Printable Maintenance log for 2009 Honda Civic DX-VP

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Oil Change005/05/2009 
Change Air Filter005/05/2009 
Change Accessory Belts005/05/2009 
Change Fuel Filter005/05/2009 
Change ATF005/05/2009 
Tune Up005/05/2009 
Check Fluids005/05/2009 
Clean or Replace PCV Valve005/05/2009 
Check Power Steering Fluid005/05/2009 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring005/05/2009 
Check Battery and Cables005/05/2009 
Check ATF005/05/2009 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment005/05/2009 
Check Spark Plugs005/05/2009 
Flush and Change Coolant005/05/2009 
Check Brakes005/05/2009 
Check wiper blades005/05/2009 
Rotate Tires005/05/2009 
Check lights and exhaust005/05/2009 
Wash Car Inside and Outside500008/09/2009 
Oil Change701208/20/2009 
Check Fluids701208/20/2009 
Check Power Steering Fluid701208/20/2009 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring701208/20/2009 
Check lights and exhaust701208/20/2009 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment701208/20/2009 
Check wiper blades701208/20/2009 
Check Battery and Cables701208/20/2009 
Check ATF701208/20/2009 
Wash Car Inside and Outside810009/13/2009 
Check ATF1403912/22/2009 
Check Battery and Cables1403912/22/2009 
Oil Change1403912/22/2009 
Check Fluids1403912/22/2009 
Check lights and exhaust1403912/22/2009 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment1403912/22/2009 
Check wiper blades1403912/22/2009 
Check Power Steering Fluid1403912/22/2009 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment1860004/11/2010 
Check lights and exhaust2116405/29/2010 
Check wiper blades2116405/29/2010 
Check Battery and Cables2116405/29/2010 
Check ATF2116405/29/2010 
Tune Up2116405/29/2010 
Check Brakes2116405/29/2010 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring2116405/29/2010 
Check Fluids2116405/29/2010 
Rotate Tires2116405/29/2010 
Oil Change2116405/29/2010 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment2116405/29/2010 
Check Power Steering Fluid2116405/29/2010 
Check lights and exhaust2880208/21/2010 
Check wiper blades2880208/21/2010 
Change Air Filter2880208/21/2010New engine air filter
Rotate Tires2880208/21/2010 
Clean or Replace PCV Valve2880208/21/2010 
Check ATF2880208/21/2010 
Wash Car Inside and Outside2880208/21/2010 
Check Battery and Cables2880208/21/2010 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring2880208/21/2010 
Check Fluids2880208/21/2010 
Check Power Steering Fluid2880208/21/2010 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment2880208/21/2010 
Oil Change2880208/21/2010 
Check lights and exhaust3615012/18/2010 
Check wiper blades3615012/18/2010 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment3615012/18/2010 
Rotate Tires3615012/18/2010 
Check Brakes3615012/18/2010 
Check Spark Plugs3615012/18/2010 
Oil Change3615012/18/2010 
Check Battery and Cables3615012/18/2010 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring3615012/18/2010 
Check ATF3615012/18/2010 
Check Fluids3615012/18/2010 
Check Power Steering Fluid3615012/18/2010 
Check Brakes005/15/2011Changed brake pads
Check lights and exhaust5207708/06/2011 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment5207708/06/2011 
Check wiper blades5207708/06/2011 
Oil Change5207708/06/2011 
Rotate Tires5207708/06/20112 new front tires
Check Battery and Cables5207708/06/2011 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring5207708/06/2011 
Check Fluids5207708/06/2011 
Check ATF5207708/06/2011 
Check Brakes5207708/06/2011 
Check Power Steering Fluid5207708/06/2011 
Oil Change5954812/03/2011 
Check Fluids5954812/03/2011 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment5954812/03/2011 
Check Power Steering Fluid5954812/03/2011 
Check wiper blades5954812/03/2011 
Check lights and exhaust5954812/03/2011 
Check Battery and Cables5954812/03/2011 
Check ATF5954812/03/2011 
Check Brakes5954812/03/2011 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring5954812/03/2011 
Wash Car Inside and Outside5954812/03/2011 
Rotate Tires5954812/03/2011 
Check lights and exhaust6655903/17/2012 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring6655903/17/2012 
Check Brakes6655903/17/2012 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment6655903/17/2012 
Check Power Steering Fluid6655903/17/2012 
Check Spark Plugs6655903/17/2012 
Check wiper blades6655903/17/2012 
Oil Change6655903/17/2012 
Check Fluids6655903/17/2012 
Check Battery and Cables6655903/17/2012 
Check ATF6655903/17/2012 
Rotate Tires6655903/17/2012 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment7410607/21/2012 
Rotate Tires7410607/21/2012 
Check Battery and Cables7410607/21/2012 
Clean or Replace PCV Valve7410607/21/2012 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring7410607/21/2012 
Check wiper blades7410607/21/2012 
Wash Car Inside and Outside7410607/21/2012 
Check Power Steering Fluid7410607/21/2012 
Oil Change7410607/21/2012 
Change ATF7410607/21/2012 
Check ATF7410607/21/2012 
Check Brakes7410607/21/2012 
Check Fluids7410607/21/2012 
Check lights and exhaust7410607/21/2012 
Body Work7716309/06/2012Rear bumper body work done due to being rear ended
Rotate Tires8197711/17/20124 new tires
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment8197711/17/2012 
Oil Change8200311/18/2012 
Check Battery and Cables8692001/27/2013New battery - AAA
Oil Change8997903/16/2013 
Rotate Tires8997903/16/2013 
Check Tire Inflation and Algnment8997903/16/2013 
Check lights and exhaust8997903/16/2013 
Check Hoses, Belts and Wiring8997903/16/2013 
Check wiper blades8997903/16/2013 
Check Power Steering Fluid8997903/16/2013 
Check Brakes8997903/16/2013 
Check Fluids8997903/16/2013 
Check ATF8997903/16/2013 
Check Spark Plugs8997903/16/2013 
Check Battery and Cables8997903/16/2013