine Oil Change5783306/04/2009 
Check Vehicle Emissions California5852206/25/2009 
Rotate Tires6252612/08/2009 
Engine Oil Change6252612/08/2009 
Inspect Air Filter6252612/08/2009 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt6252612/08/2009 
Check Rear Axle Fluid6756803/24/2010 
Inspect Air Filter6756803/24/2010 
Engine Oil Change6756803/24/2010 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt6756803/24/2010 
Inspect Evaporative Control System6756803/24/2010 
Check Rear Axle Fluid7508408/10/2010 
Engine Oil Change7508408/10/2010 
Inspect Air Filter7508408/10/2010 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt7508408/10/2010 
Replace Fuel Filter7508408/10/2010 
Rotate Tires7508408/10/2010 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt8055311/19/2010 
Inspect Air Filter8055311/19/2010 
Engine Oil Change8055311/19/2010 
Check Rear Axle Fluid8055311/19/2010 
Engine Oil Change8685404/07/2011 
Inspect Air Filter8685404/07/2011 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt8685404/07/2011 
Check Rear Axle Fluid8685404/07/2011 
Engine Oil Change9402909/16/2011 
Inspect Air Filter9402909/16/2011 
Check Rear Axle Fluid9402909/16/2011 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt9402909/16/2011 
Replace Battery9921002/16/2012Replaced battery with 8 year (first 3 free) Duralast Gold Battery from AutoZone. Factory DELCO TheftLock radio code is 1103. Changed code to 0417.
Rotate Tires9921502/16/2012Replaced 4 tires with Michelin LTX M/S2 P265/70R17 w/Road Hazard Protection from Owen Alignment, Oakland, TN
Engine Oil Change9923202/16/20126 quarts Valvoline 5W30 MaxLife Synthetic
Inspect Air Filter9923202/16/2012 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt9923202/16/2012 
Engine Oil Change10610809/11/2012 
Inspect Air Filter10610809/11/2012 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt11168901/08/2013 
Engine Oil Change11168901/08/2013 
Inspect Air Filter11168901/08/2013 
Rotate Tires11209701/28/2013 
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid11715705/17/2013 
Engine Oil Change11715705/17/20136 quarts Valvoline 5W30 MaxLife Synthetic
Inspect Air Filter11715705/17/2013Replaced Air Filter.
Rotate Tires11750105/25/2013Inspected brake linings as well.
Replace Passenger Air Filter11936506/27/2013 
Service Engine Cooling System11948706/29/2013Used GM Dexcool approved Prestone Extended Life Antifreeze
Replace Fuel Filter11954206/30/2013Replaced at home. Use bucket to catch gasoline next time.
Rotate Tires12340409/21/2013 
Check Rear Axle Fluid12340409/21/2013Changed rear differential fluid with Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W-90 LS.
Engine Oil Change12340409/21/2013Changed at home
Inspect Air Filter12340409/21/2013In tolerance
Change Rear Axle Fluid12340409/21/2013Changed rear differential fluid with Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W-90 LS.
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt12340409/21/2013 
Inspect PCV Valve12377509/28/2013Replaced PCV Valve
Replace Spark Plugs12377509/28/2013Replaced spark plugs with AC Delco Double Platinum #41-962 gapped to .040.
Inspect Spark Plug Wires12377509/28/2013Replaced wires with AC Delco 9748HH.
Engine Oil Change12825001/12/2014 
Inspect Air Filter12825001/12/2014 
Inspect Evaporative Control System12851201/18/2014Hoses look good
Rotate Tires12851201/18/2014Tires & brakes are good.
Engine Oil Change13468805/31/2014 
Engine Oil Change14367212/01/2014 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt14367212/01/2014 
Inspect Air Filter14367212/01/2014 
Replace Passenger Air Filter14947804/05/2015 
Check Rear Axle Fluid14947804/05/2015Added some Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W-90 LS
Engine Oil Change14947804/05/2015With Mobil 1 5W-30
Engine Oil Change15891010/05/2015 
Inspect Air Filter15891010/05/2015 
Engine Oil Change16465501/30/2016 
Inspect Air Filter16465501/30/2016 
Inspect Engine Accessory Drive Belt16465501/30/2016 
Engine Oil Change17231008/09/2016 
Replace Passenger Air Filter17231008/11/2016 
Rotate Tires17360009/03/2016 
Replace Front Shocks17360009/03/2016Replaced with AC-DELCO original equipment Bilsteins. ACDelco# 540-73 GM#15756921.
Replace Battery17370009/05/2016Replaced with Duralast Gold Battery 5 year warranty (First 3 free).
Engine Oil Change18031511/30/2016 
Replace Fuel Filter18675704/01/2017 
Change Rear Axle Fluid18675704/01/2017Used Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W-90 LS
Check Rear Axle Fluid18675704/01/2017Changed fluid this inspection. Fluid looked fairly clear coming out of drain plug.
Inspect Air Filter18675704/01/2017Air filter in good condition.
Engine Oil Change18675704/01/20171 pump grease in 6 fittings as well.
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid18771904/07/2017Swapping out oil 3 quarts at a time.
Engine Oil Change20200401/04/2018 
Replace Passenger Air Filter20574604/28/2018 
Engine Oil Change20854504/28/2018 
Engine Oil Change21616210/04/2018 
Inspect Air Filter21616210/04/2018