Printable Maintenance log for 2002 Mercury Sable LS

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Changed Battery6900009/02/2008Purchased battery from SAMS
Added Power Sterring Fluid7871106/04/2009 
Rotate Tires7871106/04/2009 
Changed Plug Wires7957407/12/2009Duralast 4721
Changed Spark Plugs7957407/12/2009AGSF32FM
Added Power Sterring Fluid7957407/12/2009Pint
Added Power Sterring Fluid8014108/16/20098 oz
Added Power Sterring Fluid8000009/03/2009Added PS Stop Leak
Cooling System Flush8128711/22/2009Flushed and filled with 1.5 Gallons Prestone
Oil Change8128711/22/20095w20 Motorcraft and Filter
Right Rear Axle8187903/07/2010Replace right rear spindle $170, right rear control arm $60, hub nut $11, locktite $6.
Rear Brakes8187903/11/2010Replaced both sides drums, shoes, adjustment screw.
Rear Bumper Cover8187903/12/2010Replaced rear bumper cover
Misc8187903/17/2010Removed three dings on passenger side, both doors and quarter panel
Change Fuel Filter8204004/04/2010 
Oil Change8680803/20/20115W20 Motorcraft FL820 Filter
Add oil008/25/2011 
Tail Lights9025302/05/2012replaced left rear brake light bulb 3157
Rotate Tires9025302/05/2012Goodyear viva touring p215/60r16
New Tire9026802/19/2012Replaced two front Goodyear 215/60R16 Viva 2 for 86.50 each 9.35% tax. Mounted and balance by me.
Misc9099606/17/2012Replaced rear lower control arms and 4 wheel ailgment
Misc9099906/23/2012Repainted top of front and rear bumper cover.
Misc9138307/08/2012Repaired left rear flat tire, nail.
Oil Change9153808/26/20126qt motorcraft 5w20 820 oil filter topped off ps, lubed all hinges and hood release
Misc9600006/10/2013P0301 cylinder 1 misfire p0316 misfire before 1000 rpms
Misc9635006/16/2013OBD codes P0310 #1 Cyl misfire and P0316 misfire before 1000 rpm changed coil pack.
Changed Spark Plugs9635006/16/2013Replaced 6 plugs with platinum
Add oil9635006/16/2013added 2 qt oil
Oil Change9643506/21/2013Change oil filter motorcraft fl820 and 6 qt 5w20 motorcraft oil
Misc9659606/29/2013Waxed w Turtle Wax Ice, Armoral seats and interior.
Cooling System Flush9669207/04/2013Flushed and filled with 1.5 gallons of 70% antifreeze.
Rear Brakes9734507/27/2013Replace both rear wheel cylinders and shoes
Misc9734507/27/2013headlight lens cleaner
Add oil9909909/07/2013Added 1 qt oil
Misc9909909/07/2013Changed headlight lenses
Added Power Sterring Fluid9909909/07/2013Add .5 pint psf
Add oil009/22/2013Added two quarts oil
Change Accessory Belts9981609/22/2013K030267 water pump and k060815 alternator/ac
Misc9991809/29/2013Replaced both wiper blades and added STP Oil Treatment $3.97 of total
Misc10079810/19/2013P1506 Checked IAC and vacuum leak okay. Reset check engine light.
Misc10083710/21/2013Replaced PCV, Vacuum hose next to PVC, PCV hose on PCV, and Valve cover to throttle body fitting
Misc10088610/25/2013Replaced IAC, IAC working but rubber seat hard.
Oil Change10090710/26/2013Changed oil, filter, add STP
Misc10091110/26/2013Adjust right front headlight, assume since new headlight was pre adjusted.
Change Air Filter10091110/28/2013Changed air filter
Changed Battery10150011/25/2013Durrecell
Rear Brakes10231812/26/2013Replace left rear brake hardware, springs and adjuster. Checked right rear brakes okay
Misc10248701/20/2014Checked oil ok
Misc10402503/30/2014Checked oil okay
Oil Change10718906/15/2014Change oil 5w30 full syenthetic Walmart and oil filter
Misc10900007/27/2014Checked oil ok
New Tire11062608/24/2014Four - Douglas 215/60R 95T XTRAC2, Mounted balanced and stems. Walmart M&B Free
Misc11062608/24/2014Checked Oil Okay
Front Brakes11124508/31/2014Ceramic Pads from Rockauto
Misc11210009/26/2014Paint Protected Ext.
Oil Change11294910/05/201410w30 Full sys -6 quarts, FL820 Filter
Change Trans Filter & Fluid11294910/05/20146qt Motorcraft Mercon V, filter and gasket
Misc11294910/05/2014Aired Tires
Misc11300011/09/2014Rear sway bar rods both sides
Misc11315011/09/2014Front rotors both sides
Misc11315011/09/2014right rear brake hose
Misc11315011/09/2014Innner and out ties rod ends both sides
Misc11315011/09/2014Lower ball joints both sides
Misc11315011/09/2014Both rear struts
Misc11315011/09/2014Wheel bearing and hub assemblies both sides
Misc11315011/09/2014Front strut assemblies both sides
State Inspectio11315011/15/2014State safety and emissions inspection
Misc11315912/14/2014Replace Rack and Pinion
Oil Change11315912/14/2014replaced oil pan gasket changed oil 5 qts 10w30 full syn
Misc11315912/22/2014Starter (did not install)
Misc11315912/22/2014one year plates
Misc11315901/03/2015Fuel Pump Assembly ($99.48), Flex steel and sheet metal.
Misc11350004/19/2015Right front and rear door
Misc11350004/19/2015right front wheel
Add oil11350004/19/2015Added one quart of oil. Only added 5 qts during last oil change
Misc005/25/2015Misc body work
Misc11400010/10/2015Replaced Cabin Filter
Misc11500012/08/2015one year plates
Changed Battery11610501/24/2016Replaced battery with new one Exide from Rural King. 35psig all tire
Misc11654911/05/2016$55.50 plates the rest is inspection and $11 right from turn bulb
Oil Change11655911/06/20165 quarts Full Synthetic 5W30 and ST2 oil filter. Owners manual states 5.5 quarts
Oil Change12175602/18/2018Harvest King Full Synthetic 5W30; 6.25 quart. $14.85, FL820S oil filter $4.15. 35 PSIG front tires, Checked Alignment front 74 5/8" rear of front tire 74 7/8"
Misc12193502/23/2018Aligned Front Tires 74 3/4 Front rear of front tire 74 7/8. 35 PSIG both tires
Misc12218703/01/2018Replaced wiper blades
Misc12318704/05/2018Replaced upper and lower intake gaskets. Replaced all six fuel injectors.
Misc12328704/06/2018Adjusted rear brakes both sides
Misc12425005/07/2018Waxed with nu wax
Misc12439905/16/2018$50 hose assembly and $10 antifreeze. 1 gallon 50/50
Add oil12439905/16/20181/2 quart 5w30 full synthetic harvest king
Rotate Tires12481506/05/201836.5 psig all tires
Oil Change12658607/21/20185w30 full synthetic (6.5 qt $14.3) Supertech ST2 oil filter
Misc12785109/14/2018Replaced ignition switch
Misc12789909/21/2018Replaced Starter
Misc12789909/21/2018Installed Pen spring on the ignition switch to take up play in key tumbers. The car would not start. All dash lights but when turned to start nothing. Replaced starter, in stock, and ignition switch. Started and switch not the problem.