Printable Maintenance log for 1997 Isuzu Trooper LS

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New Tires8491801/02/2002Pep Boys - Two Adventurer H/T P245/70R16
Replace Transmission Filter10004412/19/2002AAMCO - Includes Transmission Fluid and Gasket.
Replace Transmission Cooler Line10004412/19/2002AAMCO
Replace Transmission Fluid10004412/19/2002AAMCO - Included in replacing the transmission filter.
Change Accessory Belts10008212/21/2002Kwik Kar - All 3 belts.
Change Accessory Belts12165105/28/2004R&R Belt, Alternator belt, and Serpentine belt. (3 belts).
Replace Starter12165105/28/2004Pep Boys
Replace Catalytic Converter14073701/11/2006Gillette Automotive - Engine light was on.
Diagnostic Test14073701/11/2006Gillette Automotive - Engine light was on.
Four Wheel Alignment14112402/09/2006Pep Boys
New Tires14112402/09/2006Pep Boys
Replace Rear Brakes14207403/17/2006Gillette Automotive
Fix Cigarette Lighter14207403/17/2006Gillette Automotive - Lighter would not stay in place.
Replace Front Brakes14207403/17/2006Gillette Automotive
Oil Change14207403/17/2006Gillette Automotive
Checked Belts14207403/17/2006Gillette Automotive - Belts were sqeeling at startup and they fixed it.
Pressure Test Cooling System14207403/17/2006Gillette Automotive
Radiator Coolant Flush15276312/28/2006Kwik Kar
Inspection16932004/03/2008Kwik Kar
Oil Change16932004/03/2008Kwik Kar
Engine Oil Gumout Flush16932004/03/2008Kwik Kar - Oil was very dark.
Change Front Brakes006/19/2008AutoZone
Change Rear Brakes006/19/2008AutoZone
Oil Change17429206/20/2008Kwik Kar
Fuel Filter Service17429206/20/2008Kwik Kar
Replace Blower Motor17626308/14/2008Lopez Auto Service - Lancaster Rd.
Add A/C Coolant17684208/27/2008Lopez Auto
Oil Change17809710/04/2008Kwik Kar
Oil Change18212003/17/2009Kwik Kar
Four Wheel Alignment18212003/17/2009Kwik Kar
Used Tires18212003/17/2009Kwik Kar - 265/60R16 includes mount and balance.
Replace Spark Plugs18527205/13/2009Lopez Auto Service
Change Fuel Filter18527205/13/2009Lopez Auto Service
Clean Fuel Injector18527205/13/2009Lopez Auto - Included Throttle Body.
Replace IAC Valve18527205/13/2009Lopez Auto - This includes labor for the tune-up (Spark Plugs).
Replace Battery18460001/22/2010Pro-rate under warranty.
Replace Battery18460002/22/2010Pro-rate under warranty
Replace Battery18500003/26/2011Under warranty.
Replace Headlight004/30/2011Replaced the driver side only.
Replace Fog Light005/01/2011Replaced passenger side only.
Oil Change005/01/2011Included 1 qt of Lucas oil.
Inspection18621706/14/2011Kwik Kar
Oil Change18644906/14/20111QT of Lucas oil.
Change wiper blades 18644906/14/2011Front and rear
Replace Starter18730010/01/2011Lopez Auto - starter O'Reilly
Change Accessory Belts18730010/01/2011Lopez Auto - O'Reilly parts
New Tires18775811/19/2011Discount Tire: 245/75R16. 60,000 miles. Inflation - F:30, R:35.
Rotate Tires18775811/19/2011Discount Tires: Included in price of new tires.
Replace battery terminals18870004/14/2012Lopez Auto
Change wiper blades 19026908/04/2012AutoZone - front and back
Rotate Tires19026908/04/2012Discount Tire
Inspection19056308/04/2012Champion Xpress Lube
Change wiper blades 19095001/19/2013Wal-Mart
Oil Change19099601/19/2013Auto Zone
Replace Battery19200003/29/2014Pro-rate battery - O'Reilly's
Change Rear Brakes19346609/06/2014Brake Best D580 - O'Reilly
Change Front Brakes19346609/06/2014Valuecraft MKD579V - AutoZone
Oil Change19346609/06/201410W30 Castrol GTX high mileage - O'Reilly
Inspection19317910/25/2014Champion Xpress Lube
Change wiper blades 19347510/25/2014Wal-Mart
Replace Battery19354407/23/2016Advance Auto Parts - 24-6 3 year battery.
Replace Alternator19354711/11/2016J.E. Auto Repair
Oil Change19354711/11/2016J.E. Auto Repair
Change wiper blades 19356311/12/2016Wal-Mart - It includes windshield washer fluid
Inspection19356511/12/2016Champion Xpress Lube
Replace Valve Cover Gasket19357511/19/2016J.E. Auto Repair
Change Accessory Belts19357511/19/2016Paid $48 at Lopez Auto and J.E. reimbursed me.
Change Radiator Fluid19360211/28/2016Wal-Mart
Replace Thermostat19360211/28/2016Including gasket. Autozone - Gasket & Gasket Maker; O'Reilly - Thermostat;
Change Radiator Hoses19360211/28/2016O'Reilly's
Replace Heater Core Connector19360512/03/2016J.E. Auto Repair
Fix Purge Solenoid Valve Hose19362512/05/2016Lopez Auto - The hose was loose from the heater core connector work at J.E. Auto Repair. The car was getting a P0441 code.
Add Transmission Fluid19369312/09/2016Added 1 1/2 quarts.
Replace Oil Cooler Gasket19371012/13/2016J.E. Auto Repair. It was covered because I paid Lopez Auto to fix the loose purge solenoid valve hose.
Replace Oxygen Sensor19431501/04/2017DMasters Auto Repair - Robert.
Check Oil Leak19431501/04/2017DMasters Auto Repair - Used a scope while starting the car and found valve cover leaking on driver side back corner.
Replace Rear Brakes19495003/18/2017I did the work. Bought brake pads from Amazon.
Replace Rear Rotors19495003/18/2017I did the work. Bought brake rotors from Amazon.
Replace Front Shocks19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace Rear Shocks19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace Engine Coolant Temp Sensor19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace ABS Sensor19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace Spark Plugs19495503/20/2017DMasters - Includes spark plug tube seal and including in tune-up.
Replace Fuel Filter19495503/20/2017DMasters - Included in tune-up.
Change Air Filter19495503/20/2017DMasters - Included in tune-up.
Replace PCV Value19495503/20/2017DMasters - Included in tune-up.
Replace Front CV Axles19495503/20/2017DMasters - Including inner and outer wheel seals.
Replace Front Upper Ball Joints19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace Front Lower Ball Joints19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace Heater Core19495503/20/2017DMasters - Required removing the entire front dash. Includes heater hose & 8 clamps.
Change Radiator Fluid19495503/20/2017DMasters
Change Radiator Hoses19495503/20/2017DMasters
Replace Front Brakes19495503/20/2017DMasters - Got brakes from Amazon.
Replace Front Rotors19495503/20/2017DMasters - Got rotors from Amazon.
Replace Power Steering Hose19495503/20/2017DMasters - Includes power steering fluid.
Tune-Up19495503/20/2017Labor for replacing Spark Plugs, PCV value, Fuel Filter and Air Filter.
Oil Change19495503/20/2017DMasters - Cost extra because of fixing oil leaks and drained all the oil to add fresh new oil.
Replace Valve Cover Gasket19495503/20/2017DMasters - Had to get it corrected. Don't go back to J.E. Auto repair for anything!!!
Replace Left Rear Window Regulator19603705/02/2017Used part from Twin Lakes Salvage. Installed by DMasters.
Replaced A/C System19603705/02/2017Parts $496.00 - 1.800.Radiator. Labor $480.00 - DMasters. Replaced A/C Compressor, Condensor, Accumulator & Expansion Valve. Flush, evacuate and charge system. Added Freon.
Four Wheel Alignment19605705/22/2017Guaranteed Tire & Auto - Inspection only. Will get alignment completed later after tie rod and shock replacement.
Replace Rear Shocks19619006/02/2017O'Reilly - Warranty exchange & upgrade to Monroe 37109 from Monroe 32272. DMasters - no labor charge.
Replace Left Front Tie Rod Assembly19619006/02/2017O'Reilly - $93.99 Tie Rod Assembly. DMasters - $50 labor
Replace Right Front Tie Rod Assembly19619006/02/2017O'Reilly - $93.99 Tie Rod Assembly. DMasters - $50 labor.
Replace Front Shocks19619006/02/2017O'Reilly - Warranty exchange & upgrade to Monroe 37108 from Monroe 32271. DMasters - no labor charge.
Diagnosis A/C System19698009/13/2017Nickles Auto Works
Change wiper blades 19750010/14/2017Wal-Mart
Change Timing Belt19790011/04/2017DMasters
Oil Change19790011/04/2017DMasters - 0W30 Mobile maybe 0W20 Mobile.
Change Radiator Fluid19790011/04/2017DMasters
Clean/Adjust Rock Arm Shaft19790011/04/2017DMasters - Includes brake clean.
Inspection19802611/09/2017Champion Express Lube
Oil Change20213604/08/2018Champion Express Lube
Change wiper blades 20650010/28/2018Wal-Mart 20" x 2 and 15"
Change Front Brakes20650010/28/2018Advance - GNAD579 Ceramic lifetime
Change Rear Brakes20650010/28/2018Advance - GNAD580 Ceramic Lifetime
Replace Camshaft Sensor20650010/28/2018Advance
Replace EGR Valve20650010/28/2018Advance - includes EGR gasket.
Inspection20680412/02/2018Champion Express Lube